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a land of no culture Edition

>S E E - A - R E C A P - O F - N I G E L ' S - D A Y :

>L A T E S T - P O L L S
>L A T E S T - P O L L S
>L A T E S T - P O L L S

REMAIN : 4 3 %
LEAVE : 4 2 % ( + 1 )
(via YouGov)

REMAIN : 4 3 %
LEAVE : 4 8 % ( + 5 )
(via ICM)

REMAIN : 4 8 % ( + 1 )
LEAVE : 4 7 %
(via ORB)

>Outrage over the extended registration deadline

>T H E - E C O N O M I S T - P O L L - O F - P O L L S :
REMAIN : 4 2 %
LEAVE : 4 3 % ( + 1 )

>U N O F F I C I A L - B R I T / P O L / - V I E W I N G

I T ‘ S - C O M I N G - H O M E
I T ‘ S - C O M I N G - H O M E
I T ‘ S - C O M I N G
B R I T A I N ‘ S - C O M I N G - H O M E

>O F F I C I A L - B R E X I T - N E W S - A L L - I N - O N E - P L A C E

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I'm praying for you dad.

>tfw it's still the 1980s in essex

Anyone else have a hunch that extending the deadline for voter registration is how they're going to rig the shit out of the referendum?

How did it go with Osborne tonight? Any videos up?

Leeds here. Where are you from?


Essex is legit a great place, don't know why people give it shit.
We're all voting leave and we've all got anglo saxon blood.
Damn it's good to be English

It won't be young people registering. It'll be irregular voters who want to damage the Tories.

Yup, if you go back onto the people complaining on Twitter when it happened, you'll see the majority of those who did complain have similar characteristics - students and/or remain voters.


bit late with that thought, lad.


Probably, it's a fucking disgrace honestly. If you were still trying to register at half 11 last night you don't deserve a fucking vote.


Guys, not good. Some MP has switched to remain because 'leave is telling lies'. Remain is going to shill the shit out of this.



"we have no culture"

-every white country + Japan


at last, wales shall rise to destory england

Or maybe they just want to have as many people as possible voting on one of the most major changes to happen to Britain in decades?

>Implying america has culture

Wales can take our story but they'll never take our FREEDOM

America isn't a white country, though, so he isn't talking about America.

Went there on a pub crawl once, good times.

University of Essex graduate. Based place, nice slags, good pubs.

>South Cumbria part of Lancashire


w-we wuz cumbrians


Where my Norn Iron lads at? Best be voting out ya cunts.

We should have a Sup Forums singalong, like how Sup Forums has a singalong.

Maybe people should have registered 4 months ago when the date was set then?

Doesn't matter, these fucks who only registered to day probably won't be voting anyway.

Good joke +1

How is it mate? Gonna go do psychology there if I can be fucked to revise for my A levels.


>Reduce Parliaments powers so it can only 'consult' on laws, not reject them
>Kicked out the EU for not being 'democratic' enough



Thanks for the upvote my fellow redditor
*tips fedora acknowledging the upvote you gave him*

Hertfordshire here. I want to move to Cumbria someday. Amazing part of the country.

As a former BNP voter who now votes UKIP, I approve of this meme.

Here seems like he has the charisma of a damp rag and the appearance of a low-grade bank clerk.

>even the dog knows

Anyone here actually thinking about going into politics?

I've been thinking long and hard about joining the army first, but I feel as if there is no time. Our country needs saving now.

*unsheathes katana and sheathes katana in acknowledgement*
*nods solemnly*

>kicked out of EU for not being democratic
>leader of EU is spanish and not belgium/german
It's like a parallel universe


pls go

I mean who is he?
I've never heard of him.
I doubt anyone in Europe has ever heard of him.

Rickmansworth reporting


We don't KNOW you...


*buys you reddit gold and then flicks it to you*
keep le change
*turns 360 degrees and walks away whilst smoking cigar*

Not an argument

Who /alreadyvotedtosavebritain/ here?



We don't WANT you...

Nah. You got a good 30 years until you get to the point the US is right now. Now is the perfect time to start building your credentials.

Supporting the BNP at any point in time is a testament to you being an utter fucking mongoloid.

They were fucking retarded.

It seems like he hates the very concept for the existence of nation-states; perhaps that's because he comes Spain, pretty much a non-country.

If this country faced an existential threat from another country I'd join the Army tomorrow. Sadly, the existential threat it faces is from it's own cucked politicians importing shitskins to get votes.

lol "voting"

Done my duty, now I can only encourage others and hope.

"Don't knows" vote for the status quo.

The sooner you're put out to grass the better

Join the military for a few years and learn the skills it teaches you.

