She’s right, hate her or not

She’s right, hate her or not.

This isn’t even a political matter anymore, not after that transcript.

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She’s alt-right

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I'd still vote for him over her.

Nothings going to come of this, its just like the mueller report, another whistleblower proven to be over exaggerating. The sad thing is all the effort and time spent trying to demonize Trump by the democrats isnt helping them hang on to a U.S. majority of voters because people are getting tired of the news always revolving around leftist fete's

I support Hillary's Physical Removal.

Do you have proof, solid proof, not hearsay not circumstantial but legitimate proof of why he should be impeached instead of "muh tyranny"

>Autistic screeching

Nothing burgers must be awfully tasty since Democrats love to eat them

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What makes you appreciate Trump? You’re supposed to vote for the one who you believe will help the country be successful and prosper. I understand Trump is saying that the economy is doing great but if you look, the poor are getting poorer while the top one percent are now paying zero percent in taxes. There’s belief that the CEOs should invest that extra money back into their companies but are instead pocketing it. Multi million dollar bonuses don’t help the company and especially not the workers they used to get to the top.

Enough of my rambling though, what has Trump done to help YOU?

President, something Hildebeast will never be

Well he admitted to asking the Ukraine to interfere in our election for his own benefit, under the guise of "b-b-b-but Biden's the corrupt one!"

If you don't get it by now you won't, and that's fine.

Reformed the healthcare act so I don't lose my income tax return for being a completely healthy American. And choosing not to have health insurance.. that's a plus

triggered the libruls

Because being a healthy is completely permanent and will never ever change. I'm sure you're going to be healthy forever, you fucking tard.

Tyranny is a pretty good reason man idk


> (OP)
>Nothings going to come of this, its just like the mueller report, another whistleblower proven to be over exaggerating. The sad thing is all the effort and time spent trying to demonize Trump by the democrats isnt helping them hang on to a U.S. majority of voters because people are getting tired of the news always revolving around leftist fete's
lol you dipshit, did you even read the report?

Don't forget to thank me later for this one sir. You will not regret it

I'm 25 trying to build my fkn life. 3 k extra every year kinda really helps.
I'll be healthy so long as I keep up my good life style and be responsible for my own actions.
I shouldn't have to pay for the people nature has selected to be unfit for life..

People die, it's life not my fkn problem

Lock her up

Non democrat, Non Republican here.

Your reply shows the state of the US political system, that you think someone who blatantly abused the US constitution among other things is ok to vote for again.

You either have no idea about politics or you must really hate your country.

Isn't she the one who paid a foreign national to dig up dirt on Trump?



>Reformed the healthcare act so I don't lose my income tax return for being a completely healthy American. And choosing not to have health insurance.. that's a plus
Lmao someone isn't familiar with the concept of "forethought"

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It's so strange how there isn't any proof of this. It's almost like it didn't happen...

IN detail explain what he did. YOu can't

>3 million
>nothing that has come out at this point is false
>a week ago he was saying nothing happened but if it did it wouldnt be a problem, he we are now


She wasn't President, he is and used his position to illegally leverage Ukraine into something for funding they should have given as per UN charter.

There is a massive difference.

There is a recording of a 30 minute phone call Trump made to his counterpart in Ukraine. Which was whistleblown, which is why the impeachment process has started.

You need to keep up with the news.

Does it honestly even matter??

Literally every candidate from every party is a giant piece of shit, one way or another.
As citizens we’re fucked no matter who elect to office

Asking a country to look into a crime committed is not treason

You mean like a 401k, stock investments and a savings account?

There's other ways to plan for the future than to rely on those who provide for themselves.

Again, if nature deems me unfit for life why continue on? Why be a burden to loved ones and society?

Yeah, it in no way shows him coercing the ukrainian president who said "only my son can pressure me, and he's six"
The ukrainian president already went on record stating that he initialized the content of the Biden situation back in July and this was just reciprocal rhetoric.
Did you do anything outside of reading CNN's viewpoint?


>that you think someone who blatantly abused the US constitution among other things is ok to vote for again.
You act like Hillary has never done that. Maybe do so research you stupid nigger.

