Now that Trump is heading out of office, Pence is going to take his place as per the succession rules...

Now that Trump is heading out of office, Pence is going to take his place as per the succession rules. We can't stop that.

But, I'm not sure if he's the best person to run in 2020. He's certainly not that charismatic or popular and, quite frankly, he's a bit creepy.

Which new candidate would be the best choice to win in 2020 and lead the party?

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People are going to be real upset when Trump wins 2020 and isn't impeached. Especially Pence.


That's still an "if". But do you think Pence even wants the job? I think he knows he's unfit for service in that role.

Are we even ready for another elderly boomer president? Would he even be ready? He's pushing 80.

why even be VP if you can't fulfill the duties of your job?

74 is pushing 80 now? so trump is pushing 79?

True. I'm not sure why he was even chosen. I think they just wanted the evangelical vote. He's just there to check the box.

My point is that he's elderly and 80 is right around the corner once he's halfway through his first term. He'll be IN his 80s if he gets a second.

Bender Bending Rodriguez and Scruffy

Pence looks like one of those senators who stabbed Caesar in Rome 44BC. Dead eyes of an absolute mad man who does not know any moral restrictions but cold cunning to eliminate everybody who blocks his path. A man who would laugh at the sight of mutilated and ravaged babies and kicks kitten for fun. Engines run on fuel, his heart runs on lust for power.

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>Now that Trump is heading out of office
Kek, for what?

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Wow, democrats truly are degenerate.

Hey, you never know, he may pull through. But just wanted to know where everyone's thoughts are at

I would have said Crenshaw if not for his recent anti 2A stance

I can't wait for all the fanfic we're going to get after he wins the 2020 election

>Implying incest isn't a deeply held and beloved Republicunt tradition.

Tfw Pence is Republican, and Republicans are anti abortion,

Trump wasn't a Republican his entire life

I'm all for abortion

He seems like a decent pick. Ex-military, young enough to not keel over after breakfast (kek). Worthy of consideration

Yup, he just knew they'd be only party retarded enough to support him

He mighht be anti-abortion but only if it makes more lifes miserable. Just the picture of a dead fetus would tickle him short of an orgasm. Even more, if it's a black kid.

You're probably not wrong on that one. There's definitely something wrong with "ol' dead-eyes"

doubles of truth

He is the best person to run the country. I rather have 10 Trumps presidencies than having another Obama, Beto moron that promotes weakness than actually getting the country where it needs to go.

2020 Trump will happen. No one likes to hear the ideals of the liberal of giving everything away while sticking the middle fingers to the citizens.

I'm not talking about the Dem side, they already must pick their candidate. Who is it going to be for the GOP, assuming Trump is out?

The orange sack of dog shit has worn out his welcome as the entire republican party has. There IS not candidate that has a chance against the blue wave about to hit.

Thank you Democrats for getting Trump reelected next year

Trump is literally incapable of winning anything without cheating. That's the definition of a LOSER. How so many conservatives got cucked into thinking he was something more than a fraud is beyond stupid. I mean just watch his fucking stupid shows and you can tell he's always been a fragile shitstain.

it is becoming a total mess on the Democrat side for a change. George Soros and Tom Steyer the two main money men behind that party determined in the last few days that Biden is finished and they do not like the crowd of people remaining's chances in Nov 20. So Steyer himself is running now against Trump independent of the DNC. He started TV ads yesterday. Most important is he is pulling his money from the crowd of clowns and putting it into his own machine. This election is going to be something to see.

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The Dems are not the point of this thread. Who do you think should go against the Dems this year?

Let's stick to the topic, folks.

Lets just forget the fat that democrats are trying to change voting rules, such as making the legal age to vote 16, so that they can can have more voters. And also try to act all woke and against bigotry when you have people like Rashida talib in office who has ties to terrorist organizations and used to have robert byrd in office, A former KKK grand wizard.

>democrats are trying to change voting rules

Americans elected him before and they will do it again. He is the best president we have ever had.

We're assuming he'll be out of the running, though. Which other candidate would you like to see?

Tom Cotton.