Whats the gayest thing you ever done? i was "forced" into a gay three sum and loved it

whats the gayest thing you ever done? i was "forced" into a gay three sum and loved it

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Posted this before in similar thread but here it is again.

I was standing on a very crowded streetcar, and this guy standing behind me kept deliberately bumping his boner against my ass. After 4-5 times, I slowly backed up a bit and rubbed/grinded my ass on his dick. It was meant as more of a "oh yeah, that's what you want, I'll frigin show you", but ended up being kind of hot. He definitely let out a light moan.

Went home and masturbated furiously.

Sucked a few guys dicks in their car.. one guy in particular would finger my ass while I sucked him.. can go into more details, or my first time sucking story

i was forced and i ended up really liking it,so much that i still do

How did they force you?

I’m not sure what was the gayest. How do you rate them? Ass fucking, dick sucking, stroking off, making out? I need the point list

i went to my neighbors house his son and i were friends but he wasnt there so his dad asked me to help him move couch and when we were done he took his shirt off and then just forced him self on me to give him a blowjob. i didnt even know what i was doing i was 13

what ever you thin was the gayest lol

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Well out of doing all of them I have to say making out and then sucking dick felt the gayest. And not in a bad way

nice all i know is i went over again looking for something and when i got there he had a friend and they taught me how to take care of two guys at once

I'm openly bisexual (gay leaning) but a lot of my guy friends don't know. I've gone skinny dipping with some of them and we saw each other's asses.

did a pose sort of like this one for a truth or dare once

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Best threesome I had, we were all standing, there was one really hot guy in the middle, a guy behind him was fucking his ass, and I was in front of him making out and playing with each other’s cocks. Then I went down to let him cum in my mouth while the other guy still pounded his ass

Do your openly bi gay leaning, and the gayest thing you’ve done is seen an ass? You cheeky monkey

I took more than one look at them. Tried to see their packages but we were all covering ourselves

I've sucked a lot of cock...I mean a lot. I have been fucked a lot too but not nearly as much as the amount of cock I sucked. Sucked off an old man in the woods once- that felt gay. Have been spitroasted by dudes before but I was wearing panties and thigh highs and I kinda felt like a girl so it didnt seem so gay.

How can you identify as bi if you have never had any kind of sex with a guy?

do you do it safely? i mean with all the disease out there

>old men

My mind goes to guys when I jack off, and I think about sex with guys a lot

What the fuck??

yes! never fucked without a condom. tested often never caught anything!

I dunno. He was old and gruff and had a big dick and new how to work me over. its was pretty hot- also hot cuz it was totally spontaneous- he cruised me in a park, flash his fat cock and I followed him into the woods like a pavlovs puppy

Forced love...

bisexuals can be virgins too

A few years back I used to have this latino slut bottom that I used to call to fuck regularly. We'd do it at his place when his parents were out or my car hidden away in an alleyway. Pretty hot, but he was incredibly gay. He had his hair dyed pink and liked to cuddle after fucking.

We’ll go have sex with a guy. What’s your hold up? Are you mike pence? Life is too short to deny yourself enjoyment

I'm shy but I'm going to try my luck with a guy today.

was he intact like most Latinos?

kys racist

I have grindr but am too afraid to work up the courage to meet up with someone. Any tips Sup Forumsros?

He never said but if I wasn't his first I was probably one of them. He was so tight not even after almost an hour eating his ass and fingering him I could dilate it enough for me to fuck it. He was a total slut tho, always clean and shaved ready for my dick. Goddamn I miss him.

Don't meet anyone. Go to a gay club. You get to suck, get sucked and have sex without having to arrange a date with someone.

i meant his dick lol. Most Latinos are uncircumcised, from what I've seen

i wouldnt recommend u use grindr

When I was 10 I had a friend who I had a lot of sleepovers with. He'd feel me me up in my sleep. Over time he started doing more and more.

Eventually I 'woke up' while he was doing it. Started doing it more often after that consensually

Oh lmao yeah. He was uncircumcised, but then again so am I. In my country circumcision is a very rare phenomenon that's only done when there's health risks

Well I’m not suggesting you go find some stranger first day and let him fuck you bareback. Find some gay friends online and tell them you want to try some touching and going slow, see how much it’s turning you on. Taking it slow at first adds to the enjoyment in the long run

personally I think every country should be like that. I don't mind circumcised penises though, since probably 80% of the penises I've seen have been cut.

