1. Your cunt

1. Your cunt
2. Do you drink coffee
3. How often
4. Does it even work for you?

Multiple times a day, I was a barista and now just drink out of habit
If you're asking about caffeine no it barely affects me at all now

>2. Do you drink coffee
No, tastes like shit.

Yes, two times a day. Yes, it works, I feel better after it. But there's a good coffee machine at my work though.

My friend said that he knew that Russians were the one that broke into his apartment because they stole the tea but left the coffee.

Every now and then, maybe once or twice a week.
Haha no, it just makes me feel like I've entered the nth dimension if I didn't get decaf. I've recently stopped drinking that much coffee, since my anxiety has gotten worse.

of course
once or more a day normally
i drink coffee for the taste, not for energy.

Not at all.
Why get addicted to a psycho-stimulant if you need to take it in order to feel like a normal person without the addiction. Sounds retarded.

1. Flag
2. Yes
3. 4or5 cups/day
4. I have to drink coffee cause that shit is more addicting than weed.

dont like coffee or tea ţbh


1. Catalonia (Spen)
2. Yes
3. 4/5 cups per day
4. Can't function without it anymore

I drink a mug between breakfast and lunch. It works for me but I'm not really addicted to it since I don't drink more than a mug a day.

1. Flag
2. Yes
3. Daily
4. No

6~8 cups a day (when it's test week, 10~17 a day.)
Can't stay awake without caffeine in my blood.

Yes, a few times per day. I love coffee, it brings me joy.

I drink usually 3 to 4 cups a day and it generally does work pretty well.
I get timmies most days

3-4 cups a day and one cup is 3dl
it gives euphoria for a while

At home I drink tea, in town a Tim Horton's coffee, although I have mostly been getting lattes since Timmies came out with them. I don't feel it working for me but if I drink too many too fast my heart races so I guess it's doing something.

4-5 cups a day with a squirt of whisky in them
Well they get me a little bit drunk but just the coffee? Nah.



I didn't know swedes drank coffee with whisky. Scotch and coffee is called 'carajillo' in Spain (cigaló in Catalan). It is considered a traditional drink.