1.your country

1.your country
2.favorite movie

1. Pakistan
2. Heat

No country for old men comes in as a close second for me.

Non-English movies are completely allowed

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1.) Canada
2.) The English Patient

He was actually gay desu.

Who was?

fear and loathing in las vegas

2. good, better, best of them all



Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge

>The google review score is higher than actual pirates of the Caribbean.

Good taste. I was entertained tbqh

flag, pic related.

Probably Groundhog day


László Almásy

>Love letters have now been found among the documents he left behind. Almásy, a member of the German Africa Corps, wrote them to a young soldier named Hans.

>The Heinrich Barth Institute for African Studies in Cologne also has intimate correspondence penned by the gay sandman, but it is unwilling to publish the letters. A staff member does reveal, however: "Egyptian princes were among Almasy's lovers."

I recommend it i know you will not be disappointed

i liked the idea of that movie, but its stupid as fuck

i don't even remember whats its about except DUDE THE SAME DAY LMAO

The Wicker Man, Black Sabbath
Excellent choice

this. I relate to Travis.

>The Wicker Man
you kidding ?


What even is that

Planet of the apes 1968 version

Not the one with the bees, obviously.

pic related

princess mononoke

It's Mononoke, you fucking normie.

Godfather or Fight club

recommend me some good horror movies Sup Forums

thought about seeing the thing, is it good?


Forgive me for not staying up to date on the latest Chinese cartoon burger

>What even is that


The Thing is fucking great. The 80's version of course. The newer one which is a prequel is ok.

>What even is that
get out

You embarrassed yourself by not knowing the original Wicker Man too.

I still can't make anything of it.

What's your hypothesis about the trama?

Weeb shit

Well done. Between the character development of De Niro and the awkward sexualizatuon of 12 year old Jodie foster it really gets neurons firing.


>As Above, So Below
>Grave Encounters
>The Taking of Deborah Logan
>Skinwalker Ranch
>Devil's Pass
>Yellow brick road

Who said i didn't know i genuinely thought you meant the Nick Cage remake

Oh, the real Hungarian count. I think I read that somewhere too.

Slavic men watching cartoons the fuck is wrong with you

Nice, if you ever get the chance you should check out the new movie "Hell or High Water". It has completely different themes but the same suspenseful undertone and feel.

Ghibli is pretty good.

Are slavs not allowed to watch cartoons?

I expect that from you, but not from them

>mad max fury road
might be recency bias though

hard boiled

It's kid stuff man, next you going to tell me you get triggered and need safe places

Do you even culture Sup Forums?

Good choice

>you going to tell me you get triggered and need safe places
How the fuck is that related to watching actually good animation?

watching woody allen ever

In for a penny in for a pound, you might as well go full blown autism


No it's a good movie. It just seemed even better to me because it was a genuine action film released in the era of S*per hero movies and in the era of adding sci-fi to every single genre ever.

Honestly I was born in Le wrong generation in terms of movies :(

Best Vietnam war movie period.
>inb4 Apoocalypse Now shitters



Trollhunter. Norwegian fantasy/horror. Fucking great.

Is Forrest Gump a Vietnam war movie?

Agree but don't forget Thale, in a close second for me.

I disagree but definitely top 5

Starship troopers

It's more of a time period movie. The time period in Forrest Gump happens to have the Vietnam War.

it's not better than the first Mad Max but it sure beats Road Warrior and Thunderdome


at least you have good taste

LOTR, but no specific part, they're all epic.

..and fuck "the Hobbit".

I will twist off your head and shit down your neck!

Even Roger Ebert loved Ghibli animations you cringy retard

Very nice taste, Turkey.

Jurassic Park

great movie even if it was a mess
what the fuck happened to Spielberg, why did everything go so wrong for him?

>why did everything go so wrong for him?

Schindler's List and Saving Private Ryan.

While both are great, the latter being among my favourite movies, they distilled into him a sense of historical pieces being a good idea for his future work, and then as those took over more and more of his filmography he learned to replace plot intrigue, action, good dialog, etc with slow moving set pieces with talking heads and thus began the era of Munich, Lincoln, Bridge of Spies, etc.

Now, even when he does step out of that slow moving history piece genre for stuff like War of the Worlds, Indiana Jones or The BFG, he has no idea how to capture intrigue, dialog, wonder or action properly any more, they all just come out boring and slow, or just generally terrible.


yeah, so sad. he was really good at sci-fi, but left it all go for Oscar-baits

That's surprisingly astute analysis for Sup Forums, but regardless I'm inclined to agree. Saving private Ryan is an alltime favorite movies but his obsession with history feels ruined his career.

Old Indiana movies had the right amount of history in them to give you the historical feel but not loose it's inherent charm of a maverick hero.
I only know the memes about this movie, never seen it, surprised a Koreans is into it.

>i don't even remember whats its about except DUDE THE SAME DAY LMAO
Selfish guy has to have one completely selfless day to break the cycle :)


>Roger Ebert
So if Roger Ebert loved watching Gay porn would you do the same you faggot ?

But he didn't.

I like the movie where a Pakistani teenager ruins an internet forum for international culture

1. Flag
2. Porco Rosso

ahahah well
it wasnt porn but i bet the bosniac fapped a lot to it

>psh... nothin personnel subhumans
So glad I decided to see Mad Max in the cinema
Stoya best girl

It is almost a tie between Pulp Fiction and pic related