Prove me wrong
protip: you can't

>live in literally "Land of the Aryans"
>you can be christian
>most beautiful women in the world
>faggots cannot marry nor buy children
>hash freely available
>young society ready to become secular again
>don't take any of the jews' lies



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And Persians live where exactly? The Middle East is confusing. One country you get beheaded just like that, then you travel a little to the west/east/etc, cross an imaginary line and hey you're in a relatively nice country

Persia is the old name for Iran.

>middle east

pick one

> persians
> white

into the trash it goes

Iran, literally translated as "Land of the Aryans"

>> persians
>> white
whiter and more aryan than you, kike

I found a White girl in Iran

The women are hairy. Still fucked one, because I figured I may not get another chance to do it.


Why go so far to have hooked nose witches when you have some of the hottest women on your doorstep?

>the anglo kike trying to argue persians are the last renmants or aryans

wew, what a surprise

Will they ever throw off their filthy Arab desert cult?

>get cucked by a punch of city-states
>get btfo by a young fuccboi

dayum, I would go full steel pact on her

If there are sunnis ther, don't go there. Syria would've been great but the war has destroyed it.

>hooked nose
although sweet persian princesses like to get nose jobs, they don't have no semitic nose
they just go from 8/10 to 11/10

Too bad about the whole Islam thing, they were one of the greatest civilizations on the planet before that

they still christian and zoroastrian deep down

>If there are sunnis ther,
there are not.
they are shia.

>mfw I will never be able to seduce a persian goddess
>that grin
>that accent
>those eyes

The majority of them are backwards and extremely conservative, it's why they became a theocratic shithole in the first place.

Read a book nigger. Their only redeeming quality is that they're Shia and not "muh jihad on the west" Sunnis.

This guy looks totally cool, right ?

still, they are shia, not sunni

no wonder they're the last kikes' enemies

>The majority of them are backwards and extremely conservative

it looks like they don't know, even in Milan I haven't see such faggotry and slutting

Admadinejad was based as fuck
>tfw if you organize an holohoax satiric cartoon contest in paris you get arrested
>tfw youngster don't give a shit, they are shia anyway

I know they are Shia, I meant for any country. That is to say you wouldn't want to be in Saudi Arabia, a Wahhabi shithole. However places like Iran have based Shi'ites.

Iranian noses are pretty horrific.

This is Khomenei. They don't even look like each other

>Hash freely available

I thought the Iranians were zero tolerance for drug use?

>That hairline
Pick one

>those hairy fucking arms
checks out, she's persian


Told ye. That's why they all have nose jobs, lip jobs and a ton of make up on.

Persian Women are made for Greek Cock

Monkey arms =/= Aryan

don;t be fooled. it's an IED

I know, but who gives a fuck about khomeini anyway? it's like you're not even trying


Both wrong. This is Khomeini.

they have been using it historically since forever
also, they get it fresh from pakistan and afghanistan, you can buy it in any bazar and smoke it pretty freely.
you just don't have to buy a shit ton of it to smuggle

An again.

>implying you wouldn't instant marry

Iranian princess.

Agreed. Back in the States Iranians are some of the most based immigrants. They tend to be super patriotic and love America more than liberals. They assimilate and learn the language yet retain just enough of their home culture without shoving it in everyone's face or inconveniencing others. Plus they hate Jews, have beautiful women, and look down on shittier immigrants. Definitely Bro-tier

They have been Muslim pretty much since Islam's inception brah

Why deny that they are just muzzle shitskins like the rest?

>J1-M267; typical of Arabian populations, was rarely over 10% in Iranian groups

>J2-M172: is the most common Hg in Iran (~23%); almost exclusively represented by J2a-M410 subclade (93%), the other major sub-clade being J2b-M12. Apart from Iranians, J2 is common in Mediterranean and Balkan peoples (Croatians, Serbs, Greeks, Bosnians, Albanians, Italians, Bulgarians, Turks), whilst its frequency drops suddenly beyond Afghanistan, Pakistan and northern India.[96]

Those Zelda witch sisters are real!

You can't be Muslim and Aryan according to the avesta and vendidad

so what? what's your point? I'd rather bang an iranian without nose job than sniffing again the rotten smell french pussies have

fucking hell teach your bitches to use bidet for god's sake

No they aren't I'm a zoroastrian and my family was forced to leave following the Islam revolution. At the end of the day they are filthy arab/turk mutts which is why they overthrew the Persian shah for a filthy Azeri turk named Khomeini.

