Would you slidd those logs?

Would you slidd those logs?

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will the mentally ill faggot ever stop posting this stupid image?
probably not, given how pathetic he is.
just point and laugh at the cum drinker, and watch him drink a gallon of jizz.

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stay mad, cum drinking log fag!


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>trying this hard
no wonder you're pathetic

Stop being a meanie.

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Grow up Eustace.

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I need those in a bigger size!

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What's that sound, I hear it all around,
It almost sounds quite dirty,
He draws folk in, with a cheeky grin,
Why, it's Andy and his hurdy-gurdy!

He turns the handle and plays his tune,
It almost feels quite flirty,
The people join in and they clap their hands,
Oh, it's Andy and his hurdy-gurdy!

It goes 'Pffft...parp...squelch and plop',
You could even call it turdy,
He plays all day and through the night,
Yes, it's Andy and his hurdy-gurdy!

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mmm I love a poopy smelly shit log from Mr. Sixx

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slidding down my throate

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Bang zoom take you to the moon

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>this desperate to LIE

hehe stinky!

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old comments sure to upset you log poster, why?

oh SHIT waddup

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i don't get it, are you mad at what i asked?

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what does that mean, tho?

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so you're mad, what did I do to you?


It means you should suck a log LOL

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it doesn't say that, are you obsessed or something?
so have you gotten over your anger then? good!

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I want to be Andys personal human colostomy sacc shout out to my blood set suwu

dude, you're obsessed. maybe you need to see a dr. about that.

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Shit shart poo poo doo doo dingy duck dong dick

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Married and you're still obsessing over him?

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>See my imageboard


The onyl thing i enjoy more than guzzling semen is eating feces from andys ass

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His Thunberg's

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Is Marvin Gay?

Brown 5 logging in

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Imagine the anger...

every time you are desperate to lie, why is that?
does it upset you so much to be told the truth that you feel compelled to lie?

Just popped in this thread. Can see people getting bedwetting about Andrew Biersack. Very sad indeed.

Imagine how childish.

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