>42 percent of Danes now want a vote on whether Denmark should continue to be a member of the EU
>In February, only 37 percent said they wanted a UK-type referendum

>leftist politicians faces when right-wing parties are gaining momentum

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We are the only idiots happy being an EU member. I was born in the wrong country.

Please do.
The more places that start getting this sort of attitude rolling the faster we can crash this union.. With no survivors!



Staying in the EU is effectively keeping your balls in a tight clamp, why the fuck would you give up the democratic system to be ran by 50,000 unelected bureaucrats, 10,000 of which make more than UK Prime Minister David Cameron..

Nexit. Grexit. Get HYPT cunts.

I mean, Spain is a lazy country with a bad GDP.

Of course they enjoy the EU...

Poor Spain, when did it all go wrong?

Do it !

What a time to be alive, right?
>tfw you'll live to see an entire continent dissolve back into their sovereign nation states

Worst case scenarios?
Will the EU tyrants scrape together their army in time to save their little experiment?

Reminder, the window to register to vote in Brexit has been extended by two days. You have until midnight tomorrow.

EU vote registration deadline extended


AXIT when?

Thanks to the decadence and shortsightedness of post Cold War Europe and bureaucrats wanting a larger cut of things, there isn't really an army that could save their experiment.

Beware the modern German army, they'll shoot at you with unloaded broomsticks.

By the time your country joins the push to abandon ship, the EU will be effectively dead.

I don't see the EU surviving the BREXIT for long, if Denmark leaves to that's the nail.

I wonder why

What reactions from Russia could we expect?

I imagine they'll probably make a grab for the Baltics/Ukraine if the EU went tits up quickly. If it's a slow crumble the game will be much more subtle, yes?

Do it! Save yourself! You might be 1+ world cunt with a great economy,but if the Franco-Germans put their mind to it they can steamroll right over you

Top four nations are getting shafted hard.

How's the situation among Romanians?

NATO would remain in place for what that's worth.
So either someone makes a play or it's Cold War Part 2, Electric Boogaloo.

Nothing like the fear of impending war/death to drive the weak out of sight and society.


We got the memes mixed up

Nothing like a Cold War to ignite some good, old-fashioned McCarthyism.

>degenerates forced to abandon their crypto-socialist dreams and actually work
>nations become uncucked

How's the situation in the Netherlands?

>America made great
>Netherlands elects Geert
>now Denmark is trying to Dexit
Is it happening?

The fire rises!

Rigging intensifies.jpg

Why should they be allowed to register when they had months to sign up?

Would be mostly find if we flooded the Randstad and forgot it ever existed.
But for now we still have work ahead of us. Most news is still in newspeak and more attention is paid to random athletes nobody's ever heard of but suddenly we're all so very proud and our children want to be just like them.

It's always happening. For the first time ever, once global empires are going to collapse within a single human lifespan.

Put your arms up, it's more fun that way.

Now, don't be discriminatory against the proud British island of Postvotia.

Netherxit (Nexit?) would be damning. Hope you guys pull through.

>Total "EU" spend
>Total "EU" contribution

I'd love to see the chart that shows where the money these top-tier countries contribute comes from itself. Also put the damage they've caused to the lower-tier countries by forbidding them to have an industry.

Fuck Felipe Gonzalez, we should have stayed out of EU

Hope so too. If the truth were told, we'd have left the day before the treaty of Lisbon was signed.
Fun thing is, it's not just the 'far right' against the EU here, even SP (commies) are apparently against it.

All the best of wishes from Norway, perhaps we can get back to the good old times again.

more info on this please

Can't wait to leave lads, be great to have our own unelected twats pulling the strings rather than the European ones. Brexit ftw

they ARE officially planning to create EU army, thats no secret or conspiracy theory

Just means they'll have hired a female consultant to discuss the idea with in the next 30 years at a cost of several hundred billion euros.

Pic related, just one example. Notice the disparity between Germany's contribution to other economies and other countries' contribution to Germany's economy. That's what the EU is, in essence.

I guess the Brits weren't joking when they said they wanted to stop their taxes going to French farmers.

It's the other way around though. France contributes more to Germany than Germany contributes to France. Difference between France and, say, Greece is that the former manages to stay afloat nevertheless. But that doesn't change the fact that they sole country who benefits from the existence of EU is Germany.

Germany is essentially paying to be in charge of Europe so it's a win for them.


Greece "benefited" a lot more from the singe currency because they got their public debt interest rate so low they could refinance existing debt and pile on a lot more.

Somewhere around the war of Spanish succession

>tfw Brexit won't happen
>we'll slide into a federal superstate
>I'm getting my degrees then running the fuck away to a different country outside of Europe

Since this is a matter of EU's existence (pro-leave are steadily rising everywhere and EU army means leaving EU will be impossible, noone is gonna risk armed conflict with no chance of winning), they might actually really do something.

wait, who the fuck is the little guy next to Suomi?


Neat flag, didn't know they had one
Nordic flag design is 10/10

D-Denmark wants to leave the EU?

I support you the entire way, go for it! follow our lead!

Danexit NOW!

Trump will threaten to scrap NATO if members don't commit more to defense spending

Other than rigging elections and giving themselves a pat on the back, they're not good enough to do anything let alone be that organized.

Would be a good thing, though unlikely that an effective military will show up quickly.
If he scraps NATO, I'm guessing it would be within the next x years so militaries can be built up.

Better ramp up those censorship laws even harder, EU!!!

I hope so, european armies are absolutely pathetic. It's serves only as a symbol these days.

Good, Euros need to build themselves a decent military

It's a good thing that I've learned to assume by reflex that when people talk about "european" armies they don't mean to include Finnish army in it.

The sad thing is: They will never let us vote. So all we can hope is that all other Parties will leave us alone.
Make it happen!

This. Unlike the UK we don't have an industry to rekt since all we've got is tourism.


I love the Danes, sweetest people in the world. I really really hope they will do this for themselves.