Ok which one of you raped her ?

ok which one of you raped her ?

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Post-acid attack Leslie Jones.

I swear, it wasn't me.

one of these im guessing

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i know seriously. the woman who started that movement is seriously the least fuckable person in the world. the person who did it was certifiably insane.

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To think a man could stomach raping such an ugly beast. And to think that alleged rape led to the most embarrassing, unfruitful movement of our era. Where is Weinstein now? On a privet yacht, getting blown by the next up and comming actress of course.

Beat me to it

>implying the madman who raped this fugly babboon wasnt a left wing pants shitter
Thanks for the laugh

Almost like leftists are more concerned with getting attention than doing anything important

>implying those aren't leftwing shills trying to make Sup Forums users look like they aren't part of the masterrace

Oh look, another schizophrenic leftist. Trump will be impeached any day now right?

fuck no he isn't. he didn't do anything wrong, fuck the libs

Why are leftists always so fucking hideous?

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And its not as if doing wrong things gets you impeached anyways, bush and obama shouldve been impeached if you follow the schizo leftist "logic"

exactly, they would've impeached reagan for the iran-contra. when it was really in our national interests to push crack cocaine into ghettos, while taking the profits and using it to train osama bin laden.

I most definitely would

Leftist beta predator detected

Dont let your family around this guy

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This is worse than the nudes from that ghostbusters monkey

Yids rape kids. Muslims rape goats. Niggers would muh dik pretty much anything. My guess, some nog mistook it for a barn animal and, as niggers are to do, raped it.

>My guess, some nog mistook it for a barn animal and, as niggers are to do, raped it.
Literally lold at this

I’m a handsome bloke. I don’t need to rape.