Just so we're clear, Biden is going to get a free pass from everything being accused of him...

Just so we're clear, Biden is going to get a free pass from everything being accused of him, with the media covering up for him, no matter what comes out? Why does this sound familiar?

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someone just needs to start murdering.

Biden is a separate issue. Trump openly admitted to asking the Ukrainian president to investigate a domestic political opponent. That's illegal and impeachable. Again, Trump admitted it. So yeah, end of story. Nothing else is needed to impeach Trump, including all the violations of the emoluments clause and the grounds for the 25th amendment. Get over it.

>Autistic screeching

are you going to piss yourself when you hear the latest news I think you better get up to snuff on what's going on right now.

Don't forget if you kill yourself you won't have to live under awful Trump

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Enjoy Pence.

>Biden is a separate issue
No it is not. Because if what Biden did is true that would be a crime, the same bullshit you're claiming Trump did. So why isn't anyone demanding an investigation into that? Btw the rest of that horse shit you wrote is false.

Only illegal if there's a quid quo pro. Without one it's just a bad thing to do.

I just read the transcript. I dont think he did anything wrong. Read the thing they were both asking for help and making sure they are on good terms.

We will. GOP has no answer for when Trump leaves office. He's stolen their soul.

This, but then again Libcucks don't read.

There isnt. The whole thing is a pretty boring read

What makes it more ridiculous is that the media keeps saying Trump is making "false claims" when he talks about Biden forcing an investigation into his son to end. But then they turn around and say there was a quid quo pro in the transcript when clearly there is not.

Bahahaha OP you're so fucking stupid, anyone can do anything now because all trump did for his entire presidency is break the law and everyone ignored and equivocated. You think someone else can be taken down for ANYTHING at all? Holy christ that's hilarious. He isnt going to win the Democratic nomination anyway so who cares. Thanks for the laugh faggot.

I made SO much money betting on the winner of the last pres, election that, nobody will bet me this time. My catchphrase was *It's all over but the crying.* Anybody have a hundred or a thousand bucks that you want to bet as to who wins the election?

I know. Yet in Biden's case there actually is, which makes this whole thing even dumber.

Not to mention there's video of Biden admitting it himself but the media doesn't say shit about that. Not one person is demanding an investigation or asking Biden about it.

By the way I love how since there is no evidence Trump did anything wrong here, the democrats are suddenly asking for an earlier transcript between Trump and the Ukraine President

Trump is consistently the loudest thing in the room. He constantly says and does polarising convention-breaking things. He's going to soak up media coverage; it's just natural.

Yes, that means that he's drowning out criticism of his political adversaries, but that's all part of his strategy. His downfall come 2020 is going to be that he goes into his campaign again, with all of the same bluster and bravado, yet his track record says he's basically accomplished nothing in his first term.

He hasn't really done anything to stimulate the economy, it's just been ticking over on its own. He hasn't repealed ACA even when he had majority in both houses. He's built no new wall, just replaced existing stuff.

Voters can listen to him rattle on, but they know it's all empty promises.

North korea, tax cuts, Mexico is now helping with illegals, crime reform, etc. He has done plenty to brag about

He's been building new wall throughout all the recent "scandal's". You don't build an entire fucking wall through a country in a few months.

>North korea
A giant press conference.
>tax cuts
>Mexico is now helping with illegals
Which they were doing before the tariff threat|
>crime reform
Oddly the one ok thing that he barely mentions, which probably means he never gave a shit about it in the first place.

>an entire fucking wall through a country in a few months.
Especially if you don't have the money for it.

Fucking trannies

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Only traitors vote for traitors. trump will die penniless in prison.

He's been in office for significantly more than "a few months". Zero progress.

>Which they were doing before the tariff threat|
Those spics weren't doing shit about illegal immigration, give me a break







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lmao you goofy niggers have no clue.

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he can go down too, it's cool

Where here have I heard this before?

He's spent most of that fighting the Dems for funding. They only just approved the budget for the wall.

