Are their virgin fags on here who need to get laid? It’s so, so easy with the world being filled with beta cucks...

Are their virgin fags on here who need to get laid? It’s so, so easy with the world being filled with beta cucks. Girls are desperate to get laid. If you want to lose your V card, AMA

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When and where could i fuck you?

Depends on your cock size, weight, and cash flow

How many cocks have you sucked? What do you enjoy most?

>cash flow
whoever lets a girl have control over their money is a fucking beta

Sucking? 30ish. I enjoy being dominated the most. Few guys do it though. The best lay I had was a guy who refused to accept no to me not wanting anal, analled me, and had me suck him off to finish. Most guys in bed are too ginger/careful. He did what he wanted. Huge turn on

Have no interest in controlling it. Just not gonna support a man. Need to be employed/make money or I have no interest in you

tits or gtfo

The days of tits or gtfo have long passed this board. When trap threads, loli threads, and s/fur became mainstays, girls stopped respecting that demand...

this went from
>girls are desperate to get laid
>need to be employed/make money
in record time

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worth a shot tho

Because most girls aren’t like you and that’s how you catch a charge. Idk what you expect.

I'll bite.
39 year old virgin here.
Can I fuck you?

Girls are desperate for men. Men have jobs. Men have interesting things to talk about. Men know how to fuck. Men make us want to cook, clean, knees.

News flash. Women (good ones) don’t want to support a man

>cock size,
85kg at 181cm
>cash flow
1500€ a month plus bonus extra

Virgin though.
Can I fuck you?

And what can you offer?

No. There’s no reason for you to be a virgin, but I bet if I laid out for you step by step on how to lose your virginity you wouldn’t listen. 39 isn’t even the oldest virgin I’ve handled

>I bet if I laid out for you step by step on how to lose your virginity you wouldn’t listen
Bet is on.
I'm listening.

I do like taking virginity...

Name place and time.
Also how much would it cost me?

A good lay, self sufficient, I’ll do the cleaning. I like pets. I don’t have kids. I like football. I know how to grill a steak. I know how to set up a campsite. I swallow. Lots of things

Best free resource for quick success:
pickupguide com (slash) layguide

this. on top of it, a girl can say she has a rape fantasy or wants to be treated roughly, enjoy it while it's happening, then decide the next day she didn't like it because her (((feelings))) changed or her friends convinced her she was abused, then ole mr policeman shows up for you.

go fuck yourself cunt.

You sound perfect.
What's the catch?

Kek, this retard it's actually eating this stupid bait.

1. Gym
2. Put down vidya
3. Read — news and books
4. Have some hobby/skill that is positive
5. Have reliable transportation
6. Have health insurance
7. Try to have healthy relationships with your parents
8. Don’t whine

I may be a cumdumpster but I’m not a whore

She'll probably fuck your brother if he seems like a better catch. All the things she named aren't values, or even things that represent her personality. Super superficial.

> I like football
surest indicator of a fake bitch that doesn't like football but just says it to lure in a guy. most likely you enjoy throwing a superbowl party and run in to make sure you watch the halftime show and new commercials. get rekt faker.

Don't listen, the trap it's trying to brainwash you.

That’s the thing. There is no catch. More and more grills are like me. We are dying for guys to lead us

>1. Gym
Working on it
>2. Put down vidya
Haven't played video games in a decade
>3. Read — news and books
I read a lot, like a lot lot
>4. Have some hobby/skill that is positive
Reading books counts?
>5. Have reliable transportation
I have a car.
>6. Have health insurance
I have now.
>7. Try to have healthy relationships with your parents
It's fine.
>8. Don’t whine
I don't anymore.

Can I fuck you?

> i will only exchange sex for dinner or a home provided to me by a working man
> i will not fuck a poor man
> i am not a whore

Pick any SEC football team and I can probably tell you their 20 year history

Yes. Those are all my non negotiables

> ok google, tell me the history of football team x

Even better.
Where and when can I fuck you?
I'll fuck you so hard and I won't stop even if you beg me.

If “brainwashing “ is getting people laid, guilty I guess

>ok googl
Have fun being spied on

I live in South Georgia

Ok, let's fuck then

I'm across the pond.
This sucks girl.
How old are you anyway?

You seem like a smart person.

1. Hiding insecurity trough muscle
2. Games are art
3. Getting brainwashed with propaganda
4.I do drugs you fucking pussy
5.A fiat punto is all you need
6. Stupid Americans
7. Being a mama's boy is so alpha, leave the fucking house when you're 18
8. Stfu

I doubt google even google can tell you specific plays that make or break seasons. I think a lot of btards are intimidated by girls with a healthy knowledge of sports because said btards are limp dicked virgins with no concept of the world of competition


Damn, I would seriously meet you

you don't know fuck all about this "person" yet you're dedicated to fucking "her", indicating you're a desperate and sad, pathetic wretch beyond measure. jfc kys.

