Hey, does anyone still remember that one time ISIS killed hundreds of people in Paris? A-anyone?

Hey, does anyone still remember that one time ISIS killed hundreds of people in Paris? A-anyone?

live has no value anymore, the only thing to do is to save yourself.

its completely inconfirmable if people actually died at the Paris attacks, same with alot of cases of "terrorism"

That god you live in an irrelevant part of the world, lest the hammer of Jewry smite thee

But why doesn't anyone seem to remember this incident? It's like it never happened.

Religion of peace bruh.


Never heard of it. Did that happen or something

I remember user.

stop being a faggot OP that never happened

Wtf are you talking about?
You must be from the Berenstein universe

People seem to think it was years and years ago

came here to pst this

It's what made me forever change my opinion about Islam.


Europe has survived much worse things than terrorism could ever do to us. Even if they killed hundreds of thousands, we wouldn't care after a few weeks. Ten thousand years may pass and we'll still be here.

So the history of them conquering, enslaving Europeans from the 600s to 1800s did not have any effect on your opinion about Islam?

I knew all that. I figured that it could never happen because of the relative power of Europe and the Islamic World. I hadn't factored in just how abominably stupid and short sighted Europeans could be with their internal politics.

I live there

I don't know what you're talking about man. This ISIS group just want to peacefully practice their religion of peace, and any stories about them commiting violence is made up by Islamophobes!

sweet, user

The Paris attack is a psyop to make Islam look bad, Muslims are a peaceful people who have never declared a war in history! Unlike Whitey who have killed trillions of people!

Yeah, they better get over the guilt and stupidity soon and open a history book. We will either die or the blow back will be massive. At least they stay in ghettos, we need to keep them there for when the day comes.

Every conceivable metric points to a Muslim majority Europe by the end of the century. Paris will never be French again. London will never be British. We are witnessing the fall of the west and the end of a people.

i know what your trying to say user

deus vult

Black swan will appear. There will be no end.

There's going to be a complete demographic shift in the next 20 years in Europe. Their countries are also going to start going broke. Perfect storm, really. European politicians are the biggest morons right now. Complete Jacobins.

Dont be demoralized, thats what they want. Bullets can solve any demographic issues in a nation. We will fix it.