It's over

It's over

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anybody who reads that shit wasn't voting brexit anyway

W-wait what?

> Daily Mirror


>no tution fees on STEM subjects.
This the man I would vote for.

>Shows two
False advertising there m8.

Nah, in Britain, being a pedophile or a child rapist is an entry requirement for getting into national politics.

lol... BTFO

Didn't Cameron fuck a pig?

the pig was dead and it was a pig's head


Fucking hell they're getting desperate now.

Clinton's husband is also a child sex predator and most people don't seem to give a fuck

>election campaigner

>criticising people for paedophilia


Not so fast

>Reading a commie rag.


Oh shit...

It's not happening is it?


Can't believe this still works in England in 2016.


The mirror is at an angle you fuck!

>former aid

Oh no, how will the ever recover from this!

Nigel Farage is an irrational xenophobe racist!!!


Can't believe you've lost two straight elections and an incoming third to this.


Wanna try a third time?

so like most "british" men?

At least the accusation is largely accurate, albeit a meaningless ad-hominem. British are obsessed with pedos and spoopy paranormal retardation.

>use people of many ethnicities so that you can argue that you're not racist
>they nig

can't win

like most british politicians and the members of the bbc then?

Mate your country also obsesses about anyone who dates a person below the age of 18. Your women seem to believe that anyone who dates a woman under the age of 25 or with a 10+ year age difference is a paedo.

>Newspaper of the year

>Free Loaf, pictured two loaves

>Brilliant Euro 2016 pullout
>can we win it? yes we can

That's before you even get to the headline.

Oh well that makes it okay then.

Does that mean he's still alive?

>t. Nosferatu

(((Daily Mirror))))


Well lads, we've had a good run but now it's truly over.

Brexiters could just about handle being called racist on a daily basis, but now they can call us pedophiles too. We don't stand a chance


Isn't pedophilia a tradition there ?

In your country literally everyone is a pedo. You believe in ghosts.

I don't understand how this is a conversation. You have no place to speak until you learn to stop being superstitious weirdos. If you want to be respected vote out and hope that your countrymen do the same.

>"I'm not Jewish and I'll prove it!"
>Chokes on a bacon sandwich.
Just the average 'British' communist.

Nobody believes in ghosts mate. England isn't Baltimore.

Seriously can someone explain why everyone in that country molests children

Daily Mirror is a socialist scum paper for the boomer Northerners who are still bitter over Thatcher defunding the last remaining inefficient mines and who haven't realied the socialists have abandoned the working class for niggers.

UK news are kinda of a rarity here, but I saw a video in our media about a negress accusing him in public of fucking racism.

And we are talking about a man who condemns Le Pen and does not want any relation (or be compared) to the French far right.

This is Cameron's scum at work I tell you!

Word is he is a muslim so everybody just relax.

Oy vey what a coincidence!

Yeah you do bruv. Its also quite noticeable in your media. Broadchurch is about a crime of passion motivated equally by a happily married heterosexual man's lust for boypuss and psychics communing with the dead. Both were played completely straight.

If you don't believe in these two phenomena at an inordinate rate, why is there no commentary on the absurdity of a plot like that?

>Didn't fuck a pigs head with his bros while he was in school


They don't.

They bang 14 year old slags who are up for it.

If it bleeds it breeds.

Hundreds of allegations of child abuse allegations leveled against politicians and now is when they choose to act?

They're not even trying to hide it anymore.

Always knew kippers were A bunch of nonces

I remember at that age everyone I knew was banging already.

Pretty much this. We have such strict laws on fucking teens everyone has just stopped caring.

holy shit a free loaf of bread

the only thing that's over is my hunger

>is american
>says bruv
pick one please user before you hurt yourself

>posting Made in the USA nigger memes

This will be a violation of the TTIP, please refrain from illicitly trafficking in north american nigger memes immediately.

His spirit never dies as long as you carry the torch.

Not exactly. Generally, the pedo term for legal, but under 18, is reserved for rich older men and neckbeards. When an alpha dude gets with a 16 year old at 36 most people understand why they both picked each other despite the age difference.

When Paul Walker was dating a 16 year old girl everyone sort of shrugged and went on with life, because they understood he was a high value man and her youth, and good looks, made her a high value woman.

It's only when it looks like some old fart or fat fuck is "taking advantage" of an innocent young girl that society loses their shit. Which is generally fair, I think.

Fair point. For being president and running a country the Americans require a war mongerer, cigar smoking adulter or an embezzler. Those traits are tough to beat bro.

Didn't do anything to Cameron.

Why should it do anything to our Nige?

Nigel seems based af as an American.