Dubs decides the opener

Dubs decides the opener

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Drugs are bad m'kay

1st message: Hey, DTF?
2nd message: Sorry I thought your profile said you were 12, never mind.

Cute hair. Anal?


Who was your favourite uncle?

Show me the glit?


I'm an emotional cripple and I allow internet strangers to dictate what I say.

What's your favorite wholesome doujin?

im only at 17% power but I need to jerk off to you really quick

roll for this

Seething roastie

Butthurt incel

Dubs, OP. Let's see it.



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Dubs were achieved before his dubs

Oh shit I didn't even notice until now.

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Same girl?
If yes then that's a hoe I fucked her with my brother together
Drop kik if you want that video

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Not the same

What's up frog, you like rimjobs?

Bump while we wait

>>cegep du Vieux Mtl
yeah she will definitely do anal

post webm here fag

Hey little croissant, want some butter?

Wanna end up on the local news two nights from now?

I was fucking around and waited for a few seconds until I felt something


I want to suck your cock



Already sent it
Disregard this post if dubs

Winner. Post it OP or be forever a faggot