Why does my dic look and feel so mini...

Why does my dic look and feel so mini? I I measured it "correctly" and got a passable result but wtf I think I have never seen a normal persons cock that's smaller than mine.

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Because you spend way too much time on Sup Forums where everyone shames anyone who can't bottom and make a horse buckle at the knees.

Start going out, you're bugger than me and even I'm bigger than the average (the real life average, not the porn induced brain washing average from here)

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This. OP your dick is fine, spend more time outside.

Go stand in front of a mirror and look at it, it will seem bigger
That's how people see your dick

Porn is like the Olympics of dick length. So what you are seeing is not representative of what You should be. It represents the creme de la creme of cock.

Use it for the fantasy it enables, not as a yard stick.

Listen, if you can A get hard, B maintain an erection and C thrust your hips back and forth, then you can fuck. Besides fucking chicks takes brains, lest you end up with a brain dead woman yourself. Good ones are out there, you just need patience.

I expected MUCH worse replys. Do you think I could make a girl who has had 12 partners fall in love with me?

No because you aren't confident at all
Go get some hookers and experience then you might stop being a bitchboy who posts on a taiwanese weaving forum for dick advice

Partner count doesn't matter, you'd be a fickle child to hold a girls past against her. Also, you can't make anyone love you, it happens naturally, just be yourself and if it happens, it happens.

And yeah, the 12 year olds and the man children aren't up at this hour, so the replies are probably gonna be mostly mature.

not with this kind of confidence.Its a turn off for women

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The higher the amount of partners a female has had the least likely she is to be able to have a long term functional relationship. Scientific studies back this up.

Trips of Truth or not, I request citations.

I just feel like sex is important and it's one thing I can never fix.

I'm actually extremely confedant but feel like the moment we fuck they always feel disappointed and want nothing to do with me


>"I'm extremely confident"
>asks for dick advice on a japanese image board full of weeb virgins
ok buddy

Not that confident then.

But if you understood that sex isn't 100% your dick going in and out, you'd feel differently. Your brain is the biggest sex organ in your body, foreplay builds up anticipation. Learn how to romance her, talk the right stuff that SHE is into, and learn all of her "buttons" in foreplay, and she'll be a bit hard pressed to not have a good time.

The children are waking up

No my friend, I was already making posts here, its just OP is contradicting with himself

>Do you think I could make a girl who has had 12 partners fall in love with me?

Oh man, you've already fluffed it. For now user lets work on your confidence. You shouldn't be thinking about her ex's and measuring yourself up to them. She's not with them for a reason and if she's with you, well she's with you for a reason. All she want's is you and has you, or will I dunno where you are at with her.

I'm not your friend, buddy.

Nah, he's mixed up and looking for advice, try giving some instead of posting meme bites.

I already have
Told him to be more confident to which he replied he is "EXTREMELY CONFIDENT" yet he seeks validation about dick size
Maybe you should read the thread before posting


I am tho, my dick is the last thing holding me back, being confidant about something subpar is delusional.

>Still seeks dick size validation
Him and every guy in America.
Also, I'm literally the first guy who posted, maybe YOU should read the thread before posting

because its thin. below avg girth maybe + porn dicks are girthy.

I thought the girth was the only good part about it and the thing I deffs didn't fuck up measurement wize, its 13.5cm to 14cm at the middle

I'm 5.6 inches. I recently started hooking up with some proud feminist whore who's fucked lots of dudes. She loves my dick.

Thanks man, but don't call ur chick a whore ;)

My dick is 5.5 inches. I give my fiance screaming and shaking orgasms every time we have sex. Just listen to their body.


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Go get some water you pathetic, thirsty microdick

some water? i am not sure what that has to do with my peepee.

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The same research shows that people with more birthdays tend to live longer.

Its your angle dude. I really didnt know i had a big dick till i went full gay hahaha im at 7 when im not nervous as fuck im a big guy so it feels small in my hand.
Your cock isnt small. Its the porn man.

my dick is smaller in every way

fucking hell

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So I'm at a healthy normal? No problem as long as I fuck her right? I'm 6"2 and the girl I love is like 5"5