Cuck stuff

Cuck stuff

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Alpha male from USA
Hit me up on kik and let talk about your wife/gf.


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Who that

Girl that cucked me

Love talking about cuck/sharing. HMU on kik if you like. zombie13692017. Anyone really, can’t get enough of it.

Stupid cuck wannabe looking for a mean bull with a big dick to shit talk me and tell me how they'd rape my gf


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Kik johndough987 for more of my girl looking for people to do tribute vids as I share her

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Wwyd my GF?

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Do you guys enjoy?

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Kik me your sluts and I’ll tell you how I’ll fuck them and give them a rate burner1002

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my gf talk to many guys, on a kik group,

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Looking for hung to do cock tributes Kik itzjmillzz after cocking this and if you are 8+ inches for more.

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Any interest in fucking my wife?

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Is it worth it? I think i really want to watch her get fucked

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wwyd to my gf?

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Take her on a date and show her what a real man who doesn't like sharing on the internet can be like.

Then fuck her and never call her back.

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Real cuck here looking for brutal bulls. Soulrebel425 on Kik.

add me bbendis

i will make her cum a few time in front of you and then you tell me , got kik?

Don't forget to thank me later for this one sir. You will not regret it

Any cucks want to talk about their girl with a real bull, hit me up dburke57

Bonus if you're in Michigan and can meet up

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I shared my gf and loved it. Kik me ghostmarshall


Yessum, keep posting


Uk bull, pretty hung! Hmu

If UK then absolutely:-)

I don't but I should get it. i'd love to watch you put her in her place and make her beg for your cock

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Yup, Coventry

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Kik pictures? I can trade @ghostmarshall

my wife has been groped a few times against her will. she never wears panties, and I wish someone would rail her.

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how can i contact you ? i got a nice 8 inc cock for her

make a wickr , kik is dying in a few days , but i would be haapy to not only put her on her place but ensuring that she stays there ,how old is she?

what do u have?

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24. loves getting fucked in all her holes

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make a wikr and add me bbendis

Love for mine?

Gonna send your responses to her. Wwyd?

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Sounds hot

from CC?

Dont have yet

yesss! it was hot for me to hear about.



Scotland based, have a fuck machine with abilty to thrust from 120rpm to 480rpm, 2 per second to 8 per second, 34cm/14 inch dildo on it with a 7.5cm/3 inch diameter. willing to travel anywhere from Borders to Fort William a cross to Dundee.

anyone trib my girl or tell me how you would use her when im not there

I want to date a girl with half black kids. I believe that would be the ultimate humiliation when out in public.

shove her off the ledge and tell the cops you killed her.


Just post here

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Wow what a great body. I’d pound that tight little ass. Nudes?

Sounds great

Yes. She's hot as fuck

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Add me

message me up there, please?


single mom needed help paying legal bills, thought if i helped her out i could get some pity pussy. 5k and 6 months later, nothing. I glanced at her phone in passing and saw she has tinder

I’m a cuck AMA

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skype mostly

Keep providing her money. Let that be your humiliation.

Show some nudes first

I do. I paid for her to get a manicure/pedicure and she hardly thanked me for it

I didn’t make this clear— she lives with me

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big bootty in real life no photoshop

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Worship her let her know you will do anything for her. Later jerk off to her dirty panties while she's out taking dick.

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Utterly fucking vile.If i did,would literally have to tape my eyes shut,and my nostrils.
So wrong,on every level.

add me, mik_boiles

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exactly what I already do for her. I buy her whatever she needs or wants. I buy her groceries, give her spending money, and watch her kid 3-4 times a week while she runs “errands.” she’s unemployed

i put her sex soaked panties over my face and jerk off in her bed, thats the closest a cuck like me will get

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Dear God,would love to be right up behind her,rampant and good to go;-) Interested?

The dream

She’s seriously hiding those tits under that shirt?

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Love to throat fuck that whore

Amazing. I’d titty fuck her and face fuck her while you watch.

Any pussy?

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Add Lost_Arrow06

Gf kik: jandc99 for more

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Any anons got a CumOnPrintedPics account to post my girl with?

Kik me anonn213


Add jake_m_152 plz

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