Who would you cast as elliot in the elliot rodgers biopic?


Idris Elba


Paul Dano

it's not even a competition

Paul Dano

Drive 2-Roasties getting it

Robert Pattinson

Not even memeing

Have a (you)



Leslie Jones

Is Elliot proof that even the biggest beta male can make it and die a hero?

kek i get it

he completely failed at what he wanted to do if you read his manifesto, so you can't really say he died a hero

also his manifesto was full of embarrassing and hilarious stuff

also he posted with is real fucking name on that bodybuilding forum about his small dick

Ezra a cute! CUTE!!!

How does an average looking rich guy like him not get laid?




>small penis
>britbong/asian mix
women his age don't care as much about money. if he waited 5 more years he'd be swimming in pussy.

based on the manifesto i'd say he was sort of a downer to be around

He blew 3 normies the fuck out and made worldwide news. His day of retribution didn't live up to his ambitions but it still let normies all over the planet know about the dagger of the socially opressed lurking in the shadows, letting them know that their lives aren't as secure as they might think.

All instability among normies should be celebrated.


:3c ~

Autism, but really he was incredibly narcissistic and never actually tried.

I wish we knew about his videos before he killed people, the one at the golf club was kino.

>it still let normies all over the planet know about the dagger of the socially opressed lurking in the shadows, letting them know that their lives aren't as secure as they might think
Nah, that was Columbine. Elliot's murders were only in the normie news for like a week. Vast majority of normies don't even remember it. Virtually not cultural or societal impact.

Now if he had actually slaughtered an entire house full of pretty blonde girls THEN we'd be talking some serious shit. Instead it was what, two low-tier sorostitutes, a normie guy, and some chinks?

that CIA guy

hopefully some other autist of r9k will be inspired by him and do it right this time

The three chinks were also stabbed days beforehand, his "shooting spree" only took down 3 normies.

Have you seen his videos?
He's a narcissistic sperg.

Now ME on the other hand.
I have everything going for me, but I'm 25 years old and I'm STILL a virgin.
I'm fit, I dress well, I'm alpha, I'm funny, I'm beautiful what's not to like?
If you saw me in real life you'd honestly be surprised, until I told you I'm a no-life hikikomori ;^)

He injured a whole bunch too didn't he?

The potency of Elliot doesn't come from the severity of his crimes but from his personality and motivation. Never has there been a shooter who so perfectly embodied the frustration of the modern male in a society where women hold all the power.

because he wanted girls to fall in love FOR HIM

you get it now? that's why he didn't want to pay for hookers or all that shit. he didn't want to make any moves, he wanted girls to make moves ON him. That's why he was a lost cause

If the movie happens, I want pic related to happen in the movie

Only..um, take some artistic liberties. Change her boyfriend to a black guy. It'll make the movie better


I wonder if his sister and Samuel feel like they contributed to murders

He does crazy perfectly.

i bet it fucked their family up pretty good

Is this a r9k meme?

If you actually read what he said, you would realize that his problem is so far beyond not 'getting' women that it's ridiculous.

He couldn't even get friends because he would never develop himself in anyway and just play video games instead. Eventually even his video game friends left him because they actually did other shit with their lives.

He also repeatedly pushed sympathetic people away by trying to force his 'women are evil' memes on them.

The guy was on a level of social retardation that makes Sup Forums seem like chads. Even the loners here would understand how to interact properly if push comes to shove - not elliott.

Me desu

Hapa Detected

Madz Mikkelson

>rip his "day of retribution" speech audio from the video he uploaded
>fire up some red orchestra 2
>play it through my soundboard
>90% of people get real triggered, try to argue with the soundfile I'm playing
>get to the day of retribution part
>normies begin to get triggered

Pretty fun, but a few people do realize who it is that's "talking" and call me out

Why do you look so dirty?

They were fucked up to begin with, that's why Elliot turned out the way he did.

>men and women are meant to be equal in every way
>only men have to do any work in trying to start a relationship with the opposite sex
>only men have to deal with the absolutely worst kind of rejections "ew, no!? are you kidding me?"
>women still get 50% of your income for rest of your lives when they divorce you after fucking your best friend for the last six months

so what's with all the selfies there guy?

just watch any video footage of the guy. would you spend time in his company?

Haven't shaved in a week so I got some shitty whiskers growing
Was in my selfies (rear facing camera) folder

Any guy who takes that many selfies is not entirely right in the head.

his sister should have seen it coming and let him fuck her at least once a week.

Autism, Opiate Addiction, Social Isolation, Homosexuality.

