How likely do you feel that there's a white man's baby inside her?

How likely do you feel that there's a white man's baby inside her?

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Who care.

I got this girl preggers. Shes a great fuck.

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Fucking nice

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yea man.

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im a white guy by the way.

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Good shit. How far along is she?

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Would you breed?

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Good yes, hot as fuck

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we found out a week ago. pretty scared honestly.

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The only good thing about black chicks is they give good head

Would you?

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I'm sure you'll be fine parents user, enjoy and cherish your family

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i'm not sticking around. Shes a black chick they love being single moms.
im out!

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wwyd to my aunt?

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Don't do that to her user. If she wanted to be a single mom she would've been with a black man

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i'm not going anywhere.
i was just making a Sup Forums joke.

Fuck those high yellow tits and impregnate

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