Lana edition

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Pop music makes me suicidal


>Lana edition

try listening to good pop music instead of bad pop

too fucking hot

enjoy work, wagies


>want to turn right
>yield to long column of cars going the other way
>prepare to turn as the column is nearing its end and there's a lull in traffic
>the last guy in the column stops to let me turn

why do they do this?

anyone remember the cuckio meme



bastard started posting old threads on his page. can't fuck with him anymore.

good song

Perhaps people feel they can give way as they please if they're not holding anyone else up. He's still a mong though since he's probably just slowing you both down.

Yankee Doodle came to town riding on a pony, stuck a commie in his ass and called him a jabroni

20 Embarrassing Street Moments In Anonymous Proxy

shall be visiting loch ness today bet there's gonna be annoying tourists everywhere

>when you want to cross the road and the guy on the lane nearest to you stops but you see madmen speeding down the next lane

You mean a woman in Richmond didn't really make £5,300 in one day?

Mental how he is the best paid actor in Hollywood

NK didn't launch the nukes at guam lads
is anyone surprised?


hes the most electrifying man in sports entertainment also might run in 2020

who is he

>might run in 2020
doubt it, cardio kills gains

Honey mustard is the only acceptable type of mustard.

to be expected of a country that cannot into roast beef

I ate it weekly growing up

roast beef and provolone tho


got into your mother's roast beef the other night

Fucking embarrassing.

call the king a bender you fucking bent nonce

>implying you wouldn't

you ate it weakly

cardio removes muscle? hmm

>trying to prove your country can do proper roast beef with a fucking sandwich, with cheese in it

oh I forgot, brits like eating their own defiled schoolgirls in the form of kebabs


I would, call the king a bender and so should you, bent twat

damn you owned me

Jamie: Nobody gives a shit if you got shafted by Malcolm.
Cliff Lawton: I will never ever forgive him for what he did to me.
Jamie: Jesus, this isn't EastEnders! This is politics! We're all in the same playing pit, Cliff, there's no clean hands.
Cliff Lawton: Alright.
Jamie: (phone rings. Jamie answers) Yeah?
Malcolm: Jamie! What's that sort of droning noise in the background there? What, kind of boring, kind of low, sort of droning, boring, kind of miserable, whining, boring kind of, sort of boring noise going on?
Jamie: Yeah, well you've got it wrong, yeah?
Malcolm: Cliff fucking Lawton. Hey, nice. Was the Cillit Bang guy not available?
Jamie: Fuck you. [hangs up]
Cliff Lawton: (reading from his speech) "...to put it simply, I'm back!"
Jamie: Oh fuck off, Cliff.
Cliff Lawton: Sorry?
Jamie: Fuck off! You're a busted flush! You're not gonna be any Prime Minister, you're not gonna be anything, so fuck off!
Cliff Lawton: That's your thing, isn't it? Everything has to be in absolutes, everything has to be black and white. You know, "I love you -fuck off!" There are lots of shades of grey, you know!
Jamie: I know that, I'm looking at fifteen of them right now!


Love Lana
Love Nier
Simple as

the bankers the bonuses

orange hitler is the reason why we have nazis mowing people down and doing torch light lynchings

absolutely despicable stuff

doing some atrocious farts

might bottle them

ah yes quality news

The story of the "good Samaritan" is a bit racist desu. Assuming a man won't help his fellow man because he's a Samaritan, but this one happened to be good.

Replace the word Samaritan with Paki. There's a man injured on the side of the road. No one is helping, everyone just walks past. Then a Paki stops to help. Usually you expect them to bomb trains and rape kids, but not this Paki. He was a "good Paki".

The Alt Right™ showed their true colors, showed up their march with nazi regalia, and mowed people down with a car. This has dispelled all doubt of their true nature and erased whatever excuses they had against not being total pieces of shit.

well...is it?

And Americans like eating fresh warm dog plops.

this except unironically

otherwise known as a "moderate muslim"


you alright pet


big fly in my room going absolutely mental


absolutely buzzin in this lads room


>private companies can do whatever they like you fucking liberal
>WTF YouTube is banning us?!!



>the netherlands
what the FUCK

Good post.

waiting for the coke to wear off so I can sleep tb h

I want her to bust my balls with her fucking forehead. Just smush them into a flat patty like a chef making ball burgers

business idea: walk into a large corporations main building and ask for job

Just had a massive morning shit lads

unironically dig fashwave lads


firm handshake and a nice haircut lad

Abort the poor

The whole way the BBC reported on Charlottesville just covered up the communist violence. Fake news funded by the taxpayer from the BBC, as usual.

find it impossible to talk to my parents about emotional stuff

everything else is fine but fuck that


It's just vapourware except writing 14/88 over it

Not very creative

every news org did, even that bulldog cunt Merkel opened her schnitzel hole about it

suffer from depression and social anxiety so i cant work


Get off the dole, lazy cunt.

Benzos innit

Their only good album desu

this but unironically

You suffer from them because you don't work and staying shut up and unproductive makes your condition worse.

Good lad keep fighting the system


wew lad

get the SSRIs out of your system

this, but unironically

>The Caning of Charles Sumner, occurred on May 22, 1856, in the United States Senate when Representative Preston Brooks (D-SC) attacked Senator Charles Sumner (R-MA), an abolitionist, with a walking cane in retaliation for a speech given by Sumner two days earlier in which he fiercely attacked slaveholders including a relative of Brooks. The beating nearly killed Sumner and it drew a sharply polarized response from the American public on the subject of the expansion of slavery in the United States. It has been considered symbolic of the "breakdown of reasoned discourse" that eventually led to the American Civil War.

Fuck it, down with the Eagle, up with the cross

ah yes,


what are (((THEY))) playing at?

shan't be opening this link

Why did you post this here?

Why do Brits have such high regard for Volvos? I don't understand it.

t. Swede


full English without the beans Ceylon tea

the breakdown of discourse is already here, if they want to paint anyone to the right of Lenin as a Nazi then its not going to be pretty.

we don't?