*block your path with a pro climate activist sign*

*block your path with a pro climate activist sign*

what will you do Sup Forums?

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Push her aside because shes like 12 and I'm a grown man

Mow her down with my coal burning massive engined truck.
Then reverse over her to make sure the job's done.

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i make her eat this

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under 16 year old detected

Tell her, "Nice Feet."

Just walk round her

Trump detected

tell her about Thorium then leave

why would you have that?

why wouldnt i?

sanitary reasons for starters

teleport 360 degrees around here and keep walking

Fuck her into submission

>paying attention to children
They should be thankful we allowed them to live.

Kid, even if she spread her legs you wouldn’t be able to figure out how to get it in the right hole.

Smack her mom for drinking too much when she was pregnant.

Not op: there's a wrong hole?!?!?


are you a fucking retard?

>hide thread
just like i did to the 40+ identical threads that's been posted the past hour.
I never asked for an ugly downie to stare me down like that ice cream she smushed on her face 15 minutes ago. Bet the sun never sets for you when the gap between your eyes is that damn wide

Calm down Chad need a hug?

i hate this little kid so much, she's just a bitch who seek for attention

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hold her at her shoulders, shake her and yell that the world is going to end like I did 5 years ago. worked great.

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You just went full retard
Never go full retard

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*Salutes* sieg heil!

I'd step aside and be careful not to knock her bucket

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>what will you do
ghost her like a boss

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I simply tell her the truth.

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