He did nothing wrong, did he?

He did nothing wrong, did he?

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he admitted to breaking the law

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Just because he broke the law doesn't make mean he is doing anything wrong

that's generally what breaking the law means, is that you did something deemed wrong to do.

you fucking retard

There’s nothing fraudulent about asking a foreign government to look into a crook and his son doing business with that foreign gov’t.

Quitting his reality show is where he went wrong

Actually what he did is against the law, especially with the added extortion. No sweeping this one under the rug by the shillbots.

Even if Biden did something wrong enough to warrant an investigation, it being led by someone who gains from it personally is terribly bad optics. Why pursue it now if justice is the supposed cause? Is it because Biden is the front-runner to oppose your position of power? We would know more if the Republicans in charge would stop stonewalling the whistleblower who could provide more information as to the reasoning behind this.

Wasn't he the one who authorized the release of the memo that is now incriminating him?

oh no no no bros

it's only wrong if you don't get away with it.

No evidence of wrongdoing. He's blatantly extorting them. Stop trying to spin your bullshit, Comrade.

Asking a foreign nation to interfere in US elections is impeachable. Once again, Trumples opens his mouth and crams both of his diabetes-riddled feet in there.

We'll see considering he is releasing the transcript of the call.

Now we'll have to figure out who's going to replace him. It'll have to be Pence for now, unfortunately, but I'm very much against that creepy fucker.

He is a patriotic man
He wants America to be a better country
He has flaws, liking beautiful women for example and having several wives over the years.(I've met Ivana)
He is anti world government and pro "American Dream" and family.
He enjoys the trappings of a rich lifestyle and is undoubtedly privileged.
He sees how social engineering can be created through immigration policies to undermine an entire country, such as Germany.
He over eats the finer things available to him.
But bottom line he loves the people and is a non drinking/smoking person trying to better his people. You shills have no idea just how clever he is.

The whole transcript of the calm is out there. The whistleblower is irrelevant at this point. Trump said what he said. I read the transcript. Trump didn’t say anything about withholding aid. He ask Ukraine to investigate corruption surrounding Biden. Doesn’t really seem like illegal activity

>interfere in election
Did you read the transcript, shit for brains?

Well, 1) you're wrong, he was only doing it for political gain not because he actually cares, but also 2) He made a veiled threat of "If you don't give me the evidence I'm looking for, I am going to cut funding to you.", in other words extortion.

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The 'transcript' literally has a subnote on it saying that this isn't what was actually said. "This is just the best recollection assembled by the staff who heard it." Besides, it is still the law that the whistleblower complaint has to go through congress.

Because he has no choice, yeah. If he waited and they forced the release anyway, it would be that much worse for him because it would add obstruction to the list as well.

It isn't. Biden's son was syphoning at least $3m out of Ukraine for political favors. The corruption was Biden making threats when this was unmasked. Get facts straight, sleepy Joe was the corrupt one.

Lol wow you stay up all night thinki g that up you fucking neo nazi

what an uninformed old man

Its not a transcript their notes on talking points i.e. fabricated bulkshit to save his dumb ass

1) maybe. Can’t prove that unless you can read minds
2) no threats were made, veiled or otherwise

I don’t even like Trump. His politics are okay, but his personality is shit. It’s still humorous to see the lib lemmings get their hopes up over ousting trump based on media hype and pure bullshit.

"Sleepy Joe" already flags you as a copy/pasting shillbot, but besides that, he's also not the fucking president of the US who automatically must be held to higher standards.

He's a chronic fuckup, and is a pathetic phony.

>Biden's son was syphoning at least $3m out of Ukraine for political favors. The corruption was Biden making threats when this was unmasked.

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Oh, he's done may a thing that could be considered/is an impeachable offense.
That said, politically speacking, the Dems are stupid for pushing for impeachment proceedings; there isn't the desire amoung a large enough portion of the American population to support such an action, however prudent and correct it maybe. Unless something else happens to change this fact, the Dems are going to pay for this come the 2020 elections.

cool story bro

>Calling someone a nazi
Argument lost.