Yeah I meant I know a guy who's cute and I'm going to try talking with him

Nice. I hope he feels the same

I don't mind either. Circumcised guys are easier to make cum.

I never knew that. Interesting

Aren't intact guys' foreskins very sensitive?

sucked a friends cock at 14

Circumcisions are done buy the parents choice at birth, not by doctor or country rule. At least in the US

which is something stupid if you think about it

Out of a whim I decided to download grindr. Hooked up with a rather dark fellow with a 10 inch dick. Sucked him off and he came on my face. Only guy Ive done things with. I don't have attraction towards guys. Just was bored and said fuck it. Hooked up two more times over the years now he lives in florida.

They should educate the one day old infant with the pros and cons and let them decide?


Gayest thing I ever did was accidentally see a man's willy in the swimming pool changing rooms

No. They should only do it if the health of the child is at risk. Some of my friends developed phimosis at a young age and had to be circumcised. Not me though, I pulled down my little ding dong foreskin daily to prevent that like the pediatrician recommended and I never got cut. It's that easy.

with guy friends? elaborate


I have a gay friend and once in a party he tried to kissed me and I was so wasted that we made out in his bedroom.

It was nice but I fell weird till this day.

Downladed Grindr, before lunch while at work and found a guy from a town over who wanted head. Didn't want him at my place where my gf and family are all day so we met in the nearby hospital parking lot. He drove a Dodge truck that has low set windows but is kind of a tall truck so no one could see unless they're right next to the truck. Met him, climbed in his truck all nervous, he said hey I said hey and then he pulled out his dick. Once I saw it I wasn't nervous anymore and went to work straight away. I know how I like my head so while he was still soft I pushed his dick all the way in my mouth and sucked him like that until he got hard and was in my throat. Barely used my hand at all. Kept sucking and I looked up and saw someone getting into their car next to us. He just pushed my head back down and said keep going. I didn't get a good look at them since my mouth was full of dick but I'm pretty sure they saw something from the angle they were at. If not my head they for sure saw my ass in the air across tye seat if they glanced over even a little bit. He came pretty quick after that. Let him cum in my mouth but I wasnt ready so I couldn't let him cum in my throat like I wanted. Didn't swallow because I'm a pussy. Left and never saw him again.

Wasn't forced until he pushed my head down in his dick when people came nearby and I was gonna just sit up and wait for them to leave. But as soon as his dick hit the back of my throat with his hand on the back of my head pushing, I got super turned on and didn't want to stop and wait for them to leave anyway.

Like the pedo recommend... or demonstrated? Did it involve lubing? Was he gloved? Green text

My first time was also kinda like this.
Except in a parking lot behind the mcdonalds without car.
Was nice.

My only other time was a couple weeks later. Got catfished with some pretty decent dick pics, was trying to get fucked this time but it ended up being this older dude with a pretty small dick. I sucked him anyway and he almost came before he was even hard. Let him fuck too because I wanted something in my ass. He came in less than a minute and it felt more like he was just pushing his tiny dick up againt my hole than actually inside it. He was probably 4.5 long and maybe the same circumference. Very dissatisfied. Still count myself as a virgin. Because he basically fingered me for 30 seconds.

I had only ever been with girls until a few months ago,went to a club, got really drunk, some guy with long hair started coming on to me, he looked enough like a woman that I thought why not. Went back to his obviously kissing quite a lot, I had sex with him like I'd have sex with a woman I just got on top. I kind of regret him not fucking me but he was kind of a sub and I can't remember him asking. Anyway we went to sleep, we had sex again in the morning and I never saw or contacted him again.

I was kind of off and on seeing this girl at the time obviously I never told her I fucked another guy on a night out, but I'd probably do it again though even though sex with women is better.

Been curious for awhile, got on grindr, nobody really caught my interest. Until this guy...Never seen a body like this. Blew him the day after and let him shoot on my face. We've hanged out a few times since, just head. Thinking about fucking him but pretty nervous.