North Korea, what's he actually accomplished? Kim Jong Un convinced him to scale back the joint tactical exercises with South Korea, but what did he get in return?

Have US nuclear inspectors been in to see that their arms programme is over? Have they provided evidence that their stockpiles and facilities are irreparably destroyed?

Almost certainly their nuke program is just on ice until they decide to start it up again. In Trump-speak he's made the worst deal ever, but paraded it around like a huge victory.

The Koreans must be laughing their assess off.


>Those are actions, however, that Mexico has already undertaken, notes Shannon K. O’Neil, senior fellow for Latin America studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, who warned against the tariffs in an op-ed this week. “So it’s doubling down on what they were doing,” O’Neil told POLITICO, adding that it’s doubtful Mexico has the capacity to meaningfully stem the tide of migration.

And she's right. How can you call mexico a shithole in one breath then demand a dysfunctional government to curb migration?

Where’s the evidence for that? Dumbass incel Trump tards love sucking King Snowflakes dick.

Nigger you can't even reply properly. Go back to to propping up Hillary and sucking on Podesta's wrinkly dick.

It is a shit hole though, what are you even talking about? So that's an excuse for that bullshit country to be a lawless, borderless state? They're so fucking poor and don't have money, but when it comes to beer and tacos and dancing and having 6-10 kids all of a sudden they got money for that bullshit.

Evidence of what you retarded chimp? Who on your team is demanding an investigation into Biden? Anyone from the jew media looking into it or asking Biden questions?

So, on his campaign trail he made promises he didn't have the power to keep?

If he needed a supermajority to get funding, then it was a stupid promise. If he only needed a simple majority then he had that for a couple of years.


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I wish Trump was gone just to stop these weekly controversies that never seem to end. America has been reduced to a Jerry Springer level of credibility. After three years it's very old and stale and really aggravating.

This user gets it. Trump 2020, Trump Jr 2024.


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>So that's an excuse for that bullshit country to be a lawless, borderless state?
If you ask someone to win a race with broken knees, I don't know what result you expect of them.


>my guy is allowed to commit impeachable offenses because some other guy did dodgy things

Great job morons.

Pretty funny how hardcore these media retards are scrambling to prop up biden.

I live in Australia and the media in ourncontrynis even doing it. You look at legit polls and interview real people and they have no interest in this milktoast handsy senile fucker. It's Hillary all over again, propping up some blatant loser who has a terrible track record who's stuck in the 90's style of rhetoric. they just don't get it.

It's as if they woukd rather lose than have an actual popular candidate win. Starting to suspect that is literally the case.

Yep. Probably how every world leader talks to each other. And he even brought up the Russia investigation and asked if Ukraine could look more into their side of things as well as looking into them being forced by Biden to do something and if so, he wants our government to know about it. The way the media is spinning this is unbelievable

Biden just tanked in the most recent polls. He's done.

Not even the whiniest of all leftist retards will take that bet because they know deep down inside Trump will win

I expect them to get off their beaner ass and stop their kin from coming here illegally. And I would be pissed off if this person had broken knees when it comes to doing shit they don't wanna do. But when it comes to that drinking and dancing shit all of a sudden they're healthy as a fucking horse.

Trump was on a fishing trip trying to find something to discredit Biden's candidacy and it blew up in his face. As usual, he brought this on himself. He has a hard time learning when to talk and when to shut up.

>fishing trip
Biden is on tape saying it himself.

No. It isn't how world leaders talk to eachother. That's why its an issue.

Because your idiots let this man get away with anything setting a horrific precedent for any future president.

That’s the best part of this whole story.

Well you can insult and shame that horse with a broken leg to pull the plow, but after all your haranguing the leg is still fucking broken, meaning the animal cannot pull the plow as you wish.
This is literal feelings over facts, on a very basic thing...

Things that never happened for $500, please.

>impeachable offenses
Is that why they're doing an "inquiry" and not an impeachment vote?

I'll bet you $50,000 in a BTC escrow that Trump will win.

