Go back to your own country

>go back to your own country
you respond?

Fug you bald and fat version of Jeremy Clarkson

>you respond?

no, thanks

Make me cunt

Probably avoid eye contact and walk away, think he's mentally disabled or low income or something

Go to the graveyard and rape his mothers deceased body

England is MY city
*dabs on him*

All your base are belong to us

lick his bald head and run

Same thing, really

I go back to Finland

finnish people are too kind for this world



lol R*ssians
We haven't been hooligans since the early 90s.
Are we going to receive a nice "welcome" in 2019?

>Fuck you faggot. I have British ancestry.
I can only imagine his reaction to my lack of 100% whiteness in conjunction with that statement.

>I have British ancestry.
What does it has to do with anything? He's telling you to go back to your own country.

And I'm telling him to fuck off while at the same time getting him all riled up.

I presume our ancestors said the same thing in SEA about 70 ago.

>or what?

I am in it.
This is my country!

Just kidding. I'd try to ignore him