Im not looking for dark web garbage I'm looking to get into the mythical section of the intellectually deepweb...

Im not looking for dark web garbage I'm looking to get into the mythical section of the intellectually deepweb. There's 8 layers of the internet and we are searching what's past the darkweb. My friend whose helped me (he's done all the work)with all the information and codes he had me putting in. Which is something I would never be able to repeat the alone without him. Some of the firewalls brought you to pages on physcholical questions the first was "what are you looking for". Through this process we've seen some horrible things in hidden forums of discussions I wish I've never read even worse than the gore shit you see here on Sup Forums
We are looking for a third who is tech savvy to help us bypass an area we've(him I'm just along for the ride) been stuck on. This started off as a side project on seeing if there were any hidden gov documents on aliens or bigfoot(anything interesting really) but now it's become into what can we get ahold of that's something the elite truly don't want us to see. There's something hidden behind all these protective firewalls and we want to know who,what and why on information leaked into the deeper sectors of the internet

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There are actually 9 layers

Looking for someone preferably with ITT background or well versed in coding

9 w/surface. which is open to everyone which is why I didn't include it.

ITT professional here. You need 7 layers, just below the lettuce.

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what specifically do you need help getting by?

more information is required

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there are 6 layers on the pic sir

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>government documents on bigfoot
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