Hows the legal weed coming along canucks?

hows the legal weed coming along canucks?

I have no information to give on this subject

why not?


He's too busy legalizing doctor assisted suicide.

Because.... i dont even know

Too busy taking away freedom of speech

After I quick google search and only reading the headline I have discovered that legislation is estimated for spring 2017.
That's all I know. I swear

if weed makes you peacefull how come I want to punch that faggot in his faggy face?


Im pretty sure OP is asking if trudeau was worth it, because a lot of you faggots voted him in for DUDE WEED LMAO.

too busy converting to muslim to focus on weed rn maybe next year


We're busy importing 55,000 refugees + 300 africans, but next years.... perhaps


Next year.

I'm okay with every drug except weed and cigarettes. Those drugs should be banned

Good eats are good.

>Australia, Israel, Mexico, the Palestinian Authority, Russia, Taiwan, and the United States offered international assistance in battling the fire, though the offers were turned down by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Trudeau said that while the offers were appreciated, they were unnecessary as firefighters from other Canadian provinces were gaining control of the situation.[44][45] South Africa sent 301 firefighters at the request of the Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre at the end of May.

>Israel and Palestine offering to work together
>"lolno I luv the bbc"-Trudeau

Libcuck Party can't even pass Assisted-Dying and Election Reform Bill.

I hope weed becomes legal and then taxed a shit ton so potheads will complain about the prices.

legalizing is a good thing. get that money into paying for infrastructure. not into the hands of grubby mexicans and druggies

>I hope weed becomes legal and then taxed a shit ton so potheads will complain about the prices
Me too. Meanwhile anyone with half a brain will just be growing their own in a closet



Good because it's still illegal and should always be illegal and drug dealers need to be hanged and drug users thrown in prison.



I know some guy who immigrated from Eastern Europe who says communism was the best thing to happen to his country come here who voted for Trudeau because "Harper needs to be assassinated" and "we need legal weed" complain that the "medicinal" weed is too expensive and he's still just going to buy it from his dealer.