Daily reminder that /r/The_Donald is literally run by SJWs and is not 'based' in any way whatsoever

Daily reminder that /r/The_Donald is literally run by SJWs and is not 'based' in any way whatsoever.

>get banned months ago for asking a question in an AMA
>appeal ban with polite message
>get unbanned by one mod
>another mod jumps in and bans me because of 'holocaust denial' comments that I made on a different subreddit months ago

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>going on Reddit in the first place
You deserve everything you got. Now go back

You have to leave

Wow, it's not like everyone told you that reddit is shit in the first place.. rly makes youu think

I've been here before I had my reddit account, which I made to red-pill normies.

I'm only posting this to counter the '/r/The_Donald is a Sup Forums bunker' meme

WTF I hate reddit now

wtf i hate reddit now

beat me to it you piece of shit

get the fuck out

so make a new account dipshit


wtf??? I hate reddit now!

Why does anyone mess with reddit or fb or whatever?

Reddit was good about 7 years ago, when it was competing with Digg for the moron nation. But once it won that battle, guess what. the morons took over.

Donalds only purpose was to take votes from Bernie and secure Shillarys reign, you autismal fucks. If you didn't understand that from the beginning, you're too lost to save and will find out in November how much of a marginalized toolbag of a useful idiot you all are.

no one cares about that
you expect conversation with people that ban at whim
you then present your situation here expecting what exactly?


Reddit is sometimes nice as a feed of news and info. Just don't bother going there for discussion.

Please tell me more about what happens at Leddit. I'm so interested at what goes on in Leddit. Please tell me more about your user account at the popular website Leddit. Please tell me more about Leddit's culture. Please tell me more about Leddit's community. Please tell me more about Leddit's censorship rules. Please tell me more about how Leddit feels about Donald Trump. Please tell me more about how Leddit feels about cuckoldry.

Go back to plebbit and fucking stay there cuckold

>Donalds only purpose was to take votes from Bernie

>sage is a downvote


Trump never had a chance. The believe that he did, is delusion. Sanders would have actually been able to Stand up to the heat.

If it was a Sanders / Trump showdown, /pols/ hero would have a chance.
But its not/. Hes going against shillary, which means he loses. Its self evident

No evidence as usual, just another fag talking out his ass

K. good luck in November, newfag.

Kill yourself faggot

The summer is strong in you

This is how the Reddit Admins keep Reddit a safe place

>new community pops up that goes against the safe space
>but hurt ensues
> it becomes popular
>slowly but surely SJWs infiltrate mod positions
>this shit happens.

Every time.


>implying it doesn't happen to Sup Forums as well

How long till they come for Sup Forums?

god tier would be anti-theism. atheists are muslim loving fence sitting liberal faggots.

>broke the rules
>posted stormfag shit
>0 proof to back up his statements, just parroting 'Da J00s'

The ban was justified and the mods were still kind enough to unban you at request.

Learn to hide your (low)power level and don't be such a fag next time.

>oy veyy just ignore what my schlomo friends are doing at reddit hehe
>it doesnt affect you hehe

Make a new account, retard

daily reminder if you go to reddit, you aren't welcome here

It doesn't. No one cares enough at this place.


reddit is degenerate this is what you get for going there in the first place

uncuck yourself of the reddit influence

>Sup Forums - Politics and Reddit Discussion

yeah i basically use it as news for niche games, but going into the actual comments of any post give me cancer

This is the time to get the good goys to vote how we want, not to call out Shylock.

You should edit that to show the images they posted.

You Reddit fags don't even hide the fact that you're from there anymore.

Going on reddit is generally ok if you're not a faggot about it; you don't even really need an account to make the best use of the site. Going on reddit and then complaining about censorship is just stupid. Anyone that has half a brain knows reddit is a huge echo chamber for leftist bullshit.

Kill yourself.

I've made 3 posts total on reddit ever, all of them ironic bait.
Reddit takes bait so damn hard 2 of them got to the front page.

How bad is banning on reddit? I was thinking about redpilling feminists and leftists there, would I get banned quickly?

If you really made this image, end your life.


Are you surprised? I cannot even put into words how dreadful that website is.

>falling for Holocaust denial memes

Jog on, mate. Most of Sup Forums would've banned you too for that display of crass newfaggotry.


>only SJWs oppose Holocaust denial and general anti-semitism

jfc take a step outside

Very probably

Who cares

You honestly think you're the first person to come up with that idea?

Try /r/TheRedPill, they might be more willing to listen

>goes to the sub that admins want to block desperately
>starts giving admins ammo


go back faggot


Jesus is the only way repent for your sins

He's a reddit faggot so he cares about his karma points.

I don't want to redpill the redpilled, that is counterproductive.

Moron. They purposely keep you guys off the sub to keep it viable for normies. Plus when the media picks up this sub in the future they would be able to use your "anti-semetism" against trump. It is all for his benefit.

Well obviously not, thats why I am asking.

To know that /r/the_donald is cancer you only need to visit it and you realize right away that it is cancer.

They also ban people for being libtards and then say that they are a free speech sub.

I think this one isn't ran by SJWs. reddit.com/r/Mr_Trump/

>stormfaggots mad that people don't want them around to sully their brand

Color me surprised.

I go on reddit a fair bit. It always sticks out like a spare thumb when some clown with Sup Forums-grade views shambles into a thread out of nowhere trying to "redpill" people by unironically using meme terms like "cuck" or "leftist". It works about as well as if a pack of SRSers came here screeching about The Patriarchy and Toxic Masculinity trying to make us all feminists.

Don't bother. You'll embarrass us. You'll embarrass yourself. Have a bit of self-awareness for heaven's sake.

This is likely the truth. Reddit is shit tier for internet discussion but /r/The_Donald is run by a guy who mods for /r/TheRedPill which is far from SJW.

It's a normie board for normies. If he showed his power level and got banned, he's a moron. That said, don't go to reddit regardless. It's a shit place.

>freedom of thought is a bad for a brand


This is you right now