Anybody else actually of Jewish heritage here?

Anybody else actually of Jewish heritage here?

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Oy vey...

Kill yourself you rat bastard kike

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fuck off kikes


reported for being a jew.

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I am sorry that we continue to be treated with such hostility, my friend.

I am as well. Secular family. But I'm paying more attention to my heritage and becoming more observant. Thinking of keeping kosher, trying to do more mitzvahs, learning Hebrew.

I am actually a Messianic Jew, not considered Jewish by everyone. I also plan to learn Hebrew, soon. I wish you and your family a good Passover, this season!

This is handy! Thanks OP!

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It's not a people, it's a religion. Just like the other two useless "great" religions. Opium.

It is often linked to ethnic heritage, though.

if you ask the jews, even native americans and also some indian are of jew heritage, so i guess basically everyone.

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My dad thinks that at some point in the past some jewish blood got mixed in our family in the past while our acenstors were living in spain wich is kind of weird considering that we don't really like jewish people. It's not that we hate them or anything but argentinian jews are assholes, their food's tight tho

Toda raba, hag Purim sameach bro!
And the same to all my heeb mispucha out there

Hitler’s hand looks like it’s on fire, in that photo.

Ah, then that refers to Sephardim, the Jews of Iberia and North Africa. Some of them even went to the New World colonies, but a lot of them mixed with locals of the lands they lived in, after converting (often falsely) to Catholicism, due to the Inquisition.

well i am sure we agree that he was kind of on fire anyway

He is now.

Im one of the few who has parents and grandparents with a clear aryan heritage according to the german laws...yet we look like effin jews.

Also, converting to Judaism is verboten unless you get vetted for years and jump hoops and loops.

circumcised, can't fap

Looks? There could be an unclear ancestry, but maybe remote. Take a DNA test and find out, if you want. Most likely, you may have generally Mediterranean ancestors that moved north. Also search the phenotype Dinarid.

>converting to Judaism is verboten
As if I wanted to be a kike.

secular jew living in israel here
hate everything that has to do with religion in general, and also my life
at least my iq is higher than Sup Forumstards

Exactly. Most religions if you want to convert all you do is jump in a river or slaughter a goat. With us, it takes study, meetings, writing essays, learning Hebrew. If someone wants to make the commitment we make em work hard. And then after all that work half of us still refuse to accept them.

he was before, too. you won't find that kind of commitment very often.

yes OP, I'm a quarter Khazar, rh negative
and yes, the 'top wealthiest 13 families' are pure bred, doesn't make them better but it's a fact, every US president and English king are blood relatives.

Some people want to, and can do it, if they are determined enough, but it requires committing. Prepare to probably get rejected by rabbis upon your request, two or three times. After a few times, they may say “all right,” and you are instructed in the Tanakh, Talmud, Jewish culture, Hebrew language, etcetera...

yeah... my grandmother was the sole survivor from her family during ww2

My friends joke about it all the time so I get used to it but still, I agree

master race quarter-jewish slav reporting in

lol, khazars are no Jews, they just adopted judaism

I’m only 4% Jewish according to DNA testing, but I have a maternal link that goes back to the 1800s for the fully Jewish ancestor. I’m Christian though, the family are converts.

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is it true that you all worship satan in israel?
also, why is israeli iq lower in average compared to the jews worldwide?

Weren’t Khazars Mongolians or Kazakhstanis that migrated to south Russia and Ukraine, and suddenly converted to Judaism? Did the nobles only do this, or common tribesmen as well? How many Hebrew Jews lived among these people, in the steppes?

correct. today khazars are the majority in israel, and in all 'monied establishments'

My family riots are Swedish. And we are all mostly blond hair blue eyes. We live in an English speaking country with a small percentage of Jews. No one really knows or suspects I'm Jewish. Even though my name is incredibly stereotypically ashkenazi. Ive told a couple friends, but they don't really know what it means.

> riots
roots, phone posting, you get me.

>every US president and English king are blood relatives

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Yeah, autocorrect...

never heard of anyone actually worshiping satan

dont have anything to back this up but i imagine its because i think a lot of jews worldwide (or at least in western countries) are ashkenazi, while in israel there are also a lot of mizrahi jews and also arabs

thats right, and theres a therory saiyng that ashekenazi are khazars descdendants, thus majority of jewish folk in israel aint jewish.
as far as I know, Sefarad people come from original jewish tribes, not sure about mizrahi, but probably thy do as well

Yes, Mizrahim are Jews that stayed in the Middle East, since the Second Temple was destroyed. Yemenite Jews are probably a bit distinct, though, maybe more Arabian mixed, generally.