They won't impeach him you retard. It's perfectly fine to ask then to look into crimes

quints Trump 2020

ITT hypocritical Trumpfags deny reality. If Barack Obama pressured a foreign leader to dig up dirt on a political rival to use to cheat an upcoming election you'd be calling for impeachment so fast and so hard our heads would never stop spinning. I mean c'mon let's face it. Will one Trump supporter step outside their echo chamber and admit this is blatant corruption? Or are you all too far gone?

I know and the media blatantly ignores it or blushes it off like it's no big deal. The whole thing is ridiculous.

You have no idea how metafores work, do you? Because that shit you just said makes no fucking sense.

Any day now, right, commie?

So they can have something solid as well as give Trump every chance so Trumptards might be less likely to chimp out and shoot everyone when their orange god is dethroned.

No one asked trump for this "transcript" you retard. They asked him for the full whistleblower report. You retards are so fucking delusional. Does not having sex lower your iq,

Not when you're president asking a foreign leader to do that to a political rival. That is incredibly illegal. You might have missed it but thats what this whole issue is about.

Tell us what crime Biden or his son supposedly committed? I'll give you some time to make something up.

Million views underway

>Trump can be impeached right now guys!
>But we need evidence first!

So you're admitting the dems are just fishing and are full of shit? By the way when is that fucking investigation into Biden gonna happen?

Yes they fucking did ask for the transcript. Now that there's nothing there they want a completely separate one all of a sudden. They don't have news coverage in that chimp town you live in or what?

He litterally fucking wiretapped Trump this should have been Watergate 2 but you fuckheads ignored it and pretended it was ok

>how metafores
It's called an analogy, using the abstract to illustrate a point in a separate context.

Of course it's over your head, I expect that of MAGAhats, but jesus dude, this is crushingly stupid.

>If Barack Obama pressured a foreign leader to dig up dirt on a political rival to use to cheat an upcoming election you'd be calling for impeachment so fast and so hard our heads would never stop spinning

You're right, he just told the IRS to do it instead. Funny how your team didn't seem to care back then.

The President cant ask another country to investigate a crime that occurred there with some help from out people?

i hope they let biden run, 4 more years of trump epicness will be pure comedy gold.


Thanks for that

No, I'm saying they're doing their paperwork so no one can accuse them of being full of shit.

Can you imagine how fast Moscow Mitch would have had Impeachment hearings if Obama lied about paying off a porn star to keep quiet about an having an affair with him?

Even so that doesn't change the fact you clearly are too dumb to know how to use one properly. I'm not mad at you though, I understand you're a little slow.

Using tax payer dollars to leverage a foreign power to aid your reelection is some treacherous shit, yes.

IRS not a foreign power.

Obama's husband wouldnt have allowed that.

Who's going to "accuse" them? The democrats get a free pass from the jew media no matter what the fuck they do

>Moscow Mitch

Found the kikebook user

I'd love to hear you explain the logical inconsistenty of what I was saying.

We pay taxes to them?

Where does federal aid come from?

Lol so you agree Biden should be in a cell right now and that Trump did nothing wrong way to play yourself

killing the entire DNC, all republicans and sending bernie to the gulag where the sucdems go is the true compromise position

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Their not crippled just lazy and want Gibs b so they can fuck off

We give Ukraine money?

Go back and read it, champ. I know the thread is moving a little fast for you, but you have time

This is in-your-face flashing neon sign corruption. How are Trumptards so stupid they can't see what is right in front of their faces? They will follow the charlatan all the way down into the abyss i guess like those poor dumbasses who supported Nixon till the end

Quid pro quo

Did that retarded cabbage patch kid at the UN make you cry?

So you can't.

Anyone in a maga hat is going to chimp the fuck out. Its why they were being extremely cautious about the campaign finance violations and obstruction.

Which is exactly what the fuck Biden is being accused of doing, yet your team doesn't seem to give two fucks. Interesting how that works out.

Biden was dodgy but technically didn't break the law. Trump did. And even if Biden did break the law that doesn't automatically mean Trump gets free passes on illegal treasonous shit you clown.