Alright you dweebs

Alright you dweebs.

What's the best Metallica album in your opinion?

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ride the lightning

Ride the lightning

hivemind confirms

Ride The Lightning

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Ride the Lightning

>listening to soytallica

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Ride the Lightning is the second studio album by American heavy metal band Metallica, released on July 27, 1984, by the independent record label Megaforce Records. The album was recorded in three weeks with producer Flemming Rasmussen at the Sweet Silence Studios in Copenhagen, Denmark. The artwork, based on a concept by the band, depicts an electric chair being struck by lightning flowing from the band logo. The title was taken from a passage in Stephen King's novel The Stand. Although rooted in the thrash metal genre, the album showcased the band's musical growth and lyrical sophistication. This was partly because bassist Cliff Burton introduced the basics of music theory to the rest of the band and had more input in the songwriting. Instead of relying strictly on fast tempos as on its debut Kill 'Em All, Metallica broadened its approach by employing acoustic guitars, extended instrumentals, and more complex harmonies. The overall recording costs were paid by Metallica's European label Music for Nations because Megaforce was unable to cover it. It was the last album to feature songwriting contributions from former lead guitarist Dave Mustaine, and the first to feature contributions from his replacement, Kirk Hammett.

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>Marilyn Mansoy avatarfagging

Not avatarfagging, he is just better than any metal artist.

Metallica - Ride the Lightning

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Metallica - Ride The Lightning

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...And Justice for All

ride the lightning

Ride the Lightning

ride the lightning unironically

All of Metallica's first four albums are about the same in quality, that is, they're all for the most part great with the exception of one or two songs.

ridE thE lightninG

The Black Album

...And Justice For All

more like ride the soy

...And Justice For All

melons will disagree

Top 3
1. Master of Puppets
2. Hardwired
3. Load

Is it me, or is Sad But True a ripoff of Billy Joel's The Stranger?

I used to say Black Album when I first got into Metallica. 15 years later I have found that the Black Album resonates with my life so strongly more than any of their other albums.
Lets look at Unforgiven:
>They dedicate their lives
>To running all of his
>He tries to please them all
>This bitter man he is
>Throughout his life the same
>He's battled constantly
>This fight he cannot win
>A tired man they see no longer cares
>The old man then prepares
>To die regretfully
>That old man here is me
I don't know about you, but that speaks to me, but just looking up the fucking lyrics to post here the first fucking comment is this:
>ROCKSUPERSTAR: This song and the black album are both great and metallica is the GREATEST band in history and that’s coming from a 12 year old

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Black album is my favourite. Master of puppets is really good, too.

Kill em all, riffs on riffs and not giving a fuck about

Ride the Lightning with Master of Puppets close 2nd

Other way around, but yeah

Ride the Lightning

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the symphony one

How the fuck has no one said it yet

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the best album is
>ride the lightning
but the best SONG is
>hero of the day

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It's clearly Master of Puppets, I don't know how this is even debatable

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It's the best in terms of production by far.

You're thinking of the Black Album.

nah, I'm really not, that's too clean and pop

MOP sounds tight but has that doomy tape distortion thing going on, the whole record has a 'feel' that you can recognize instantly.

plus, it had the most unique guitar tone of them all i m o, with that slow-clipping boogie mark-series distortion (which was pretty new at the time)

because it's not good, even lulu is better than this a


Nice try buttwipe, It's still Ride the Lightning.

It's whatever that fat bald guy that Sup Forums loves says it is

i wish the bass on master was more prominent, it sounds amazing properly cranked through good speakers though
listening to the isolated guitar tracks you can tell they're quite fizzy and scooped so there should be plenty of space for cliff's bass to fit but it's just a few notches under what i'd like it to be. still a sick record

>you're now not allowed to enjoy RtL because the bald vegan man that doesn't know what jungle is liked it.

It would've been ...and justice for all if they didn't remove the bass and had good production.
Basically, IF they remaster/remake it for an 30th anniversary, it would be the best Metallica album.

this bootleg is probably the closest we'll get

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Objectively it’s RTL or MOP, but I actually listen to Load and Reload a lot more

black album nigga


It sounds like dogshit, the kick and the bass guitar are constantly fighting.

Metallica are a bunch of thieves who stole Dave Mustaine's songs, rewrote the lyrics, changed the titles and not only didn't pay him, they didn't give him any credit. Mechanix will bear this out!

More like, The bass line IS THERE.

>nah, I'm really not, that's too clean and pop

>sounding clean and pop

What the fuck? I don't like that album musically but the production still amazes me to this day. I'm pretty sure it was one of the last big-budget solely analog produced albums and cost absurdes amount of money just to produce. As much as I like the earlier Metallica albums musically, the production sounds dated and typically 80s.

The black album sounds dark purely from a production perspective, like the band playing in a black void. Few other albums can create such a unique soundscape.

Bass is borderline inaudible on all their albums unless there was a wah wah pedal being used.

My lad come on, the sound distribution in Master of puppets is like, 100% guitars and 88% bass. It's like 15% in AJFA

>The kick is no longer there and the low-mids of the guitar now have no definition

Bassists in a nutshell.

>and justice for all if they didn't remove the bass and had good production.

The bone-dry production of Justice is one my favorite things about the album. It sounds so clinical and cold, like a heartless killing machine. All the riffs sound that more powerful and aggressive because of that dry production. I seriously can't imagine Justice having any other sound. A Justice album with a more traditional 80s metal production style like Ride the Lighting would sound wrong to me. Also all the fan bootlegs with restored bass sound like shit.

People who are die-hard Justice fans love it precisely because of the production.

>they didn't give him any credit
they did tho

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>The bone-dry production of Justice is one my favorite things about the album. It sounds so clinical and cold, like a heartless killing machine.
I agree with that, but have you noticed something? You can't stand to hear more than 2 songs from the album in a row, why? Because of that. I can't listen to harvester of sorrow right after listening to to live is to die. And this goes for the entire album.

To add, yes I love the album for the sound it has. Like you said, it's unique (For metallica and for thrash metal at the time) It sounds raw, clean and Cold. The lack of distortion gives it that distinct sound. I fell in love immediately with the sound of the album, and yet, I can't agree with what they did to the Bass. Maybe it's because ive listen to the album so many times that I simply want something new out of it.

practice what you preach

RtL solely because it has Call of Ktulu

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it's fucking this you nerds. nothing they did after ever topped anesthesia

>Calls others soy
>listens to a drag queen wierdo

The first 3 metallica albums have a different vibe from the black album maybe it's just cause they're more low budget or something

No Life 'til Leather and KEA. RTL is fine, but the rest are full of bloat and poor songwriting.

sweet home alabama

Yeah that part isn't so good. Dave supposedly pitched it as a joke, but Lars really liked it

Based Lars

I never understood the le bad production meme on ...And Justice For All. I always thought the production was brilliant, it fits the mood of the songs and the lack of bass makes it sound sort of like how the album artwork looks.

This is their crowning achievement, this and everything leading up to it is based, everything after it is ass with a rare few exceptions.

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i like ride the lightning

this but ironically

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You fagposting again?

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Rust in Peace, metallica fuckin sucks

The Virgin Sup Forums Manson Fan vs The Chad Lars

Black Album and Ride the Lightning



Patrician (also the only Metallica album above a 7)

Have you heard the bass on that album? Because nobody else has.

Overall it would be a tie between Master of Puppets and Ride the Lightning, but Justice has Metallica's two best songs: Blackened and One.

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