Bidets were made for sexual hygiene after sex you moron.

Why so aggressive, man?

>uslim pretty much since Islam's inception brah

1. they shia, not sunni or whabi
2. they let christians mind their own businness
3. pic related: revolution is just some decades old

>Alexander was Macedonian
>Persia had already taken over Greece before by that point
>Alexander got btfo by pooinloos

t. Whitey who knows nothing about islam. Christians in Iran hate it as well.

>why they overthrew the Persian shah for a filthy Azeri turk named Khomeini.
>T H E Y

implying it hasn't been an american kikes' subversive plan

Persians and Afghans are pretty good in my book desu. They have been good to Hindus and we have been good to them. Can't say the same for pakitards Mughal half-breeds.

>Based Zoroastrian Nationalists are on the rise too.

>based snakbar wifu
>no Lebanese girl


no, were made to clean yourself in order not to stink like a goat when I fuck your woman.
utterly disgusting, french women are the filthiest I've ever met right after english

I'm not saying everyone's happy with the current situation, but that people is based

My parents were there, it was literally just Muslim farmers. The US installed the shah in the first place after the soviets and Anglo cucks deposed his father for a socialist democracy.


They're really not. They're just a bunch of Arab faggots that think zoroastrian history applies to them. Little do they know that of any zoroastrian shah came back and saw what Iran has turned into (an Islamic shithole) they would probably spit on the country.

Jordan's pretty based for a sandnigger country.


literal jewpedia
"It was abundantly clear to me that the students were obsessed with the idea that the Americans might be preparing to mount another counter-coup. Memories of 1953 were uppermost in their minds. They all knew about Kermit Roosevelt's book Countercoup, and most of them had read extracts from it. Although, largely owing to intervention by the British, who were anxious that the part they and the oil company had played in organizing the coup should not become known, this book had been withdrawn before publication, a few copies of it had got out and been duplicated."

If India took punjab, sindh and kashmir and Iran took Balochistan I think that region would finally find some peace.

you shouldn't be so self-hating
if you were in your right mind you would leave the leaf country and go back to your based home and marry a sweet persian goddess

You sound like a virgin.

The students at the time wanted a democracy not the shah or the ayatollah. They had gone out of the country to study. That being said some of these students were okay with the ayatollah being put into power.



stop shilling for shitskin and GTFO of my country


Weren't the Gerudo based on Middle Easterners though?


hot tbqh

So I should leave for a country that won't let me practice my own religion in the land it was made in favor of some death cult made by a pedophile. Nah Iranians can go fuck themselves until they fix Iran the zoroastrian community won't return, we're more than happy amongst Hindus, jains and Sikhs.

I once went to visit an Iranian friend in Maryland

Stayed at his house for 2 weeks. Pretty sure his 18 yr old sister had the hots for me. Should have smashed. Did not smash. Fuck



there are a lot of lebanese that look greek/italian

considering the history/exchange in the area

What the fuck is the religious difference between Shia and sunni? I know the political reason why the split, who should be Mohammed's heir but is there anything else?


>>middle east

A-are you retarded? Do you not know Geography?

shia are laid back about rules, they are kind of the way "christians" follow christianity, ak they do the fuck they want
sunni is the crazy tards going to holy war and shiet
wahabi is retarded inbred made up shit from saudis, the 100%muzzie law

The middle east isn't a geographic region, it's a political one. The Iranian plateau is split from the fertile Crescent by mountain ranges. That being said, the Islamic Republic of Iran is definitely middle eastern, they're more or less Arabs.

>they're more or less Arabs.

even jewpedi had to admit they got nothing to do with arabs.
they're just aryans: agree on the plateau tho, pic is self explanatory

Only Persian Jews are based. The rest are shit.

They all live in LA and Israel now so there's no reason not to firebomb the rest of the monkeys. No, they're not white.

>most beautiful women in the world

nope, it's still young white women

persians are kind of close to white though, so they're not as bad as the average snackbar

>entire south east of our country is made of rampaging gypsys
>saying other people aren't white

looks totaly arian to me

This is legit one pair of disgusting arab eyebrows.




100% original aryan my friend not a drop of black blood

t. iranian shitskin


kill yourself dirty kike
why do you dirty kikes hate aryans so much?

stop shilling kikes less than 10% of iranian are shitskin
the rest are the last renmants of aryans
deal with it kike

Why? Because they play with white dolls in the swimming pool?

No difference, they are all stupid sandniggers