Loli thread

Loli thread

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long live loli

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Bring more

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That's a pretty good manga.
She's in two others by the same author.
Artist's name is Haguhagu. Reminds me a bit of Mantis-X and how the lolis in his Blender animations will say that.

Todd and 3dddd

Here the real stuff

All loli bread needs is some rolls!

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I can never remember what goes to which page



your loli has some unwanted parts.

i just want to cuddle.

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did you know there is precedent for locking people away indefinitely for mere possession of cp?
>Six days before Graydon Earl Comstock was to have completed a 37-month sentence for receiving child pornography, Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales certified that Comstock was a sexually dangerous person.

Got any more nanako?

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mozenrozen on wickr

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Rolllll a loli!

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Nice. Thank you very much

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You're welcome

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What site

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Wickr: Troegman

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god i wish that was me

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Connie is best girl

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loli is not considered cp and is legal in most civilized countries.

US of A is not a civilized country.

Did you know that the law for loli varies from state to state? Don't act like you know what you're talking about if you don't.

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more 3d??

That guy plead guilty because he didn't know any better, and didn't have a fucking decent lawyer. No jury has ever sent an American to jail for cartoons.


>the law for loli varies from state to state
It actually doesnt. It's legal throughout the whole of the US.

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