Why do ""men"" vehemently defend themselves when I dare hint that putting any kind of skin care, hair care...

Why do ""men"" vehemently defend themselves when I dare hint that putting any kind of skin care, hair care, or anything that would otherwise been only associated with women, is gay?

Their only argument is "hurr, it's not gay to take care of yourself"

Pic somewhat related. It's not as bad, as their aren't using foundation, but I guess in a few years if nothing is done, it'd be common for men to wear makeup too.

Really makes me drink huh?

OP is not a dapper dan man.

>hair care
Like what, shampoo?

Anyway, the point is to attract mattress. If he successfully bones a broad, then he has fulfilled his biological duty.

There's nothing wrong with looking after your hygiene and appearance. It's just degenerate as fuck for a man to preen and pretty himself up to the point where he looks like a half-woman, half-monster tranny piece of shit.

because i'm not a greasy fat fuck who doesn't at least put gel or axe products on my hair.

go be a fat greasy fuck somewhere else faggot.

No, I'm talking snake oil tier shit, like coconuts oil.
Or anti-wrinkles cream.

I have to use lotion on my face or my skin will start peeling and it just looks gross.

It okay to take care of your skin its just gay as fuck to turn it into a conversation peice

While I obviously don't condone makeup, I do find it kind of funny that a frog is getting upset about people cleaning themselves.

The only one that tops this was actually seeing a french-poster say
>falling for the dental jew
>falling for the shower jew

Guy in the pic is clearly gay.

>coconut oil is snake oil tier
Shut the fuck up m8, it works wonders on hair and skin.

>hair care is gay

nope. maybe the curl things and egg treatments and shit like that. Gel and conditioner are not usually associated with the homosexual, moreso the Guido / Chads

>skin care
yeh that one is pretty gay, anything beyond an acne treatment, face wash, eczema, does indeed provide evidence for some level of homosexuality.

I agree that it's gay Frenchbro. I only use:
>non-gay facial cleanser

Nothing else for my skin or hair.

Cleaning yourself =/= caking yourself in beauty products.

ffs, I'm not talking about not taking showers here, I'm talking about doing things women would have done last decade.


Finally someone who understands.

Reminder that if you use anything other than just basic soap and shampoo to clean yourself then you're a degenerate.

probably works wonders on your bf's shaft as well

men who need to defend their manlyniess are the biggest closet fags

>reddit face wash


nvidia makes the best cleansers, some even make your face feel like mountains.

Must be a french thing. Men in america dont wear makeup

Just look at the fucking thread, like 7 out of 10 americans are almost defending the fag in my picture.

>nvidia makes the best cleansers


>facial cleanser

Found the poof

Ok maybe just men from around where I live. You can't deny that most french guys come off a little faggy though

It probably would, but he doesn't let me use it on him

makeup is fraud, misrepresenting yourself as more pretty than you really are

>itt fat greasy basement dweller gets mad about people who take care of themselves and look good doing it

I use an eye cream that makes my eyes less puffy looking and prevents crows feet. I'm 28 though and I didn't have to start this routine until about a year ago when I noticed my slightly older friends with deep crows feet and dark undereyes. Ageing sucks.

shampoo? I think we should boycott it, and demand the real thing

I go to the spa and get everything under the sun done to my skin and apply moisturizer every day and all that shit.

I get better and more pussy than you.

How aboutttt... mind your own fucking business?

Can't you find a hobby and fo... do you fucking stress about people who use lotions and shit?
Doesn't that sound mental to you?

I have a few dry skin patches and I have to use a few products, otherwise it starts bleeding and itching like crazy.

Am I a faggot because of that?
Completely straight men don't give a shit about other sexualities because completely straight men are absolutely sure in theirs.

I use gel and aftershave.

Am I faggot Sup Forums? ;_;


>non-gay facial cleanser

Son, we need to talk...

Well ain't this place a geographical oddity!

Who /acne/ here?

I'm 20 and still get it for fuck's sake. I eat well and am healthy too.

Also have dark rings under my eyes and constantly dry lips, JUST

I bet you're ugly OP

Drink lots of water and CUT OUT DAIRY!!! I can't stress that enough.

What is your dairy, especially milk, intake like?

>non-gay facial cleanser
No such thing.
If you need facial cleanser then use pumice soap (bar or bottle) like mechanics use.

I already drink a shit ton of water.

As for dairy, I never eat cheese and only have a small glass of milk 2 or 3 times a week.

Maybe, just maybe, they're not gay?

>facial cleanser

Have you had acne since puberty? If so fuck this guys opinion and go see a fucking derm.

Derms deal with acne like 50% of the time just get a prescription and advice.

What about skin products? You know they do more harm than good, right?

I wonder who could be behind this trend.

Because it's good for you, dumb ass. It's health issue therefore beauty issue.

If a man takes care of his appearance beyond getting washed and brushing his hair, he's a fag. Simple as. Exceptions for medical issues like acne, eczema or psoriasis.

>woman eyes
>woman mouth
>woman eyebrows
>woman clothes
>pearl armband

absolute faggot






It's not gay to take care of your self. That being said I only use lotion to her it and if my skin is so dry it itches.

Stuff I use, excluding basic hygeine stuff like toothpaste and shower gel.

>Proraso Rosso shaving soap
>Alum block
>Nivea Men's shaving balm
>Tigi hair wax
>Nivea unscented anti-perspirant

Excessive grooming in either sex is bullshit.