>Is this a r9k meme?
you're on Sup Forums, it's basically r9k 2.0 but with occasional movie discussions

Negative on all accounts
Probably not wrong though

I use it to keep track of how my hair changes desu

jake lloyd as eliot
dwayen "the rock" johnson as the police chief
arnold schwarzenegger as himself
karen allen as eliot's mom
patrick stewart as eliot's father
michael cera as eliot's conscience
adam sandler as god
david spade as jesus
kevin james as st peter
rob schneider as satan
chris rock as the archangel gabriel

sasuke uchiha when?

Nicolas Cage's kid a decade from now

is it socially acceptable to take selfies as a non-queer guy?

Asking seriously, I don't go out much and my kikebook profile picture is several years old by now, and I look way less autistic, but I don't feel confident enough (pathetic, I know) to change it to a picture that I take of myself.
I don't know why, but it just seems awkward.

I mean your forehead and cheeks look dirty

I mean, you combine the entitled avarice of the Jew with the Asians lack of even an atrophied soul and what do you expect?

Its fine if you need to make an update. Hell a selfie every once in a while is not a terrible thing. I just personally find it weird when a guy's Instagram is 3/4 filled with selfies.

But at the end of the day, who gives a fuck what anyone thinks and take a damn picture of yourself.

I don't even use Facebook so idk man
Nobody ever takes pictures of me unless it's myself

I got basically one friend (like a brother to me though) and neither of us take photos or shit when we're hanging out
Probably acne

post pic

cillian murphy

It's just that all the guys I see on fbook seem to have pictures taken of them by other people. Only girls seem to be all over taking pictures of themselves and posing to look as good as possible.
Should I pose? Should I smile?

I give up.

I guess that's what happens when you live a normal life where you actually go out and have fun every weekend.

But are you a supreme gentlemen?

Maybe it's just the culture of where you're from dude

I know from when I used to be on Facebook taking selfies as a guy wasn't weird

The majority of guys on my friend list seemed to do the same so eh

This is why I never fucked with Facebook. I have no pictures to post and would look like an obvious loser

He was whiny and entitled and completely insufferable to be around.

Just read this story and keep in mind that he's the one who wrote it so he probably underplayed just how hard he fucked up

He had an episode of Law & Order SVU dedicated to him, where the pretty blonde cop tries to get him to not kill his hostages and then a sniper blows his brains out

He was an hero, not a hero, big difference.



come on that nazi anime has to be a shoop


Pefect match.



The guy was pretty handsome, and he had money.

Just goes to shoe that women can smell desperation a mile off and it doesn't matter how good looking or rich you are.


>Blood Elves are Nazis

fool shouldve just fucked some 10/10 escorts and called it a day.

Yeah, there's no other contender. We all know he's the only realistic choice.

>Blood elves are Nazis
>Adolf Hitler narcicist [sic]

I wonder what they thought when they learned that autist on their forum killed people? How big was his dick anyway if he thought the average was 4?

He was really good in the movie. But the kid version of him was also stellar.

we all thought he was some troll due to threads such as:

>saw an indian with a hot blonde, in a car that's not as good as mine. this is ridiculous

and then we're like you're not even ugly brah, but he would attack everyone and called us meatheads or brutes lol

the mods there took everything down and deleted his account, if we mentioned his name it was an auto ban lmao

Took this last year to troll /fit/
I think I was about 150-155lbs back then, currently on a bulk, ~170lb abs still visible. (6'0 8x6dick)
Posted this >81157705 earlier tonight, it's my current hairs and about as much face as you're getting.
I'll post a clothed, one sec.

Nearly but not quite, it was when I was around Elliot's age and actually cared.

Shouldn't look in the lens like that, it looks like you're going to molest someone.

Taken a while back on holiday.
I don't usually do pictures.

Broken link for hair my bad.

wait a minute...are you black? you look black enough to be at least mixed


Well he was going to college, wasn't he? What else can be really be expected at that point of 'developing' yourself? He wasn't a slob and didn't dress terribly and wear fedoras or anything, and in my (admittedly unpopular it would seem) opinion he was cute. That on top of being the son of a rich director it's absolutely baffling to me how he couldn't get laid. The fact he couldn't shows how absurd the situation is, where men have to do a whole laundry list of things just to be worthy of what should be the basic social interaction of getting laid. Meanwhile if he was a girl and didn't do anything at all he would have NO problems getting laid whenever he wanted. I'm not surprised he hated women.

Elijah Wood


>roommate takes very long showers sandwiched in between all that insane shit

winner, assuming he doesn't change too dramatically in the next 10 years he'll be perfect

Emily Browning.
Have "him" complain over and over again about not even getting to touch boobs while clutching at "his" chest.

3rd generation British migrant from well integrated Western European and Caribbean grandparents, 60:40 split.

I wish this whiny little entitled faggot hat just quietly killed himself in his bathroom, rather than taking the lives of several people who must've been better than him by default, and becoming /r9k/'s ironic prophet.

The only thing the guys at that party did wrong was failing to finish the job by beating him to death.

>footnotes for nazis