What is Uranium One for $2000, Alex.

Impeachments aren't just for treason you know.


Name the crime committed then to impeach him I'll wait

There are 800 some odd registered candidates for the 2020 presidential run. Youre telling me you investigated all 800+ candidates and concluded every one of this is exactly alike, cus just to let you know Cocain and Chocolate Cake are also on the ballot (literally).

Again as I said above, she isn't the president, Trump did the same thing before being president also, they were allowed to do so via private investigators etc.

As soon as Trump was sworn in, that method is lost to him, he cannot do it for his own gain.

Seriously you Americans need to learn your own fucking political system, it is embarassing.

Me too. She was a terrible candidate.

I'm neither Dem or Rep, but I would NEVER give my vote to someone like her.

In the end, things don't really change. Faggots can still kiss their pozzed ones in public. Women can vote. Black can avoid cotton fields. All the humbug about Trump being the end of times was crazy talk. Shit is like always, except Dems are spazzing out like crazies.

You can't investigate us because

I wish a fappening level leak would happen for every person holding office.

Expose all their dirty secrets and then flush the system and start the shit show all over again

I can, trump tried to get the Ukrainian president to involve trump's personal lawyer in a foreign "investigation" using his position as president and a frozen aid payment to involve himself in something that would give him information on a political rival.

And where is this recording?

''Because i am running against him, and it is against the law. I will run it through the congress and Senate and get back with you. ''

Take it to Sup Forums

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He committed a high crime and misdemeanour by witholding funds rightfully to be given to the Ukraine, to force the Ukraining political system to look into a matter of someone Biden's knows closely who lived in the Ukraine. That is a huge no no, and if you ask why then it is clear you do not understand anything.

Its big, this isn't a joke hahahahaha 2020 etc etc, what he did was serious, really bad. And the majority of Americans have no idea why, and that is sad, knowing nothing about your own country's affairs is embarassing as I said.

Ok Ass Berg, there’s 800 candidates but there is only a handful that have a realistic capability of winning an election.

The loophole here, you seething asshat, is that he never "asked", he merely suggested that the president of Ukrain should look into it as it is "terrible". I dont really care if trump gets impeached, he was a joke to begin with, but from a logical and legal viewpoint, i doubt itll hold ground unless the whistleblower report shows distinct connection or factual basis of said connection to Trump terminating Aid to the Ukrain so conveniently close to this phonecall.
>breath dude

Gonig after crimes with AG Barr is not a crime giuliani was just there to talk to him

Huh, so kind of like how Biden admitted to getting the Prosecutor fired so it would end the investigation into his son's business.

Interesting, interesting.

Nothing will happen, because he did nothing extraordinary. The left is desperate, that is all. They know 2020 is a lost battle.

Well according to a edited memo of a transcript, he didn't exactly ask... but it's a edited memo.

That's not a crime. Making things up doesn't help you

There has yet to be a connection between the aid cut and the csll, be patient.


With the congress, who were initially blocked on the 9th Sept from initially listening and viewing the transcript of the call.

11th Trump releases funds for Ukraine.

24th Trump admits he did it, but under a guise of "to force other nations to pay their due" which is ludicrous, congress gets the audio and transcript. And that information was given out today.

Again does none of you yanks actually take notice of the news or what?

>He committed a high crime and misdemeanour by witholding funds rightfully to be given to the Ukraine, to force the Ukraining political system..
why the fuck does the US just give money away to countries. It's broke. It doesnt have money. Stop it.


Capability to win an election based on your point of view is exposure, tahts complete fallacy for democracy to function correctly if the only candidates exposed are those the media deem worthy...which is why people like you are complete wastes of votes anyway, keep being a media darling

Another Dem hoax. Russian collusion. The Steele dossier. Kavenaugh hearing.

Nothing here, no impeachment. The House will not vote unless they can impeach. Of couse, they could be brain dead wacko's.

>doesn't like facts given
>"boo hoo you are making things up"
>tears flood down fat cheeks


When Trump blocked the congress getting it on the 9th of this month and has been actively preventing them to get it until yesterday, you can bet your bottom dollar on that call he said he would withhold those funds.

