Redpill me on Greta Thunberg

Redpill me on Greta Thunberg
I didn't care enough to stay informed but this seems pretty big so tell me what you know and give me some sources to read
as far as I can tell she's a pawn used to push political propaganda no?

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Yes, she's a literal autist that parrots propaganda. Just like you.

bet she's tight tho

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Here's a link to climate change stuff, if you're interested in reading up on it. Or more importantly reading up on the arguments against it.

From Belgium with love!

Shes a parrot puppet

good one user

How dare you! She should be in school on the other side of the ocean!

Yes, but she is correct

There are no arguments against it

She is a pawn

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and a terrorist

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Don't underestimate the capability of retards to simply find a single shred of 'evidence' against the spooky climate change and the think it disproves it all.


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They know they're lying

I like to think that the super wealthy ones know they're lying, but that's mostly because I would hope that someone who can amass wealth can have some reasoning skills.

The uneducated poor have a high chance of not following along with climate change though. It's probably a faith thing, either for religion or for their golden politicians.

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Have you ever talked to a 16 year old? Most care about boys and shit, not the ozone layer.

>leftists use child as prop to spread propaganda

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She's probably a nice girl who is passionate about a political issue, some would say she's been given a platform by progressives and others would say progressives are using her as political fodder and playing the cute child victim card as they do with everything from immigration to healthcare. They say "if you don't accept socialism and open borders, you're basically directly responsible for the death and dismemberment of little Tammy here."

¨Yes and no.

She has autism and has chosen, before all the publicity to be obsessed with climate change and the environment.

You can say the left use her as a pawn, but this is herself speaking, but sure, with a lot of support and probably funding by the left.

As to her person and skill. She isn't very good at speaking and operates better with a script. She seem to be in agreement with the climate and environment research consensus, but exaggerates greatly, like many people before her.

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She is a pawn. Artic sea ice is decreasing. However, after ignores the fact that Antarctic sea ice is actually increasing. Although in some areas, the severity of droughts have increased, as a whole, globally, the area of earth affected by droughts have actually decreased since the 1960s. I find it hilarious how people bitch about the west and carbon emissions when sub-saharan Africa and India are the world's worst offenders, and they completely ignore how we're polluting ground water, which is a greater, more imminent threat to humanity.

>more importantly reading up on the arguments against it


And the researchers withing the specific field of climate has a near 100% agreement that it's a man made crisis. But yeah, the most important thing we can do right now is read about skepticism and conspiracies.

That isn't true. Developed countries dominate on ecological footprint and carbon emission.

The ice is decreasing overall, we will get less snow each year, and natural drought have increased, but technology and development supplements the natural failures (access to water)

Bitch just wants the D

You all make a dam crazy shit about this Greta which I agree that she is pure propaganda but when it comes to the true facts no one makes a big fuss about this eh? You are all just a bunch of idiots who can only pick on things that are easy and because everyone does it, there’s more shit in this damn world that you can ever imagine and you all make a big deal on this girl? Get yourselves a life anons you make me laugh

That's because researchers are academics who are overwhelmingly leftist/socialist. Funny how their "solution" to global warming is to redistribute wealth from richer countries to poorer countries (industrialized nations having to buy carbon emission "credits" from poor nations that don't use them).

It’s not her you need to attack is the system itself that can suck a dick, is full shit and everyone is lying, so give a shit about other things, for example protesting for changing these fucking bastards that held power instead on picking on a fucking autistic girl which is another puppet of this whole game you guys get suck into. Is called mass control idiots, get a clue

That's how the anti vax thing happened

I dont think the academics are overwhelmingly socialist. And the fact that the left statistically tend to be more educated isn't an argument against it.

Rich countries can afford to start using greener energy, but green energy is currently more expensive. This means underdeveloped countries have to choose between polluting energy or no energy at all, as they cant afford green energy at this point in time. If we assist them into the later stages of development, they can afford it themselves and we prevent further polluting.

I dont consider her a puppet. I do see the potential for an opportunity for radical change, a new opposition to the ills that modernity has created.

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OP for that one. I feel like a lot of people do better understanding climate change when the criticisms they've heard about it are addressed upfront. I meant to read up about the arguments against it since that website goes through lengths to prove them otherwise.


You're wrong. Academia is blatantly slanted left.
The left is far more likely to have a degree in women's studies or basket weaving. If they're so educated, why cant they repay their student loans?

I mean, just climate change.

"Liberals now outnumber conservatives [in academia] by roughly 5 to 1


And renewable energy isn't more expensive, on the contrary cheaper than oil and coal. Among "12 countries leading the way in renewable energy" is Kenya, Uruguay, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Morocco.

Leftists are simply using climate change as an excuse to redistribute wealth and make everyone equally poor.

Arctic and Antarctic ice is different and goes beyond geography. Water where it shouldn't be is a bad thing. America's carbon emissions have decreased, but have increased relative to the rest of the world. We should clean up ground water too, we can do both.

The left is far more likely to have a degree in anything. The stats my dude. The majority of doctorates and master degrees within research and annalist is by people leaning left. The argument that they are all sex and gender students is false.

Nice analysis.

No dude, they play the innocent child victim card with every single issue, it's their favorite propaganda tactic

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carbon credits is a compromise because developing nations don't have clean technology.

Is socialism and education what Ameritards fear the most ? Being on the same planet is becoming embarrassing.

>If they're so educated, why cant they repay their student loans?

what? everyone has problems paying their student loans not just liberal studies degrees.

