No rekt thread?

no rekt thread?
rekt thread

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I was raised on the dairy, bitch

Fuckin classic.

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i liek the terrifie kidssjn teh back

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Why is he doing this at the supermarket? Is he testing their fire system?

The part that got me was the guy was such a clean freak he put the bottle back in the bag after using it. I mean, if you're going to go, just toss it on the ground.. who gives a fuck?

I always thought they'd look like road kill when they smashed into the ground but it's not so bad.

Surprised he's not more fucked up considering how far he fell

Where's the money Lebowski

Nice job by that Moyle

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love how this retard destroys entire fucking gas station.

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Always carry a firearm.

Dogs are such shit animals.

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WTF was this? Sauce?

Didn't know this was a ylyl

In a cologne / perfume shop. Lights a cigarette. Boom.

This is the most disgusting nigger i have ever seen on the internet...

Guess I'm not sleeping tonight.

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kek, what are you talking about?
cigarette, shirt, one hand, fucking in public, jizzed all over the street
say what you want, but this guy is alpha as fuck

Natural gas. It's why we put a scent in ours in the U.S.

After seeing so many people on fire videos, and no one stops, drops, and rolls....

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Right on

Dogs are just a Reflection of there holders so Humans are such shit animals!

I've got eggnog in my goat milk.

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I wish Americans would all buy dash cams. This stuff is pure gold.

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what a bunch of superstitious horse shit

That shit only happens in Europe

Thank you, I agree so much

what happened, did her meth pipe explode?


nerve gas

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>Thank you, I agree so much

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Baths are gay, why even bother? -user

what the fuck is going on here

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No but her hairspray was probably ignited by her lighting up a fag.

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how did you get the dolphin to come out of the water like that?

First time cummies.

If they were married I hope he left her instantly

The day Jen discovered she was a mutant

Did she diened ?

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ive said this before, but why arent all gas stations equipped to deal with this? it would be such an easy fix


he ignited the nerve gas accidentally

Thank you

that looks like a contest

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Nice model

Fucking lost

1000 hours in ms paint.


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Kek. What the fuck was that? Narcolepsy?

lol why are people so fucking stupid. it's drifting towards your lane, so go into the other lane. He deserved it.

Female driver.
On her phone.


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lol the dog's like "oh cool a bird"

you don't have female drivers in your country?

I hate it when people get so close to me like that. She deserved what she got.


LMFAO story pls

sent her back to the dust bowl

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underrated comment

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The guy apparently inhaled some type of nerve gas and had a twitch.

why are those trash bags moving?

I like how he still casually picks up his change after blasting grandma mouth breather to the floor

I kekd

Pitbulls of peace

pitbulls are the niggers of dogs