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>fucking him
he's gonna be fucking you white boiiii

Went down on a friend of a friend at a beach vacation house. He had a really jacked body and I was drunk so I just went with it

yeah for sure ;)

I got fucked by my 120lb german shepherd, it was my first time doing anything anally so it was both fucking amazing, and fucking painful

lol good. Be proud. Now in all seriousness are you a twink? got any qt pics?

naw this is the first dude i been with. think i've been turning bi as i've aged as my test has declined, idk. really drawn to the muscular black guy aesthetic

Wrong thread bitch boy.

I dunno, it was pretty gay

I was in my mid-teens, it was summer and I was having a sleepover with a friend

out of nowhere he came onto me and offered to suck my dick if i promised to return the favor someday

idk why I said yes but he did it, it really sucked (no pun intended) and I've never seen him again

but I dread seeing him cause I know he's gonna cash in on my promise and I don't wanna suck any dick bro

Not really gay but I watched one of my friends fuck another in the ass then I sucked the cum out of his ass while I jacked off

Beast is not gay. It's a whole other deal.

>op is fag
>nothing new
based /thread/

Sucked off a friend, he was “no homo”, but knew I was gay for him and I guess he figured a bj is a bj. He told after he could believe I just swallowed his load. I was pretty horned up still at the time and told him I’d swallow his piss if it made him feel good. A couple days later he had me do just that. Wasn’t that horrible, was just piss

Mike will be fully powered soon

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I hired a model to work with me a few years back. He was an emo/scene twink. Quite hot IMHO. At the time he was 20. Anyway we did a bunch of shoots which I'm guessing bumped up his self confidence cause around the 4th or 5th shoot he tells me he's started working in a cabaret club. Mentions that he does lap dances. Interest piqued. I request a private dance at the end of our next shoot. We talked for a while and he says he's bi. I had always wanted to try taking a dick in my mouth but was always scared off by the usual shit. Wished I had had an attractive gay/bi friend. This was my first serious chance. He says he's down and off to the armchair we go. LOL I think the dance was 20% grinding/dry humping and 80% blowjob. He came before my neck could get sore. Took probably the first half of it down the throat. The rest wound up on my shirt. I expected to totally gag on the stuff but I guess I was really into it. Or him. Or both. He said it was one of the better bjs he'd gotten. We did it several more times before we drifted apart. Pics cause I know you're gonna ask. I don't want to show his face sorry. Could lead back.

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how's it racist?

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Posting that won't make you any less gay you know. Leaving the thread and not being here might help, but probably won't stop you thinking about cocks user. You know, coz you're so Not Gay.

cool story, thanks for sharing.

Put on stockings and suspenders and let a stranger fuck my ass and pull my long hair. He also spanked me with a belt and came on my face.

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Sucked a friends cock in secret cuz puberty and boredom . Sucked mine but both lasted less than a minute

Best friend at the time woke me up giving me a handy so I fucked him in the ass. He was too ashamed to admit it happened and accused me of rape later

gonna need more details. Ages? Location? How long did it last? Was he any good?

not my president... yet

They should wait until the kid is old enough to decide.

Yeah mostly guys but a couple girls too. A bunch of us had obviously been dared to take off various clothes; I was already naked, so I was dared to bend over and spread my ass cheeks wide in front of the others.

Accidentally got a regular strength coffee and I drank it.

Straight dude here. An old guy I met at the bar got me wasted at his house on moonshine. Didn't even know he was gay but I fuzzily remember him being on top of me fucking me in the ass.

Fucked a girl with another dude. Not gay in my book, but this came to my mind.

In middle and high school the gym's showers were so close together and there were so many of us that there'd be bunch of naked boys surrounding one shower head to shower, inevitably bumping and rubbing against each other's nude bodies in the process. I got hard more than once and saw that I wasn't the only one

I met an older man at the park and sucked his cock for an hour. He came in my mouth. Made me a cock hungry sissyslut for life.

A friend and I both got naked together out of curiosity when we were teenagers, and when I saw he was uncut I put my finger in underneath his foreskin and moved it around. He moaned and I felt precum on my finger lol. We ended up playing with each other's dicks and touching each other's asses.

What school are you a gym teacher in now?

I'm not lol. I'm recounting memories from when I was in school.

sure is fruity in here

bisexual maybe

I sucked off my rommate few times while crossdressing.