Huh.............. really makes you think

Huh.............. really makes you think

Black Bond fits into Fleming's canon. After all, the criminal mastermind Blofeld would totally buy Elba masquerading as a Scottish heraldy expert and descendant of royalty in On Her Majesty's Secret Service.


Whites are closer to Arabs than niggers are to Englishmen

>bumping your own cancerous thread


Actually kinda valid point.

Bond should be ethnically British.

So those other guys should probably be played by whatever semitic derivative they were meant to be.

No, white guys should not play moses and Jesus either.

You could post this ironically on facebook and still get a boat load of unironic likes.

He is technically correct, since racism exists on many social and institutional levels in the western world.

We are slowly working to fix this, although there are hurdles, and colored people face many various racist discriminations in the film industry.

True but Arabs should start playing Arabs figures. Except for Jesus because he didn't look Arab.

A nigress is playing Hermione and I don't hear anyone complaining.

probs not qualified for it.

why does white-out "fix" errors, but black-outs are a huge "inconvenience"


Because you need more diversity

Bond is intelegence services and they use people from everywhere but only to use the race of the person to their advantage (they use Arabs to spy on Arab/Muslims) but using a non Brit just for the sake of diversity is fucking stupid and I'm sure plenty of Jews played Moses. Her point is null and void

I disagree.

I'm still triggered that nigger is going to be Roland in the Dark Tower movie


>implying Middle Easterners aren't white
They were migrants and sheet

Why not a sock muppet? I'm Frog. Kermit the Frog. Here to break some ass

Welcome to Econ 101 dune coon


Disagree with facts? I'm not supporting using a nigger for bond. If they are making a special agent movie where he is infiltrating a black group then don't him "bond" use another name

Fuck you Aamer Rahman. I think Idris Elba would make a great bond.

new actor for jesus

Bond is an Eton educated white toff.

Bond is also British.

It makes as much sense as casting a white British guy as Fu Manchu.

There is no facts on your communicative Internet posting, but rather, white supremacy and exclusion of colored people (POC) under the guise of rationality and justice.

I can't wait for the remake of "Shaft" starring dome big dicked Chinaman.


>white guys can play Moses, Jesus and Noah
>Idris Elba can't play James Bond
Also true. What's the point of this thread?