>not using Indian healing clay

That's a given when your v-neck doesnt even fit on the damn screen.

You do know that those guys get with some pretty cute chicks right?

Id get a manicure and a pedicure, but Im not about to pay for it. I work on my feet and with my hands. All your dainty flowery faggotness would be ruined within a few days.

>fuck milk

Too abrasive. Rather use a lightweight cleanser and be called a fruit than use a soap that would rip my face apart.


yoo tell em gurrrl!


What a pretty boy.

>it's the skin products that are gay
>it's not those fucking bracelets

>avoiding milk
>not GOMAD

milk is the secret to the white man's power

Hey Mark, I drank a gallon of milk. You dare me to fart?

>a french man that doesn't bathe or beleive in hygene

gee what a surprise

soap and water
moonshine as aftershave

they are indoctrinated into the feminization of men but will never accept it to be true

I only put stuff on my face to clean it

Unless it's cum flavored moisturizer taken orally an administered via a cock shaped bottle orally and they condition their hair with "please fuck me in the ass" anti dandruff formula #2, then they're about as gay as your regular ice cream salesman.

It's a beautiful people's world, and you gotta put work into yourself if you ever want to be the fags holding the leash.

>brushing hair

are you a little girl?

I moisturize with lotion after showers and wear sunscreen when I'll be outside for a long time

Idgaf what pol thinks, Ill look 30 when I'm 40 because I take care of my skin

It works m8, and its cheap as fuck. Look at the Amazon reviews.

Decent list, family. Me:
>Head and Shoulders shampoo
>Dr. Bonners soap
>Cerave hydrating cleanser
>Barbasol shaving cream
>Colgate toothpaste
>Mitchum unscented deodorant

That's it. Inb4 some homo that uses argan-coconut-shea-butter-infused oil droplets in his hair calls me a basic bitch.

>any kind of skin care, hair care
>anything beyond an acne treatment, face wash, eczema
>Finally someone who understands.
Falling back, are we?

bar soap and toothpaste master race

fuck dish soap
> rinse with hot water

fuck laundry dtergent
> wash in water spin cycle and tumble dry

no garbage bags either
> just dump out can when half full and rinse out with water

fuck hair shampoo
> just rub a bar of soap on head to clean hair

fuck underarm deodorant
> shower and wash clothes right after workout

If you don't moisturise every day you are literally a retard

>half of Sup Forums defends being a sissy
>half of Sup Forums defends modern beards

every time
is this grass roots or does reddit feel called out?

Eh I use expensive skin stuff. Otherwise I get acne

My dermatologist said its not necessary to do it everyday but after hot showers its important

>he doesnt shower everyday

how's that sissy office job m8?

They don't care what you think fag

>shower every day

for what purpose?

so the bottom line is, at least 80% of you are sissies.

How many of you shave your armpits or legs?

>the point is to attract mattress

Mmmm, mattresses...

Truly does

also foot and back massages are definitely God tier and not degenerate

I mean, what the hell.

All the fags in this thread aren't even trying to defend anything, I'm not even sure they read the OP, they're just posting their care product and how they use them, no one cares holy shit.

I seriously hope there's only reddit in this thread, and the usual Sup Forums user just doesn't care to comment about this.

To not be a dirty animal

In a first world country taking a shower is as easy as turning a faucet.

I can understand where your coming from though.
It's a pain having to boil the water and wait for it to cool down to bathe or having to bathe in a dirty river.
I don't blame you for smelling like shit.


Fucking pussy bitch

>putting synthetic chinese chemicals on your skin
>say that you're taking care of it

Sun shirts. Picked this up yesterday. UPF 50+ protection without having to smear crap on your skin.

>My dermatologist said

is that before or after your manicure sesh?

>dirty animal
>smelling like shit for showering only when necessary

No wonder kebabs and mongol-spaniards are taking over your countries. You're the epitome of the western "men".

Showering everyday is bad for your skin though.

>wiping your ass after taking a good shit

what's the point? the best part is sitting down in a chair after everything's said and done and feeling everything glue together

Why is this even a thread? Why do the mods let threads like these even happen? What the fuck does this have to do with politics?

>having a beard in 21st century

For what purpose? I really don't want people to come up to me and ask to add my Reddit profile.

When you're active you sweat.

Whens the last time you even ran?
And I don't mean by pressing X or shift like in your vidyas.

Someone's feewings are huwt.

taking care of your skin and hair and putting on a bit of aftershave is only nice. Living in cold climates especially, the winter can be harsh on the skin so by all means slap on moisturizer and use a skin cleaning regime with expensive shit if that's what it takes to get rid of pimples etc and have nicer softer skin, because a well-maintained face and non-chapped lips is nicer to kiss and men smelling good are fucking great. Also if you have a massive unibrow or hair pushing out the nose or ears or such it's not gay at all to pluck that a bit and make yourself presentable.

But when it crosses to perma-colouring your eyelashes or some shit like that, or if your eyebrows aren't just trimmed to be neat but actually shaped, like the dude in the OP pic, or if you start getting a bit too interested in the different cosmetics etc, it starts to get uncomfortably metrosexual. Spending too long in front of the mirror fixing your hair or shaping your facial hair, or in general acting femininely vain is a bit gay. When you start to actually apply cosmetics you've crossed the glittery river into faggotland and can't swim back.