What is the worst thing you've ever done to a girl or a trap?

what is the worst thing you've ever done to a girl or a trap?

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Where should I begin?

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I was dating this tall pretty asian trap who loved it rough and degrading. I would fuck her face till she puked and smear it around on her face. Then when my cock was thick with spit and vomit id fuck her boipussy until i dumped a load into her. I made her eat it off of her own fingers while i called her a faggot. I miss her.

Op is fag

giving them the slient treatment for all my life. they so sad about it

I'm using a trap right now because they're emotionally vulnerable and will do anything for me, and also has a hot sister

fucked a few traps, but the worst i ever did was a chick. she was a vulnerable fob and i took all of her virginities, drove her to cut herself and then dumped her. she was fucked in the head tho

miss that ass

Knocked my wife up 3 times. First time was before we wee married and I (along with both her and my parents) stressed her out so much with my not wanting to have kids and pushing for her to get an abortion that she miscarried. It was twins, Lucy and Jude.

>worst thing you've ever done to a girl

Dated her.

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Answered the phone of my wife as soon as I finished creampieing her older sister and continued to talk as she cleaned me off

Stood them up on a craigslist meeting.

so fucking diesel


I regularly share her nudes with her biological brother using a fake texting app. He has no idea it's her butt things she is sexy

By her, I mean my girlfriend

had my lawyer rent a boat and a wood chipper for me... aimed that bitch off the side of the boat and turned her into chum... that was probably the worst... or telling my ex she had a gross loose pussy when we had a fight... she was really hurt and i actually felt bad.... felt worse than i did about the wood chipper actually

wood chipper on the boat. so gangster

Told her I loved her

I'm sure she misses you user.

Doxed a girl
So hard on Sup Forums that whenever she searches her name on google she will find them

What do you mean "or"? Traps are girls, prove me wrong

they have dicks.

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Yeah but having a dick that's feminine doesn't count

This is so fucking stupid and everyone knows it. I get that you're memeing and it's a meme but Jesus Christ I've seen it so often that newfriends will think its true. The only way she is a she is if she has feminine semen dripping out of her cock, not having a feminine cock