That's why the entire world hates you people. Honest. Get over yourselves.

From what I have read, Ashkenazim are still Hebrew people, but with some more European mixing, instead of Turkic-Mongolic Khazar mixed, in most cases. Some Central/Eastern European Jews do look kind of Central or East Asian, such as Joseph Gordon Levitt (maybe Finnic, instead?), Leonard Nimoy, and even George Soros (small eyes and wide face).

in addidtion to that my personal belief is that Israelis (meaning citizens of the Israeli state) are ok - I've been to israel twice and it is an iteresting place to visit, the Jews( like in Judaism followers) are ok , since I dont give a fuck about others people personal beliefs, but sionists - those make the world have an issue, but thats just like my opinion man

>So, I found who was behind of it...

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lmao so it is true, you all look down on mizrahim there, to say the least
israel is one the most racist countries in the world, yet the rest of the world hears about antisemitism all the time (mostly pertaining to jews and very rarely to arabs, even though both groups are semitic)
such hypocracy

Right here /bro

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Anti-Semitism was a term originally coined with Jews in mind, despite other Semetic peoples of the world.

i dont actually hate the mizrahim, it just might be an explanation for the iq differences
dont even hate arabs, ive had great arab coworkers

my current arab neighbours are fucking bastards though

>I have nothing against the arabs, I just don't want 'em in my neighborhood

hell ye boi

am yisrael chai, goyim BEGONE

>i love living next to a family that are constantly shouting and playing their shitty music with the force of 1000 raging suns
theyre so loud the would keep me up even if i lived in a concrete bunker 100m under the ground here

not familiar with the israel's code of conduct, but it sounds like calling the cops on them would seem appropriate


Fuck off Hershel

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stop eating white babies!

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Yes. I´m the 3rd generation in my country. When he arrived, my ancestor (teenager) became christian, but at his last days turn around to his jewish roots again. My family is secular, but we know the history.

Moms Ashkenazi so by Jewish law I'm a kike even though I'm Catholic and Aryan as fuck (6'3", blond, blue eyed)

Yes on my dads side. I fucking hate Jews though yet I have a lot of the negative traits myself. I'm greedy and a hoarder. I also rub my hands together when I get excited. Unfortunately my IQ is lacking. It makes me believe the high IQ Jew statistic is falsified. They lied about everything else.


Lol you must get low iq from your mum. Be thankful your dad's genes have raised you 15;points probably.

cryptojew oven dodger

My great grandfather survived the war he wasn't a Jew though

One of my great-grandparents is Sephardi Jewish

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Half Jewish but don't have stereotypical jewish looks. Raised Catholic. Fortunate enough to have a high iq so graduated with MS Engineering and have a hot wife.

OP here. What joy it is to awaken the great nation of Israel, here on Sup Forums. Shema Yisrael! Mazel tov, and I wish you all well for this year’s Passover!

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Right back atcha!

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This is their "blood libel".
Or Blood Accusation, when in reality it's much more than an accusation. Jews since their inception as jews have been blood sucking parasites, both figuratively and literally. They worship Moloch, the god whom children should be sacrificed to through fire.Originally a jewish pagan god before being ineffectively "replaced" by Yahweh.

Not only are vampires directly inspired by their actions as blood suckers, but the ficticious murder barber Sweeny Todd was taken straight from the reality of an infamous ritual murder in the town of Damascus, Syria. In which a priest was kidnapped, murdered and had his blood drained after last being seen in a jewish owned barber shop.
Jews are infamous also because they habitually stole christrian children for crucification, circumcision, then sacrifice over Purim. Drinking the child's blood after having it kosher slaughtered. A large amount of christian saints were those slaughtered by jews for their blood and because of their religion.
Remember always, that jews are not just money grubbers. They are peverse, revenge filled, forever hateful and most importantly they are incurable corrupters of everything aryan!
Every jewish holiday is a celebration of victory over their hated enemies.

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My great grandmother on my mom's side is from a line of polish jews, but grandma became Catholic when she married my Italian grandfather. My parents are Episcopalians. I'm just your average millennial dipshit who is a skeptical agnostic Unitarian and unironicly trips on San Pedro and mushrooms for spiritual purposes.

> Be me
> Be Jewish
> Cousins are orthodox
> Work in Bel Air, Jew Central
> Have Italian name and Russian genes
> But you don't look Jewish, user

It feels good to be accepted by both communities. Advantageous AF, man.

does getting circumcised count

I reckon I could spot your skull

Yes, I got some jewish gold teeth that my grandfather won in a holiday camp.