She represents us because she is white and pleasant...

She represents us because she is white and pleasant, comes from a powerful lineage and from a country that has never been seen in absolute misery, we have destroyed her pure and chaste dreams of having a happy childhood because we reproduce and consume faster of what nature can bear on its own.

Poor her, I have broken her hopes and hopes by having a happy family with two children and working in a decent office with a sufficient salary, I have a modern car that I change regularly and pay my parents' mortgage to be able to recover the house they dilapidated In crisis long time ago.

She is angry that I also have a lover several miles away, which we see each other occasionally so why not? Give him some money to finish his basic studies and get out of the crap hole he is in.

Greta is angry that the human being is free to decide where to defecate and who to defecate. Who to throw in the trash and who to keep.

She has the privilege of being able to express her voice in the middle of a mediatic circus of power, television and electronic media, she knows what to say and when to say it, at what moment to say it and how to respond to excesses.

While the voices of our native peoples silence them with bullets, with fear and fear, the blood drains from the veins of the mines, the coal, oil, chemical, pharmaceutical, automotive and the entire world manufacturing sector, to that she can wear her beautiful dresses before they went through more than one hundred hands, peasants, workers, seamstresses, distributors, sellers and retailers who drop a cent of what their parents paid for him, and still dares to say that I am to blame for the planet being warming.

Well, I say jacque matte little girl, I hope to see you soon swimming in cocaine and alcohol as your parents have been doing.

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You know -berg is one of the more common Swedish name endings (after -son and maybe -quist/qvist) and has fuck all to do with Jews there, right?

This is now a liberty memes thread

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Fucking saved.

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I just love how the inability to read more than a paragraph is now seen as something to brag about. You should run for congress.

More Greta v Micheal Cera deepfakes

do autists even get horny??

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Jesus Christ YES.

>people i don't like is ugly

Just a friendly reminder that This girl is Abused daily, She has Aspergers, and is funded By George Soros, and is Anti Trump, Anti America, anti West and Pro Antifa!
She does not represent white people no more than Hitler did when the Nazis paraded young girls around just like this to get you to be brainwashed!!

Dude are you blind?
She looks like a muppet gone wrong.

>Micheal Cera

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>comes from a powerful lineage and from a country that has never been seen in absolute misery
Famine and mass death were a regular occurrence in Sweden until the end of the 19th century.


I bet its hairy as fuck, would still pound it until she couldnt stand up though.

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>from a country that has never been seen in absolute misery

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>has never been seen in absolute misery

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>absolute misery

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what is joke?

Seen the picture yet of her nuble little buds poking out through her shirt?
Its like heaven.

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Wow, and they call liberals snowflakes. I've never seen such a bunch of triggered little wussies.

>Ugly girl is ugly
This is why have a Kardashian culture.

On a positive note, everything in this world goes in cycles. Hoovervilles are coming back and this little whiny bitch WILL live long enough to see them. If not live in one.

OK SORRY, I took a break

thread back on

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always has been. Even though they have no real world experience to make a true opinion.

I dislike Trump but this made me kek.

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Trump should have the twitter cap as his line.

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Shes from Sweden not the US

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>destroyed her childhood
Well, might as well wreck her tight little asshole too then.

I don't give a shit about that injun or the kid. But the kid does have a more punchable face.

>she is pleasant

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Anyone got an answer yet as to why she looks so dopey?

I agree climate change is real. But it's so obvious that she's being handled and pretty much told what to say. I'd rather champion a fucking climatologist instead of some fucking Swedish 14 year old.

Facebook quality

But theyre all with her. Media just loves her, scientists arent as dramatic and nonsexual sexy

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lol and out come the basement dwelling meme dweebs

jelly that this girl has influence and power at half your age

>scientists arent as dramatic

Because they have to be ready to be challenged on their claims.

500 Scientists Write U.N.: ‘There Is No Climate Emergency’

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she is a puppet from rich leftist family
stop giving her attention


>influence and power
Because her handlers want her to

Never heard of assburgers having any physical atributes to it.