Why do americlowns constantly miss use political terms?


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yes please


cause memes

>miss use
Why do foreigners suck at English?

such as?

Shut the hell up, you Socialist Islamic Communazi.

>See americans talk about liberals
>Its not about economy


>miss use

You tried

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Why do...

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You're miss using your bait.




kekd and checked

witnessed wew lad

Its so ironic you call us clowns when our goverment has the capabilities to completely and utterly annihilate any country on this planet...

Guess it really makes ya think.....huh?

you sick son of a bitch

are you talking about the socialist/communist pedantry that only radicals care about?

admit it, they have exactly the same value system, roughly the same goals, but communists are more honest about their desire for violent uprisings, whereas socialists agitate the masses while pretending to be """peaceful""" (but still wholeheartedly believe in class warfare)

This makes me dizzy

holy fuck

Why do Fingols constantly misuse the English language?