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Lets have another one of these.

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We did, it wasn't worth it.


Cuckistan trying to bantz.

Get back to your failing economy limey.

why is Portugal cut in half?

i dont know. This is a map i found last night.

being 0.00126% irish doesn't mean ireland's your homeland, cletus

In come the butthurt Englishmen.

So she wont let you in.


well ok then

>American flag
>Ireland as homeland


i was born in Ireland you prick. Do i need to show my birth certificate?

i moved to America so i could get away from you bastards.

Is it you Jean-Claude?


No, it's me.

why do you hate finland

>Do i need to show my birth certificate?
It would be great. Do you keep it in the same closet as your St. Patrick's day hat and green jersey?


Borders don't exist but if I have to be barbaric

butthurt cricket fan detected

no opinion about Malta you Britcuck?


oooooh. Another butthurt bout the Brexit. WELL THAT BUTTHURT IS GONNA KEEP FUCKIN U IN DA ASS!!!

Nice to see that you like andorre

How do you like Albania but not Kosovo? I'm guessing you're Muslim

>'Borders don't exist'
>Look at flag

>hating scotland less than britain
mate scots are fucking retards how can you hate them less than us

I never understand Muslims from Albania. They celebrate a guy who fight the Turks.

Why are Turkey, Algeria, Morroco and Tunisia on this map?


I missed them in my haste.


I've never understood why anyone would dislike countries like Finland, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Holland, Austria or Switzerland. They're just minding their own business. What's there to dislike?


>US flag
>Ireland homeland

Welp, I don't care about half the world.

>This is what northern europeans actually believe

OP could have been born in Ireland but moved to the US.


Why does everyone hate Sweden?

>Failing economy

How large was that loan we gave you?


Hey man, you're ok.

First post. Don't kill me.

Finland n Norway: COMMUNISTS

Rest of those countries: yeah, their pretty good


Oh look another American who thinks he's Irish and hates the English because of .


str8 outta europe


"like: sweden"

says a lot, potato cuck

oh look another brit who thinks hes a human being rather than a marauding bloodthirsty killer who invaded and enslaved half the Earth.

Fuck everything below the equator except for Israel and Argentina

thanks for making me realize something broland
>got fucked up by our neighbor for hundreds of years
>called irrelevant all the time but we're suddenly based as fuck when we support whites like we usually do
>our language is mocked all the time
>kinda poor
>lots of welshmen move to poland and lots of poles move to wales
europe is comfier with you guys around desu

Is this supposed to be an insult?

We're human AND marauders, can't handle the colonisation bants?

Life and nature is about strength and domination, there are many faults with Britain but our historical ruthlessness was not one of them.

shlomo pls do you even know where the ecuator is...

No, you know it won't last forever anyway.
A lot of hate for Germany today, I don't blame you.
This is the best one today.



I'm a Romanian citizen and you can fuck right off

they're like the crazy neighbour that will eventually burn his house down, which might take your own shit with it.

>Israeli flag


>Israeli wants to wipe out the countries with the highest proportion of Blonde haired people

Never change

They accepted ottoman rule and subsequently lost all of their culture.
Now they are neither here or there, they want to be an entity but they cant escape the Ottoman.
So what they are left with is the "were number 1!" mentality but are also muslims and thus subhuman.

Double citizenship

Goldstien thinks his IP proxy works.

It's not about that. They're cucks

wow we got a guy from Isreal using the word cuck. Even though it is the Isrealies that make people cucks.

Bunici jidani?

Not a "muh heritage" American, I swear.

>Wants to nuke the country that created Israel

How are baltics cucked? Last I checked they were very anti migration and Nationalistic.


If you still would live in germany I would suck you of right now. Your map should be that of every german citizen. Nice work.

>only first world country with mixed feelings
I kekked, what a kike

Go back to the EU already you cuck.


You're coming with us Scotcuck, kicking and screaming if necessary.

Cucks are proud of their murderous heritage. don't worry when your starving to death as a result of Brexit you will know.


Hey Jocko why do feel the need to be ruled by foreigners?

Thanks Senpai

It use to make me so sad to see so many people educated by Braveheart putting Scotland in the like/love bracket and England in the dislike/hate bracket.

I can see from this thread Brexit has opened your eyes to the eternal jock.

As the saying goes, "the less you know the scots, the more you like them"

Cucks apologise for their murderous heritage that literally every nation has.

Keep apologising for all those Red Indian massacres bro.

They realize Islam, like Christianity, is not that important to daily life and most practice it because of their parents and grandparents, who had to conceal all their beliefs during the atheist communist times. Basically shit's not black and white like Saudi Arabia or Serbia where you're either with this religion or a subhuman

See what I mean, this guy probably prays every day religiously to his god and steps on a Muslim crescent when he wakes up

Im not a fucking American you cunt! ive already stated that. I am married to an American woman though, and she is far prettier than ever British monkey on your entire shitty island.

You're not on thsi map burger, your opinion doesn't matter

Fishface is certainly digging her heels in

You obviously want us more than we want you tho(pic related)




Still mad about the potato famine Seamus?

I'm literally a non believer.
It isn't about them being of other religion than me, its about them being muslim. And yeah yeah, moderate religion of peace practitioners and all that apologetic nonsense.

As soon as Serb forces withdrew from a region in Kosovo, the Albanians started burning churches. Frame it as you will they are still muslims, they spread like muslims, they breed like muslims and they most certainly act like muslims once they have a majority in a region.

Funnily enough, the only place where they are some moderate people who realize it's not important and practice nominally is in the apologetic comments on the internet.


And we don't want you, you're a tumor, the only reason you were in was because it was a requirement for England tag along.

nobody likes france

Since when is kidnapping children minding their own business? Fuck Norway.

yes we changed