Yeah, being more educated means you are smarter.

Not with every issue. Just issues that affect our children.

underrated post. that performance she gave was so thoroughly cringe inducing

Using "socialist" to describe American Democrats just makes people sound dumb. I can't get past how stupid Americans are online.

Any porn with her yet ? I'm waiting for deepfakes, please provide some.

remember that political propoganda can only be used by any party except the one that you personally subscribe to.


>literally nailed her dopey face
Based Ben

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She isn't actually a parrot tho. She only mimics parrot like qualities. Important to note

She's not a parrot or a puppet. Obviously youre a racist nazi

Have you met an autistic 16 year old obsessed with science? Some autists obsessed with Science get degrees at 10 years old.

She's just an aspie who got traumatized by the climate panic she was taught and had a breakdown. And so wrote an essay about how freaked out she was that the world's going to end and no one cares. And then people were like, hey check out this little aspie girl who we traumatized with our climate panic crap, and how she's crying and crying about it. Let's send her around the world to cry moar about it. And then they sent her around the world to cry moar about how the world was ending and everyone said, man she cries good.

That's everything there is to know about it.

So does this place.

I bet her parents are pretty into this tho

The fact that Sup Forums is going on and on about her is all the proof I need that Sup Forums is nothing but shills and feds anymore.

That's their problem.

So does this pla....

Damn you almost got me

"Scientists saying something didn't work, maybe an autistic girl saying the same thing will do the trick"
That's all there's to it. Sup Forums simply like autists.

>repill me


based and redpilled like a true chad

you don't understand anything about science, stupid cunt. go back to school.

Melting sea-ice will LOWER the sealevel. Everyone learned this in school.

>EU activist speaks to EU leaders about preventing further damage to the environment
>amerifats make it about them

she made a plea for further efforts to reduce climate change, just because america pretends it isn't happening doesn't mean the rest of the world has to

no, it is a world-wide tax to the global elite.

I guess I just can't wrap my head around why the climate change topic is even a thing. Is there really that big of an issue with switching to renewable fuel sources and stopping things like, you know, India? Even if all this climate change stuff is false or inaccurate or whatever, we can't live on shit like oil forever, right?

This is just blatantly false. Fossil fuel is and carbon emitting energy is A SHIT TON cheaper than green energy such as solar, wind, and water.

i need it too

It's a solid indication?

And to study these fields you need a long education.

I fear relinquishing personal freedom to a government that I do not trust. No one should implicitly trust their government. The Nazi party, the USSR, people's republic of china, and the Khmer Rouge haven't exactly done much to garner trust from me. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and I'm not about to relinquish person freedom for the illusion of safety and security. If you trust your goverment that much, you're either misinformed of blissfully ignorant, and considering the shameless leftists bias in the media and the white washed version of history that is taught in schools (I lost my fucking mind when I read my 12 year old daughter's history book), I wouldn't be surprised if you're misinformed.

It's definitely what conservative politicians fear the most

It's about to be everyone's problem. Somebody will inevitably be forced to take responsibility because the fallout will affect all of us. And clearly they won't, even if it kills them.

She's right you know.

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Yep. Agreed. It's fucking embarrassing to be an American at times. MAGA XD

>Antifa are not terrorist.

We are moving, is the thing. Changes like this aren't fast, but we've been moving to nuclear for a while and that seems to be the least intrusive and most efficient method, but people are scared because of 2 failures overseas.
We just need more nuclear for fucks sake, then with natural gas and nuclear as our electricity supply we cn tackle the other things we use petroleum for and just ween off of it. First, though, bringing up other countries is the priority, and that can't be done haphazardly, so letting them do it on their own is the only reasonable option unless you want a Vietnam 2.

TL:DR people need to quit being doom-saying faggots and just be a little patient

Keep the argument simple.

Best and lead scientists all agree on Climate Change? Yes
Hordes of money in the field to help fight it? Yes
Data is 100% proof that climate change is real? Yea
To deny this is to deny science? Yes

Then why has every model, prediction and statement never come true? Ever. Not just in the last decade. But last decades. Generations. Back the 1970's.

If the evidence does not support it, then it is not science.


The resemblance is uncanny.

I'll be dead by the time it's my problem.

The words you're looking for are
"Yes im a fucking retard who fears the educated"
Id tell you not to breed but apparently you've already deposited your seed into some other brain dead mongoloid(likely a relative). So I'll just tell you to please refrain from voting. You clearly lack the basic deductive reasoning to discern between "educated" and "godang smart folk trying to talk down to me!"

I suppose that's fair. I appreciate your response.

and we have to use those fuels to create the turbines and panels to begin with, let alone the land area that needs to be cleared (fucking up local ecosystems), transportation of the materials, disposal when that shit breaks, and the advancements to battery technology necessary to store that much energy for a long time.

Yes, nuclear power is the cleanest, most consistent form of power available, and the latest generation of nuclear reactors can sustain nuclear fission using old nuclear waste. Solar and wind are inconsistent and inefficient at best, and hydroelectric adversely affects the migratory patterns of fish.

Then exclude yourself from the conversation if that's how you feel about it. What's the point in opposing something if both possible outcomes happen after you're dead?

For sure, I dont disagree. But the amount of funding to continue and enforce our finite carbon emitting fossil fuels whilst ALMOST ignoring the increase of green and renewable, infinite energy is scary.

I dont disagree though.

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