Is this a girl or a boy i am confused

Is this a girl or a boy i am confused

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It's a girl why you wanna fuck her?


I'd piss on its face, whatever it is.


Why would they have to be one of these, you binary pig?

Looks like a person that would love to talk about gender neutrality, so referring to it like an object will probably turn it on

i was hoping it was a tranny, knowing is a girl kinda turns me off

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Is this her

what really gets me is there are people who would genuinely ask this question. they would look at this person, feel sexually aroused, but then need a "gender confirmation" for whatever reason. honestly, how does it even matter? you found this person to be sexually interesting, and then you find out that person qualifies as one of the two binary genders you evaluate people with and that gender happens to be the gender you don't want to find sexually attractive.

in short, you already found this person to be attractive so how does knowing their gender affect that?

>i am confused
so are they


you can't fuck vagina if there is penis

because unlike you, I ain't a faggot

i aint putting my dick in some dudes asshole

I expected shitposting, that is fair. but if OPs picture is a male, and you thought he was attractive before knowing he was a male, how does it suddenly make you not gay?
fair point, but the vagina is the third best hole anyways.

nobody said you had to. I just wonder about how it works in your mind: you think the person in OPs pic is attractive and then you find out that person is male. how does that change the fact that you already thought he was attractive?

Ye I know mouth is the best

look hands, girl

my chub goes away pretty simple
at most i might become a friend at worst bully him

>picture from anime/videogame festival, likely from the last 3 years
that's not a she OR a he. that's a xe.

>get boner
>want to fug
>lol benis
>force boner to go away

yeah, sounds like you have a mental illness user.

For me, it would be the same way I might see a picture of an attractive girl, then see some more revealing pictures, but she's all covered in tattoos. Or see an attractive girl, then talk to her, and find out she's annoying as shit. The initial attractiveness is just that -- a starting hook. But staying attracted goes deeper than that, and it can quickly change.

so you are saying that if the person clicks with you on every level but is covered in tattoos, you would break it off with them just like you would break it off with a person who you dont click with at all?

girls should imitate the food things about man not the bad things

it's almost like our brain formulates what we are attracted to based on the fact that it's capable of reproduction or not.

that's why fucking pic related is less gay than fucking traps. again, biology matters, your faggot feelings don't.

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>yeah, sounds like you have a mental illness user.
Dude, it sounds like this is hitting a little too close to home for you, but you're going to have to accept it. Most straight guys aren't going to want to have a romantic relationship with another guy, no matter how much that other guy dresses up as a girl.

I might think a girl looks really cute, but if I find out she's a super-vegan, talks like Fran Drescher, and has a diaper kink... there's just not going to be any attraction there.

For me (and I'm just saying for me), yes, that's right. Tattoos is something for me that is a complete immediate turn-off. I don't know why, exactly, but it is. It's just one of those things.

>be lizard bro in desert
>hungry as fuck
>see single piece of grass sticking out of sand
>try eat the grass
>turns out it's a snake's tail
>get poisoned, crushed and digested half alive
>don't want grass anymore
deception is not that hard of a concept to grasp