Is America ready for its first Asian president?

Is America ready for its first Asian president?

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after the orange trash president we have currently, i'd say so.

Better him than a woman

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wang gang is dead

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I know I'm ready for Yang. Can't say for sure about the rest of America

me no likey orangy man

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.response: afirmative
.response: thread approve

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i like asian guy be president so there will be less retarded people

DNC certainly isn't since they're actively blocking him.

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Only if he makes a strike force to keep Godzilla out.

this is now a godzilla thread

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Unless hes gonna somehow outlaw inflation, sure.

what does this have to do with godzilla?

not godzilla, stay on topic please

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Image of godzilla invading this thread
(c) 1984 Bing Chong

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fuck off godzillafags

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>libcucks are so desperate to vote orange man out of office that they turn to a socialist chink opportunist
Have fun getting raped in 2020 again. I cant wait to watch you literally cry in tbe streets about it again. Ypu people are babies.

>t. Yang Goyng Discord shill
Does he pay you or are you volunteers?

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say that to my face fuker

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Yang 2020 when

he says, as he holds back his tears

Has he broke 1% in an aggregate yet?

finally we'll be able to buy girls panties in vending machines

what does this picture of yang holding godzilla tell us about his platform?

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Sure, just not this faggot.

wtf i love yang now

what will yang do for my people?

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>yangtard so high on crack she doesnt even know if he has broken 1%
Just jump off a bridge and be done with it, subhuman faggit.

Steal your guns, ruin the economy, go after whites and push diversity of skin colour, cuck to china oh and try to give you 1000$ and fail hilariously

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I'll vote for him

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>h-haha ya im taking millions from china and hate white people and freedom but ill give you some money if im elected

>oh no, he has a higher average than i condescendingly stated, better tell the person to kill themself
this is what happens when you cannot stop sucking dicks, orange or not.


that sounds like not a good deal

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>she thinks 3.3 is his average
>she thinks this is a high average
Holy fucking christ look at this pathetic tranny cope

pathetic shilling going on here

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Yang wasnt actually paid by the chinese you fucking idiot, go read the contracr yourself he just worked for them

-500 social credit

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>he just worked for them
>wasnt actually paid
>he just worked for the chinese govt
>dont worry guys, he wasnt actually paid (as if that even makes sense)
Yangtards are fucking desperate

>thinks 3.3 isn't the average from 8 polling places
>thinks im a tranny
who's really coping?

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He's the only candidate who consistently answers questions directly and the only one with ideas that are not antiquated.

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A vote for Yang is a vote to end pan handling forever.

He's too fringe to compete with Biden/Sanders/Warren. Hope the internet weirdos can put down their waifu pillows and brave going outside long enough to prove me wrong, be we all know that isn't going to happen.

>3.3 average from 8 polling places
Your newest coping mechanism seems to be simply making up numbers and trying to sound authoritative
>polling places
Can you please just fucking set yourself on fire you braindead fucking sjw cumstain? Yang is a chinese shill and he has less chance of winning than bernie.

He has even less chance of winning than you have of ever finding someone who will admire you

Literally the only candidate who appeals to liberals, conservatives, libertarians, and shitheads.


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>more handouts to niggers
>not antequated
Cant say im surprised a yang tranny thinks like this

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>doesnt know what aggregate means
Yangtards are subhuman

He doesnt appeal to cons or libertarians, he doesnt appeal to liberals. Stop sniffing glue in class jamal

why did you say shitheads four times

Whoa! I’m so surprised the DNC is corrupt and actively attempting to push candidates that would aid them in lining their pockets rather than the candidate people want, they’ve never done this before! I can’t believe it one bit!

>why did you say shitheads four times

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godzilla believes pans should have handles

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kek, got me good there for a bit, but no one is this absolutely retarded.

I bet you believed trump colluded with russia too

my people are voting godzilla

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>but no one is this absolutely retarded.
Well yangtards think yang appeals to liberals conservatives and libertarians so technically youre more retarded

why did you say it a fifth time


Why don't you like your President?

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lol. No wonders but lol anyway

>Yang Goyng
He's like a shittier chinese bernie with no political experience

Why would anyone not vote for Trump over him?

Then theres also the fact that hes almost certainly a chinese asset, having worked for them and getting millions from them

Why would I?

>oh no, i was almost forced to face the fact that my candidate is a meme loser and the only reason he even has a political pulse is because mentally ill tranny communists spam him online

>oh no i just assume stuff about other people to be fact

The laughs

This. Trump is literally a racist, a fascist, a white supremist, an anti-semite, an islomophobe, a sexist, a perverted creap, a rapist and probably a pedophile.

He has intigated initiatives to fight homophobia globally, and signed an executive order to give 50 billion dollars to historically black schools. But ignore that because the corporate legacy media wont talk about it.

>implying youre not a seething yangkike

Are you ready for 2016's Sanders Electric Boogaloo?

Do you think he'll sell out and endorse the corporate neoliberal globalist shill again this time? Almost certainly

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in all honesty, i keep responding, because it lets me bump the thread, and maybe at least one Sup Forumstard will realize that by voting for yang, it keeps people like you away from anything important.

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>voting yang will do anything other than tank the economy and catalyze declining white birthrates
Stay delusional, pathetic little chink shill. Trump will win again and you will cry in the streets like babies again

Yang is not a socialist you boomer fuck

>Insinuating that these are bad traits.

Yang 2020 when

can't decide

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handing out money to people is literally the definition of socialism

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>voting yang will do anything other than tank the economy and catalyze declining white birthrates
i thought you trump shills were already saying that because he was getting impeached the economy was fucked. so i guess that's already out. on the declining white birth rates, is trump really countering that? I thought saying african/latin/asian countries have to stop abortion to get some funding would only help the other races more.

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By that definition all modern states are socialist since they hand out money

Only thing worse then if they paid him would be if he did it for free.

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Of course. His probably good at math

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still waiting for this check then

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No. I’m a conservative. Who voted trump. Lol. I just think the DNC is corrupt and Hillary is a lying cunt.

how cucked would you have to be to actually vote for a chink?

>i thought you trump shills were already saying that because he was getting impeached the economy was fucked
Irrelevant strawman

Trumps economic policies (i.e. growing middle america where it was suffering before) have resulted in white birthrathes surpassing those of nonwhites for the first time in about a decade. It ran through the news (not your corporate spew or vapid social media clickbait) nearly 2 months ago. Oy vey, we cant have that getting out can we?

Damn dude, great argument. Must feel good to have such extreme intellectual capabilities that you so clearly posess

a socialist chink who wants to disarm you*