Then you can come back and study or whatever you plan on doing. Besides a military career will look good if you do decide to get into politics.

Over one million people didn't seem to think so in 2010

*unsheathes katana and sheathes katana in acknowledgement*
*nods solemnly*

Thank you, brave knight.

In, lad. Voting out will get the ball rolling for a United Ireland referendum

>not selling your vote to rich jews and then voting leave anyway
Shaking my head

wat gaem

Democracy, it looks like.

The only Jew here is you.

Fuck off yourself. The BNP and UKIP's policies are largely the same except the BNP doesn't pretend niggers and pakis are 'British'.

Leave please. Thanks.

There was an argument to respond to?

The BNP is fucking cringe worthy. It's like if someone took the Sup Forums shittery way too seriously and made a party out of it.

Look at this documentary about this little rat boy to see the reality of the BNP.

There's national pride and then there's just plain fucking idocy and hatred.

> admitting to voting bnp...... even on an anonymous image posting board

Waiting to vote in person in case our local MP is hanging about shilling for the EU so I can call her a fat whore.

One man dosen't represent a party but yeh I get what you mean. I only voted for them since they where the only real right wing party about then.

Don't be daft, voting out will only make our economy better here.

Even the majority of Catholics up here don't want to become a United Ireland, and that would double if we left since we'd be sucked back into the cancer that is the EU.

London :c

I had a cigar earlier.

I don't get what all the fuss is about. In fact it was pretty grim. And these are good cigars, supposedly.

I bought 1 of one brand and 3 of another, and had 1 today to practice lighting them correctly (I can toast them just fine but I find it hard to get an even burn), and it was just... A bit grim? Made me want to spit constantly and wasn't pleasant. In fact I felt a bit sick. My hands smelt for hours after and my mouth smells like ass right now.

Anyone see HIGNFY the other night with the MP from Birmingham Yardley? Is that seriously what the remain side consists of? The first thing she said was along the lines of "well if you want to leave you're associating yourself with IDS, Boris etc."

Geopolitical Simulator 4!NdJE3JqD!I5s9y5KsQRv-OW_li8blB_qT1iEIhOhlm1tRnsq_jeg!0dZXiSCK!f412M7SGLTm2LBfbkrcSxLhek2tnafYI0GJVdfON52k

Incredible. I could have went to Warwick, St. Andrews and Cambridge, but I sticked to Essex. Happiest years of my life. A lot of red pulled students. Where are you planning to live?

It's one of those acquired taste things probably.

It isn't just him, that documentary exposes the whole party. There's a bit near the end where all the dumb fucks are chanting "Nick Griffin's barmy army" while the fat ugly oaf dances like a retard on stage. They are sub 90IQ hooligans who oppose immigration just because "They're the bladdy pakis ain't they?".

They may oppose a some similar things to most people in brit/pol/ but not for the same reasons I don't think.

Mark's sister has a fucking 10/10 set of tits though so I'd watch it just for that tbqh lads.

>Posting a documentary about how the BNP got taken to court for talking about Paki rape gangs 12 years before the police and government admitted it actually happened as evidence the BNP were not based
Stay cucked, niggerlover.

Where in Essex is the uni of Essex?

All I know of essex is going to lakeside and bluewater shopping centres and horror stories about Basildon.

So its confirmed the boer and the swiss cunt are EU shills then?

I live in a town half an hour away, so I'd probably live at home and drive up there to save money.

Might live on campus for a year to get the feel of it though.

Near colchester mate, if you know where that is.

ta m8

The BNP spergos are more deluded than even SNP voters and just cry and call everyone cucks when their party is laughed at like the absolute joke it is.

Stay mad retard. The BNP is a lost cause. You people are toxic. Everywhere you go, you fuck it up, because you start screaming about zionism and niggers.
You're too dull to understand that UKIP have got as far as they have because they are not sperglords who can't keep their mouth shut and don't have skinheads roaming the streets supporting them.

I'm a """""catholic"""" (nationalist is the word you are searching for) and I don't want a United Ireland, yet. It's only a matter of time before Westminster realises how much of a drain we are to the British tax payer and bins us off; we take far more than we give back

Jonathan Bowden should have been their leader

Cheers senpai, was just hunting for a new game to play

Well I'm definitely going to attempt to acquire this taste, because I blew £80 on these.

I've had a couple before but I think I must have already been a bit drunk. Then again atmosphere and mood probably play a big part; I was just in my grim back garden to practice toasting and lighting, wasn't particularly thrilled at then sitting out there for 45 mins and smoking it down to the band.

Bit like smoking, must be better while you're having a good time and with a drink in your hand.