Problem is Trump doesn't think, and blasts his mouth at a drop of a hat due to his business background, and he can't help it... soon as he said it, he probably thought "oh fuck, shit I need to follow through to look serious" and hoped nobody would find out.

Someone in his staff heard it and reported it. And it started the whole impeachment process.

Sure buddy

Shut up cuck. Politics are fake and gay. Nothing will happen ever.

So without factual proof youd accuse him of something unproven? Do you see the round about fallacy in all of this, its the mueller report all over again, dems didnt like the version printed, mueller said thats all there was to be said, end of story. Same shit can happen here if the whistleblower report doesnt hold water.

Again, there is no recording or transcript that has Trump stating that the funds will be made available if they cooperate with the investigation into Biden.

It's part of the UN agreement that US set out in the beginning with other nations, as a way to combat a rise of nazi Germany again etc, which ended up being against Communism at one point.

2% of GDP is to be given, again initially a figure America wanted while others said 0.5%-1%, at the time the US economy was shit for decades and the GDP was low. Today it is a different story and hence why the US government wants out of it sharpish.

100% this

she's still upset she lost lmao i'm still voting for trump just to piss everyone off

Yeah, so most ppl are not healthy and get more money from system than they put it in right?

It's with the congress who told people from their initial investigation into the call that there was. Again watch the fucking news.


Does anyone remember the election? Hillary losing to fucking Trump?!?

God that must have been embarrassing.

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Right, im not hoping he doesnt get impeached by any means, atleast then the whole "presidential immunity" concept that held obama and bush in 2 terms could finally be dismantled, but without credible evidence (being the whistleblower report) its all speculation, keep an open mind user, theres always two sides to the same shit strewn coin.

Does Hillary still think she is President?

I am waiting for actual proof, but the innocent rarely send out fake documents.

Why not release the real transcripts instead of these fake notes that anyone who has read it... well they lost 5 iq points.

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the whitehouse released the details you just dont want to acknowledge it, because your fantasy world will be destroyed.

suck it OP

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The point is to get it on the record that President Trump was impeached. A 2/3 super majority is needed to convict. That will never happen. But history will show him as impeached.

nvm he did ask
•t:�;'HP) The· President: I would like you to do us a favor though
because our country has been through a lot and Ukraine knows a
lot about it. I would like you to find out what happened with
this whole si�uation with Ukraine, they s_ay Crowdstrike ... I guess
you have one of your weal thy people... The server, they say
Ukraine� There- are a lot. of things that went on, the·
:whole situation .. I think you 1 re _surrounding yourse·lf with some
of the same people. I .
would like to have the Attorney General
call you or your people and I would like you t� ·get to the
bottom of it�. As you sa� yest�rday, that whole nonsetise ended
with a very poor performance by a man named Robert Mue�le_r, an
incompetent performance-, _but they. say a lot of it started with
Ukraine. Whatever you can do, ·it's very important that· you. do it
if that's possible.

As I said to someone else the congress have the call information transcript and recording. You can safely assume by the end of the week the details will be given.

What has hilary done to help you? how do you actually believe your own bullshit.

Nixon was impeached based off an edited version of the watergate recordings.

The prosecutor was a corrupt criminal.
He did it to help Ukraine.
He did not do it to protect himself and his son did nothing wrong.
Fuck OFF.

51% to get to trial, 67% for conviction

don't be so sure about that. the gop side with trump because he is strong. If he starts slipping and the 36 becomes 34 or less, we may see them desert the sinking ship.

“There’s a lot of talk about Biden’s son, that Biden stopped the prosecution and a lot of people want to find out about that, so whatever you can do with the attorney general would be great,”
>big fat nothing-burger

Nixon was not impeached. Jeez.

I voted for Trump and I am ashamed of myself. He proved to be the worst president ever. He embarrassed the whole country with his behavior.

wrong Nixon resigned before he got impeached.

that's it, keep sucking on that media tit for everything you know....drone

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trump peached
boris peached
brexit cancelled


Go away Jews

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there is no apostrophe in fetes