Any news on 4+4 chan?

Any news on 4+4 chan?
Where fuck is everyone

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post 3 faggot

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thats all I have guys, gonna need help

they dead

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Are there toys like this, only trap versions? I wonder how that could work

I miss 2(4) chan :((

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saved these from a previous thread

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as far as I know VIII chan has moved to an onion site. I haven't bothered to look myself.

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Nice clit.

>gonna need help
Oh, you need help!

That's dollguy's Rin
A dollhouse168 Bel body with a dollhouse168 molly head

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where do i get?

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Fuck off refugee

That's a catdoll Sasha
be careful though small dolls like this have been banned an many places, such as U.K., Australia, Canada. and three states in the U.S. Kentucky, Florida, and Tennessee

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finally one of these threads that has actual nudes and not just some autist showing off how he plays dress up with his dolls.

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Many doll owners have been banned for posting nudes of our dolls in the past. So many of are are reluctant to post them on Sup Forums now.

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I don't know why....
Mini-doll with big tits OK
Mini-doll with small tits NOT OK

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I don't get it either, even if you listen to the people calling for the bans, their arguments don't hold up. Many claim that these doll will "normalize" criminal behavior. There are also claims the these dolls will somehow train people to rape kids. There is no standard for what makes a doll childlike. It's simply left up to the authority in the situation to decide how old they think the doll looks.

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love her

The 8 will rise again.


mostly accurate, but it is the Bel head not Molly

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Are you talking about ocho chan?

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why are people posting dolls in a thread about 2^3chan?
Are dolls only allowed there and are yall refugees?

OP started a thread with a doll pic.

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Did you finish the poses for the cosplay?

no i haven't done any more yet

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eyyyy made it home in time for another thread.

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Man lemme know when you find one that ain't just a girl doll with a strap jammed into her pussy. I'm talkin a nice rideable dick where a clit usually is, with no balls and full access to a sweet fuckable pussy so I can watch the dick wobble as I rock that doll's world.

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Don't forget to thank me later for this one user. You will not regret

Based criminal pedophiles.

oh nice

That might just be the gayist thing I've ever read

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I ain't browsing that shit, someone tell me what it is
thank you :D
Glad to be here.

Holy shit. Diamonds. Is this a Leon The Professional cosplay?


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My God, buddy... She's looking so sharp. You're one lucky fella

thank you

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It's no problem, the pleasures all mine. I'm rock hard for her right now, can you give me a good one of her so I can pop to that pretty little girl?

sorry i haven't taken many pics of that cosplay yet

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Here, have something gayer.

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i have more pics of her in this wig

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Since all betrait 8ch, wasn*t it the plan to host it in East Europe or offshore?

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Which doll is this, brand name please need one asap

catdoll 126cm Sasha

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Holy shit mate I'm getting one asap, I need it, did you buy it from or

If you can confirm it where can I buy it, I don't want to get some fake doll

u can buy from catdoll or hgdoll



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Jesus christ
Shes perfect. How much did it cost?

She becomes more and more famous

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Her name?

dollhouse168 Bel, i named her Emily

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