What does this stance say to you?

What does this stance say to you?

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insert face

Smack it.... i dare you.

got more?

ugly and desperate


That she’s just being funny.
Also moar she’s got a fatty dumper

Not much

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>See my imageboard.


Eat my ass

damn she is hot
what a great ass

Not sure what's going here but i saved them anyway

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Pepe ass

I bet shes super easy, you invite her out

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more please

It says she's got a great ass and she fuckin knows it.

Damn, she thicc af

That's the old please stick it in my pooper stance

Do you think if she farts wearing those it gets trapped and has to go out the bottom of her "pants" leg?

anyone got more?

bumping for more

Man I’d fuck her retarded

Better take advantage before some nigger knocks her up

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She wants to get raped in a consenting way. Goddamn shes hot but she looks like a shy girl that became a stupid slut that posts on tumblr everyday to justify her whoreness with her slutty friends. Id rape and kill her.

This post right here office

Why cant everyone just accept and appreciate an average looking girl with a big dumpy butt?

She knows what she has. And if you got it flaunt it.

I appreciate girls like her

I didn't have a strong father figure

Like you did, whore.

"I'm a 4/10 and drunk so tonight we'll have fun but there's a 50/50 chance I accuse you of rape tomorrow."


Please pay attention to me.

can you image this slut in 15 years?

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Thread done.
Nothing else to explain.