How does this make you feel?

How does this make you feel?

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Kinda good

Can't wash the brown off

I love the last style bender so not bad at all.

what do i give a fuck if two people are happy, just dont go collecting no welfare when he rolls on your pregnant ass! 65% interracial fatherless households.

A couple enjoying each others company

makes me feel good, they seem like they like each other a lot

They seem genuine. I'll allow it

Stylebender is one of the most enjoyable fighters to watch. In and outside the ring. Also, this guy is a major Avatar fan so +1

Knowing that dozens of whitoid incels kill themselves daily due to loneliness while that brother gets that 10/10 prime pussy fills me with joy.

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Your a subhuman, may your soul burn in the fires of hell forever.

I'm not a retard, so I literally don't feel anything about two random strangers apparently taking a bath together. I don't give a fuck.

you give enough of a fuck to post here, so what's wrong?

Like I'm witnessing the beginnings of a beautiful domestic dispute leading into homicide.

85% of the incels in this thread nver even heard of this niqqa smh


Looks like he may be black guy instead of nigger

чyвcтвo тoгo, чтo твoя мaть шлюхa, OП.

Wife's Creole black. So it's not anything alien or out of the ordinary to me. There's a pretty large number of mixed couples of pretty much every imaginable race here now that I think about it. Why are American leftists so obsessed with race? It seems only far leftists like OP & the small handful of slackers inbreds that comprise the "Alt-Right" give 2 shits about people's skin pigment.


mixed couples are not that common
gas the kikes
enslave the niggers and spics

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It will only be a matter of time before we've bred the necessary genetic diversity back into white genes and blackness will be all but erased from America. Now to get rid of the millions of illegals.


OP has a tiny Asian penis

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jealous, like every happy couple

black women love white cocks

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Feelz great man cuz imma nigger too! Niggaz fo life!

It makes me question why i am racist.

Why, when i look at a black person do i feel disgust and anger?

Is racism really wired into our brains?

stop responding
OP is just a baiting hapa faggot named Tenda Spencer
you are cucks

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As a black man myself it makes me feel awful inside. We blacks should stick to our own and stop being in intimate relationships with the Hispanics, whites and Asians. But I cannot blame my black brothers for what they do, have you seen how ratchet a black sister is?

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