You lost by the "everyone who disagrees with me is Hitler" clause.

Show us where he extorted them

True story, just w8 m8.

>I've met Ivana

at least they have the balls to do what is prudent and correct, unlike some people in the capital

If you think what Hillary did was wrong during the election then you have to think what Trump did was wrong.

Yes, in a chocolate shop in Windsor, England. She bought a box of Bendicks.

Investigating corrupt politicians like Joe Biden who are damaging the countries reputation by using their power to get their son out of legal trouble is not a crime it's part of the job he swore to do.

Did you even read the transcripts? How did you interpret extortion?

>I met someones wife in a shop for 2 minutes
> now I know his deeply held beliefs

Come off it, mate.

The entrenched politicians have always been totally hostile to his efforts to drain the swamp.

that's nothing. what's the name of the adage/law that states any conversion of the internet will always regress to Nazis if it lasts long enough...

Tell that to the "illegals" in the border camps.

Godwin's Law: As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1.

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Trannies can't read desu

>blatantly extorting them

You're just making this up. Only upon performing extreme mental gymnastics could one interpret those transcripts to imply extortion.

>obstruction to the list that already has obstruction

Trump is a citizen and the duly elected Commander in Chief. Illegal border crossers are not citizens, they're illegal trespassers.

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Illegal aliens are detained for breaking immigration laws. You can't just walk into our country because you feel like it.

Liberals: He did obstruction!
The Legal System: He's the president, he's allowed to make presidential decisions without everyone accusing him all the time.
Liberals: Wait! This time he's guilty of obstruction squared! Tl;dr that's why I'm voting for Bernie.

>threatening to withhold something unless something is done for me is not extortion

>Investigating corrupt politicians like Joe Biden who are damaging the countries reputation by using their power to get their son out of legal trouble is not a crime it's part of the job he swore to do.

A) It is a crime if he pressures foreign governments to do it.
B) It's not his job. Trump's part of the executive branch not the judicial branch.

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>threatening to withhold

What did he threaten to withhold?

You’re absolutely right, but trannies and social rejects can turn anything into an “extreme”. PS - your very existence is micro-aggressing them all

You don't have to break the law to be impeached. But rest assured, this orange sack of sewage is finished. Get ready for lots of whining you republican zombie douchbags

The amount of mental gymnastics by Trumpanzees in the thread is amazing.

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It's not a crime to inquire about a legitimate investigation into Biden's son's business dealings. He was not asking to pursue false charges.

Lol get ready for this whole political sideshow to die as soon as it reaches the Senate. Blue Wave was a failure, as will the Democrats be again in 2020.

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>It's not a crime to inquire about a legitimate investigation into Biden's son's business dealings.

For the president of the United States conducting official state business it is.

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Trump confirmed that the conversation did happen. Trump confirmed that the conversation did happen while Ukraine was waiting for the aid sent by the United States of America. Giuliani confirmed much about the circumstances behind the conversation's existence, including his involvement, and the president's involvement. Even Zelenskyy confirms much about the aid delivery.

Even members of government, administration officials, verified that there was aid, that it was military aid, and that it was withheld due to concerns regarding the "new" Ukraine. That is the official story being given. Even if you subtract all of the gaffes that Trump and company have made, live, to the entire public.

Now, keeping all of that in mind, take into account the memo, and its contents. Trump wanted tit for tat. He did his usual "we've done so much for you, but you haven't done anything for us" act. He wanted the dirt, in exchange for the aid. He was very clear about that. The call happened in July. Allegedly, Giuliani talked with parties in Ukraine months before that.

And the aid was only released this month.

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Why are trumptards acting like he didn't admit to withholding aid and then when he realized he had said too much he backtracked and started lying about the reason he delayed aid and started screaming fake news to anybody who brought it up?

Except, this will probably only strengthen Trump’s base while further distracting the cluster fuck of Dem candidates from talking about anything that the average American wants to hear. It will destroy Biden as his seemingly corrupt interactions with Ukraine (including the video of him bragging about it) become common knowledge.

What statute is he breaking?