>Damn, I would seriously meet you

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Even if you are just a Larping fag, you made me mad enough to respond. Congratz.
32 and still looking for a man.
>Bu..but user, men are simply not men anymore!1!
Chances are something is wrong with you. Maybe your slut mentality, or your obvious gold digging.
>But..I'm cute! I can fuck well!
Both of those things will be gone in a few years, and literally noone will care about you by then. Nobody wants a women that will stay with you during fun times, but fucks off when things get tough.

Ok faggots listen up, I'm not OP but I'm going to give you my tried and true secret to actually getting some pussy within a week or two. Disclaimer: You have to have good hygiene, transportation, money(but not a lot, just enough for a movie date or something) and look halfway decent.

>Start by picking 5-10 various shopping locations. Ex: Target, Walmert, Mall, Grocery store etc.
>Goal is to basically assume none of your efforts will be successful i.e expect failure with every chick you talk to
>Try to "fail" at least 5 times per location i.e talk to at least 5 various women that you fancy
>As far as what to say, don't get too complex here. Keep it very straight forward. Ex: "Hello how are, my name is ___, Im new to this area. If you aren't taken, would it be possible to go see a movie or grab a bite sometime?"
>Repeat this until all of your pre-selected locations are exhausted.
>Do this everyday. Don't even need to switch up locations, but it doesn't hurt to get a change of scenery
>Guarantee to get at least ONE by the weeks end. If not, you have horrible luck or you simply didn't do/say something right
>As far as your wins, don't be too aggressive or obvious. Act like a normal Chad and don't even mention sex or any kind of awkward flirting(unless you know for a 100% fact, she's feeling that kind of stuff)

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> d-d-damnnn u say u feemale with vageena and u live 3000 mile away?
> d-d-damn i sooo meet u

Wtf? Tits or gtfo nobody believes you a girl.

Your master plan is to hit on trailer trash Walmart skanks until one eventually caves in and shares her AIDs with me?

>Hello how are, my name is ___, Im new to this area. If you aren't taken, would it be possible to go see a movie or grab a bite sometime?
Not bad idea honestly.
What's the worst that can happen?

>implaying only trash needs groceries

Best tip I can give to lose your v card is lift and run a bunch, so you become fast enough to catch them and strong enough to do what needs to be done.

Alright fags. I’m out. I’ll leave you with two things:
1. Girls today are dying for strong men. As I said, the best sex I’ve ever had was a guy who controlled everything

2. We don’t want to support you. Have means. No this doesn’t mean we are gold diggers. We just don’t need to be giving you lifts, sneaking in to your parents house, lending you a utility payment

Just wear a condom and even without a condom the chances of getting aids are almost zero.

Oof. What a fucking shit thread. R9k tier. Fucking desperation is super cringe.

This "woman" is wrong.

That is not the way for you, anons. In this case, just visit a brothel. Very pretty girls there, at least here in Europe.

If you want a good, stable relationship, with a girl that isn't a cum dumpster, you need to work your way up. And that'll take some time, considering how low you are.

The rule is, the more you communicate to women, the more they'll communicate to you. Not via Internet, I mean IRL. If you don't talk to them, there'll never be a woman talking to you.

Next is failure, and you will. But as with any activity, experience brings improvement. And you need to build up on your success.

Fuck fat women. Fuck whatever you feel you can handle. Don't jump at the hottest Instagram influencer. If you've leveled your skill sufficiently and you feel you can handle the shallow ponds of girls you find everywhere these days, go ahead. Their standards are just a bit different.

Also this talk about being handled rough...whatever, anons. Don't listen to it. Just do your thing. They've got enough red carpet.

Walmart was an example. Nonetheless, contrary to popular belief, there are normal women that actually go to walmart to get cheap groceries, household products and just general cheap shopping. I've gotten a few wins from walmart and none of them were your stereotypical "walmart trash". Get out of the house sometimes, not everything you see on the internet is real


Like I said expect to fail. Worst that can happen is no, not interested and life goes on. Since you expected failure, you don't even feel bad. Just keep on with your mission soldier

Sorry honey, no money no dick.

Based chad.

I have learned to say this to bitches myself. Equality!

is 6.5x5 big enough

You seem very affected by an anonymous Sup Forums thread. Hope you don’t have heart issues

Nobody's even gonna ask this guy for a timestamp?

Cock size isn’t as important as you men think. Unless it’s microscopic, size has nothing on experience.

To be honest; I’ve had more problems with hung men maintaining erections than smaller men pleasing me

Any more of her?

Does not count if you're a man.

Most awesome and right thing I heard in a long time

>What's the worst that can happen?
you will pick up weird and forced social habits that prevent you from developing relationships in a natural or honest way

jfc just be a person, talk to women like people, and stop looking for pua tips on Sup Forums

What does this acronym mean?

>you will pick up weird and forced social habits that prevent you from developing relationships in a natural or honest way
I'm 39 year old virgin, kind of late for that

I wish. I think she may be my friend’s sister. I want more