Any anons in the indie PR industry or have familiarity with it...

any anons in the indie PR industry or have familiarity with it? how the fuck do you separate yourself as an indie artist from the pack? it literally seems like total luck. all the local indie bands i see are all more or less as good as any other signed indie band. is it just certain bands having money to get PR?

it's about knowing people

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we are still living in the shitty old days when merit is subservient to soft skills and shilling. this is why a bunch of actresses sucked weinstein's cock. such is life.

Start sleeping with the right people user.

who are the right people anons? i have some money now and i am sick of laboring over recordings just to not get heard at all when i unironically make better indie rock songs than diiv/porches/real estate/ought/parquet courts/etc.
not saying i'm bjork or some legit badass musician but i can hang as a songwriter with most of the current crop of indie artists and i just want to release a fucking album and not have it rot on bandcamp. the whole marketing aspect is what's fucking me up.
i'm finishing this EP and i have no fucking clue what to do with it but self-releasing is not the way to go at all in current year.

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what's your band?


Get out and play local venues. If you are so incredible shouldn’t take long to build fan base and attract the right kind of attention that lets you play larger venues etc.

You have to know the right people or make something that catches on at the right time with the right people.
If you're making some homogenous shit then you probably won't get past playing clubs.

What kind of venues are you playing at right now?

To an extent, this But also, it's about branding. I know it sounds awful but having even legit GREAT music isn't actually good enough to make it big time. You gotta have an identity - a unique look/stage name/act that the labels can use to sell your music. Why? Because in order to get people to buy your music, the label is gonna need something it can dish out as advertising bait OTHER than your music (since you can't sell someone something you've already given out for free.) And the only thing that really works well for that is an artist identity.
This isn't to say that you MUST have a fully fleshed out artist identity in order to make it with a label. Plenty of big time acts started out by getting signed while still faceless nobodies. However that means that the label is the one footing the bill for turning them into something marketable. And if it's all gonna be on the label's dime anyway, what sense does it make for them to pick up an unknown talent (you) lacking an identity versus any other unknown talent having lacking an identity?

boyos i'm shitposting on Sup Forums ffs, clearly i'm not a normie who can go get in front of a bunch of strangers and be a frontman like that. i write good songs and record all the instruments and shit but without touring 24/7 i'm not attractive to labels at all. i'm not an entertainer which is why i'm in this shit scenario where my recordings will literally just die a week after i self-release them.

however i have some money now and would like to put out some good recordings next year and not have them rot on bandcamp or soundcloud. the way to do that is via PR, but i need to know which PR groups to send stuff to.

i'm even a very good-looking dude and can sing and everything, i just unfortunately have the autistic bullshit gene of not being able to perform in front of people, it's torture to me.

you're worthless to labels if you won't tour. that's a fact. the question is can we sidestep that in current year and just finance shit on your own. if my album is shit it won't matter but i think it's gonna be at least as good as other shit that gets hyped.

Author of Notice how I mentioned NOTHING about you ever actually performing. The kind of artist persona I'm talking about doesn't need to ever exist outside of marketing materials. But it DOES need to exist if you want labels/pr firms to take you seriously. As to who you should actually approach - look up all those generic local acts you mentioned and see who they work with and start from there. Remember -
labels/pr firms aren't the ones making these acts seem generic. These acts were undoubtedly generic to begin with, and while this might be proof that the labels/pr firms in question are shit at developing talent, none of that will matter in your case if you already have an artist persona of your own ready to market.

link music please.

style, grace, skill, good looks, a sense of humor, work ethic, passion, love, modesty, confidence, and good music. not all are required and not all are of equal importance but just some ideas.

thanks for the response user. i get where you're coming from. i don't mean to knock those other indie bands too hard, they're good in ways although they're somewhat generic.

i guess i'll get some good photos taken and work on the image side of things. sadly i agree that marketing and image are probably what will make or break everything i'm talking about itt regardless of how good my music actually is.

link to yer music pls

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it's not ready user. i'm tracking the songs now. playing all the instruments with no help so it takes longer than a band who can just dip in and out. hopefully it will be tracked by mid-December and mixed + mastered by the end of January. that'd be ideal. i made the mistake of self-mixing my last EP and it sounded like trash so i never released it. will never do that again. writing and playing everything is more than enough work.

yeah its hard work and takes time

Create shit thats brand new and game the numbers and you should be fine.

yep. and one thing you can't do when it comes to being a solo artist is try to tackle too much or step out of your lane so to speak. i make indie music and none of it will ever be technically difficult on the level of a pro jazz guitarist or drummer or classical pianist or whatever. so i'm comfortable on all these instruments for my purposes.

but i fucked up thinking i could track and then mix a bunch of synths and guitars and drums and vocals professionally with zero experience like it would just be easy. it took months and months and still sounded like shit lol, just listened to it now and am ashamed.

you need fresh ears on your music, someone to tell you "yo that sounds fucking weird" because when you spend all day on it you lose objectivity and you literally cannot hear the fact that you sound like trash. sometimes you have to just fucking delegate stuff to someone who is better than you.