Absolutely, I see two groups benefiting the most from this, the Trump Reelection campaign and gun rights organizations, who have the spotlight pulled off gun regulation legislation for a minute, enough for the measures to be killed quietly without much public notice.

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lol, we all know Trump did it, because it fits his character and all we have seen from him since forever.

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When did he admit to withholding aid unless Ukraine pursued the investigation?

You are saying that asking a foreign government to investigate a political rival is just as serious as a single person crossing a border unlawfully. Your bias knows no bounds, get some help.

Quints holy shit

Biden did the same thing but worse. It's funny how people like you wont admit this. Also Trump did not extort since the information was already made clear what joes son did. Ukraine is concerned about what hapend in the past will happen again, Trump assures it will not and released the funds.

If you still think Trump has a plan, you apparently haven't been paying attention.

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Trump playing 4Dchess and libtards are to blinded by hate to see they are the pawn.

It might be messed up what he did, but is that a criminal offence?

I didn't say that these proceedings were part of his plan, I said I believe it will play to his advantage, he's in no danger of it getting past the Senate and it will energize his base going into the 2020 election.

What’s missing is the direct link between aid and getting dirt on Biden. Being guilty of something requires a little more evidence than that. Libtards haven’t learned anything since the muller flop


>Hurrrr but JOEEEE
is this new HILARY'S EMAILS?

Stop moving the goal post and admit that he fucked up and his corruption caught up to him. You're not even personally losing anything through this. You're just watching a goofy old man lose his mind and job. Who fucking cares?

The democratic LGBTQ faggots started talking about impeachment and daddy trump hit them with the released manuscripts, which they did not expect. The left is now all up in arms about impeachment which independent are sick of hearing and with all their fear mongering it will distract them from focusing on core issues like immigration and climate change.

Yes, the guy who has been investigated for getting election help from a foreign government now asks another foreign government to investigate one of his opponents. What a smart man.

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He had them fire the prosecutor that was going after his son otherwise he wasn’t going to give them aid. Biden is a crook through and through

He committed treason. OFF WITH HIS HEAD

>Biden did the same thing but worse
We can't know that in either case, because no one is letting the non-leaked, formally submitted, completely legal complaint, get to where it needs to go.
>It's funny how people like you
You're mistaken.
>Also Trump did not extort
It certainly looks like he did.
>since the information was already made clear what joes son did
This doesn't have anything to do with whether or not something was extortion.

>Trump assures it will not and released the funds
2 months later.

You're right. Hence the inquiry. The proof needs to be discovered. You also have to admit it's real telling that he'll only release a shitty memo and not the full whistleblower details.

You know, if it were true, you wouldn't have to shill this conspiracy so hard.

lol, sure Ivan.

>literally a 1 paragraph memo
You fucking stupid or what?

>What statute is he breaking?


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>1 paragraph
>2 paragraphs from source ITT

What's also missing is the whistle blowers account.

What we have been given is a compiled 'full transcript' based on notes and Trump approved accounts of what was said Two months ago.

Context is also important.

Hillary's emails were no joke. She broke federal record keeping laws by conducting State Department business from a private server in her own basement.

Yeah that was uranium 1

>Ukraine asks for Javelin middles
>trump responds “I have a favor to ask”
>not extortion
>Russian logic

>Stop moving the goal post
I'm not. You need to stop ignoring the past. Also I forgot his name, but some one was involved deeply when the whol U.S. officials going to Ukrainian and showing there was some subversion going on in Ukrainian politics thing happened.

This will amount to nothing other than showing the Dems are whining reactionaries. They no longer know how to play the game, and it shows.

He asked a country where a crime was committed to investigate the crime

>stop ignoring the past
>don't investigate this nothing illegal happened just ignore it

based on what biden said, retard.

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>2 paragraphs
be a bigger faggot
I voted for the retard because I thought he would follow through with his ideas of government reform but he didn't. He didn't do almost anything he said. I'm gonna get some dumb faggot shit like "THE LIBS WON'T LET HIM" while they completely ignore that he had full house control and still couldn't do a fucking thing. He lied. He's a crooked corrupt person and an absolute fucking idiot to boot.