Why not just ban guns from white men?

Why not just ban guns from white men?

This would stop literally 100% of school shootings. There is nothing white people can say to honestly disagree with this. You know it's true.

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Ok, tomorrow all guns are banned for white people.

What do we do with the 360,000,000 ones already out there?

Yeah like how banning drugs stopped people from doing drugs. Or like how prohibition stopped people from drinking alcohol.

2/10 bait for making me reply

Not too bright are you.

Didn't have a surveillance-police state like we do now, dummy.

And the government runs the drug trade.

Good non-answer insult, 10/10.

The responsible, mentally stable minorities can confiscate the guns. If whites want guns after that, they'll have to resort to illegal activity. We all know that white people are soft and can't handle that life. They'll fold and be subjugated to the blacks and Hispanics

Drugs are still banned in the "police state" we live in now, yet they're still abused. You made no point with your comment.

Because history isn't filled with examples of whites oppressing minorities and ignoring laws.

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Yeah, but it always flips around. I hear white people are oppressed these days.

Ah, so you admit that whites think they are above the law and love nothing more than to oppress minorities? That's big of you to admit that.

>implying niggers go to school

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do you read what you write?

Did I say I was white?

Why would I do that? I wrote it.

Whites are BTFO and on lockdown, and on suicide watch.

that explains it .... dumb sub human

Well most shootings are committed by blacks... so you're logic is faulty... low quality bait

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That has no bearing on it. No, you did not say that, but it's irrelevant.

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he said school shootings idiot

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What about the niggers shooting eachother in the streets on a daily basis?

>Only pay attention to the specific circumstance I am looking to solve and ignore all other similar instances.

We should stop all school shootings, but only the ones that happen on a Thursday.

no one gives a shit about that

its about schools and white people getting killed

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>doesnt know how to greentext and spouts nonsense


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What a dumbass cumskin, we're talking about school shootings. School shootings (high school and middle school) are 100% white perpetrated. That's a cold hard fact that whitey doesn't like. You are not part of the problem, you are 100% THE problem.


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>Prefers ad hominem to discussion.

Add poop?

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And school shootings are part of the problem of gun violence.

So maybe 25 children per year die from school shooting. What's that compared to shootings committed anywhere else?

School shootings are statistically irrelevant.

So, black lives don't matter?

but but but blacks Hispanics kill each other

wha-wha what about that

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This is probably the most overused and flawed argument against gun bans. It's called a straw man phallacy

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all of sudden now these white faggots care about minority violence

and they have ILLEGAL guns


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We are trying to tackle a particular problem. Other things aren't ignored, it just stings you so much to admit that whites are 100% of the problem so you keep deflecting when you really need to have your nose rubbed in your shit.
Bad pinky! BAD pinky! You should know better! Literally 100% of the problem, absolutely no room to shit talk other races, all spotlight on you and rather than own up to it, you squirm and deflect and lash out with racism.

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>So, I found who was behind of it...

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Good goy.

>Flawed argument.

Proof that legislating morality has never worked is not a fallacy. Straw man sets something up as an entirely different argument because it is easier to defend (IE: Calling any opposition a logical fallacy instead of arguing its merit). Comparing gun bans to alcohol or drug bans is comparing apples to apples.

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Yes, whites are 100% responsible for ~20 firearm homicides per year by school shooting.

Compare that to any other crime. Any.

VT shooter?

I think it has something to do with the social isolation of being a awkward young white man. Minorites always have their own groups to support them, whites dont have anything like that.

Taking guns from blue counties would also stop school shootings. Every school shooting has been in a blue area.

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Legal firearm

In order to make specific laws for white people, you'd need to repeal the civil rights act... I'm pretty sure you dont want that

But this is a part of the problem that is so easily solved because it's not mixed. It's 100% whitey 's fault! Blame can justifiably one placed 100% on whites. Accept it.

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>Still need guns to feel safe

>Cannot refute the point so I instead ignore it.

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>This would stop literally 100% of school shootings.

Nah. What would stop school shootings is better mental health screening of teens and tackling bullying and social isolation of kids.

But nah. Won't happen. The guns are staying and you can't do anything about it.


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lol white people are the cause of american gun violence.... are you actually trying to be retarded or were u just born a mongoloid?

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>ignore the whole point is about banning guns

It's the same as the fat guy blaming McDonalds for his weight. No one wants to admit they had a part in it.

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But what about Chicago? It isn't full of whites and its a war zone. How about no guns banned and everyone is taught to shoot so that only pussies and dregs of society get killed making us genetically better humans

>No one wants to admit they had a part in it.

That's all this is, shifting the guilt.

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i agree. whites should be banned from owning guns and PoC should confiscate guns owned by whites

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Drugs and guns are two very different apples. Sure both can be used in malicious ways, but guns are designed to destroy.

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This was master bait btw ;)

This is god tier bait wish I had a appropriate react image

Yes and we can wipe out this particular species of school shooting by simply not allowing whites to have guns! There would actually be ZERO school shootings after that. The other problems in the world will still be there, but this one will be wiped out.
No one is going to say "School shootings have stopped. Time to pick up the slack in place of whites and start shooting up schools ourselves now."
Other races know better. That's white mind that does that.

Holy shit, another insecure, exposed white refusing to acknowledge that we are honing in on a particular problem. It all matters, but honing in on one area at a time is how you dismantle it. You hate that whites are 100% responsible for these atrocities. There is no room for you to say "Well, everyone died it. Blacks are disproportionately represented when you adjust the numbers..."

No, 100% of the school shooters are white. WHITE

So we stop 25 people from being killed by forcibly disarming 170 million people.

Underrated post/10