Maybe someone who is richer than me could buy me far cry 5?

Maybe someone who is richer than me could buy me far cry 5?

I will appreciate it

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Wait like 3 days and pirate it you dumb shit

I am so poor, I cant even afford vpn for it...


sent :)

Um, where? I cant find it :(


sent ;)

Get off my board gayming poorfag

are you trolling me? I cant find it anywhere :(

anyone actually buying for this fucker? I'd hate to buy him a dupe

at least I am trying to be polite and dont say shit to anybody.

I'm just foul mouthed
but it wont let me send it because of regional price difference



Couldn't someone just send him the money on paypal and he buy it himself instead of all this region-lock bullshit

my paypal:

Jesus christ beggars everywhere.

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Yould you spare some changee?
God bless your soul

OP actually delivered a game when he was the one begging. Props to him.

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i had only 3 euros, this game cost 1.5euro. so well :D

Awaiting confirmation

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op has been gifted
user delivers

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And its pending... crap

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Korey Kult mah dood

but you have a pc able to run it?
you expect us to believe that?
are you retarded? I'd believe that!

Sucks to be you, europoor.

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hey user can you send me some money too? I need to buy a new motherboard :(

i have laptop, 8gb ram, 980mx, and i5, 7th generation. I play gta v which i also is donated from Sup Forums

Lol dumb shit

Do you have steam?

yes, lapiukasltu

maybe next time you should beg for some tact
blot out my name you troglodyte

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No. I was referring to the guy whio sent out money

trips don't lie

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a...user can you consider me too?

He couldnt send me game because of regional restrictions


don't post someones name on Sup Forums especially when they do you a favor

that was not me OP

Can you consider Vampyr? Is that asking too much?

1 gift from user per thread

Thanks anyway user, you're still awesome (motherboard guy here, you removed me before I could finish typing :))

I try

can I have terraria ty

its unwriten rule?

>15yo detected

Don't be jewish
Anyone want to help a poorfag out? Far Cry 5 or anything would be amazing

generous user can I ask for a steam game?

Sent cuz dubs

received ;)

What do you recieved? :D are not even an op :D

stop jerking go outside and work you ugly retard

Duhas, pats pirk savo ┼żaidimus