ITT: Pictures that really make you think - Sup Forums Edition


That's a pretty good-looking gorilla, no lie.

mmmmm... BGC :^)

it really makes you think

>niggers will get cucked by gorillas in your lifetime

>Ausfags cucked by a literal Ape
Abos must be excited.

He's p handsome tobehonest

I'd date that gorilla. no homo.

Pretty cute ape, gotta admit :)


Not enough cheeseburgers

I've seen a lot of apes here in America. That's a nice looking Gorilla.

Not even kidding. That's like a model Gorilla right here.. Weird that you'll think I'm joking.

>only one 2 liter
>nothing referencing the holocaust or israel
>no guns

There's a lot of animal species out there that are more aesthetically pleasing than humans.

That doesn't mean anyone is going to fuck them.

This Gorilla looks better than the negros.

>That doesn't mean anyone is going to fuck them.
That and Gorilla penis size is 4 cm so the nips win this one


Why do you think it only became famous after leaving Australia?

>That doesn't mean anyone is going to fuck them.
Talk for yourself, fampai :^)

He don't like that.


Woah! What a good looking gorilla! This might sound weird but I actually find it very handsome.

they themselves think that japanese people look like gorillas

they probably do see a japanese man's face in there somewhere

>Yfw gorilla penis average size is 2in


It's actually the human penis that is abnormally big, not the other way around.

>That Jap bitch at the bottom laying out some sick burns

>implying you wouldn't

NOW we're talking regression. They will create a new generation of homo erectus or something.

Why do you think we got so pissed when Harambe got assassinated?

But I'm disgusting because I think 17 year olds can be attractive, right ladies?

I'm not really there, but the looks of certain animals are more admirable than that of a human.

Maybe among primates.
But there are plenty of animals who are smaller than or the same size as humans and have larger dicks.

Hamada must get non-stop pussy, huh?



Shit, why are coyotes always looking based as fuck...

It is a fact that most canines are better looking and more attractive than any human who ever lived.

Hell, even animal children are better looking and cuter than human kids.
>pic related

If forced between saving some puppies or some human kids, I'd choose the animals 95% of the time.


What a fucking time to be alive lads.





They just are based as fuck, to an outsider anyway. How can anyone hate a smug looking mini-wolf?

I believe that in America they're seen as vermin


17 year olds disagree. They can't wait to be paedophiled.




>I believe that in America they're seen as vermin
That's because burgers are vermin who prefer nignogs over superior lifeforms.

>driving under the influence.
Lol only because they can't drive!

Well, human babies are possibly THE worst babies out of all mammals.

And the most helpless, by a landslide.

Asian fever is a hell of a sickness, my dude.

Looks like Gary Coleman desu

>Barnacles have penises that can be 50 times their body length.
How can humans even compete?

I'm not even much of a cat-person, but damn, the small ones are just adorable.


You know that humans are biologically programmed to not find other species attractive, right? The fact that you do means you're mentally ill.

>Humans btfo
Really makes you think...

Blacks have almost no duis because you can't get a dui on the bus lol.

>implying I'm not perfectly aware of that

Isn't it nice that I can indulge my ill degeneracy today thanks to all the ''''''progress''''''' made by all the smart and good (((politicians)))?


> humans are biologically programmed to not find other species attractive
Sources on that?

Because I'm pretty sure that humans will start fucking any alien species we meet, if we ever do meet one that doesn't instantly wipe us out. Just look at all the people who want to fuck Asari from Mass Effect.

>that jewish trick pic
>that J8jwsh id


this is bullshit....

I would fuck an octopus if i could teach one to recreate tentacle porn.

The cheeseburgers and Diet coke are actually spot on.


Additionally, people have been making art and stories about fucking animals for millennia.

For example:
Zeus turned into a bull, kidnapped and then fucked Europa, all while still being a friggin cow.


But apparently white women are biologically programmed to mate with black men who are biologically programmed to disappear when the child is born.

I find them cute, not attractive. Shit is fucked. Hans probably got that fetish from watching Jamal beastfuck his wife.

>Hans probably got that fetish from watching Jamal beastfuck his wife.
Thank the powers that be that I'm a dickmuncher. Can only chuckle at all the cuckholdry going on here in germany.

Finding something attractive doesn't mean you want to fuck it.

You can have attractive furniture in your home, that doesn't mean you gotta dry hump it.

But mare pussies and ass look so delicious

>I believe that in America they're seen as vermin

They shit up farms. They do however kill cats which is pretty based and good for the environment.

Leave it to a frenchie to have the shittiest taste possible. I bet you'd bang a tranny too.


At least he's blonde

Gorillas are one of my favorite animals. Superior to niggers too.

Some cunt tryin the old Big Black Cocks shitpost in real life

That is such horseshit.

Literally almost every faggot I've ever seen that has been male has been white.

That article also looks like it's from the dailymail too.

I don't believe that for a second.



we wouldn't have burgers if it wasn't for you Germans. Ever consider that?