Loli thread

Loli thread
>lolidom edition
Sup Forums niggers fuck off

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Thanks for doing god's work user.

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Someone share some 3d please, those are my favs but i cant find any :((

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by 3d i mean hentai in 3d tho, i'm not a pedo

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>i'm not a pedo
Sure, I believe you. We're all pedos here, some just don't like to admit it.

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any lolis in shopping carts? heh

holy shit that taroo

>posts lolis
>i'm not a pedo

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there's a difference between a naked irl children and that kind of stuff, i work in an hospital and i had to see some little girl naked, and this shit isn't attractive at all

I'm not him but I actually hate real children. They're like women. Whiny and annoying. pristine 2d is better in every respect.

>Plays COD
>I'm not a murderer

Anyone got more dominant ones like this

Exactly what i meant

Seeing naked little girls is nothing special, but you're probably not encountering he right girls. There are tons of girls who look very similar to lolis you're fapping. There are also many artists who get child anatomy quite right, like in OP. You like that, then you're a pedo.

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>f-fuckin Sup Forumsniggers!
rent free. nobody cares what kind of cartoon porn you like, you ultra sensitive faggot lol

>can't differenciate between attraction which is a feeling and murder which is an action


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last thread got bogged down by a bunch of Sup Forums children arguing over nothing, so that's what OP meant

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what harm is a feeling doing

that was the response, Sup Forums didnt start it. people refused the reality that trans kids are a thing that parents do

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Just look at the last thread, then you know why I've included it. I have quite radical political views myself, but this shit was just annoying.

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>psychopath who feels nothing when gunning down other humans

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any pee lolidom?

None whatsoever but you seem to think that to be a pedo, you need to hurt a child.
Again, you're mixing attraction which is a feeling with child rape which is an action.

In other words, you are a pedo, not a child rapist.

Exactly, killing people in games and feeling nothing doesn't make you a killer, it just makes you a psycopath.

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that's the stuff! thank you annons

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What a great game

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but what if you're not attracted to pre-pubescent children in the first place? how are you still a pedo?

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joke's on you, I'm a Sup Forumstard who likes loli

>inb4 side with democrats you retard

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So would you say anyone who plays, for example, PUBG, is a psychopath because they gun down other players without hesitation?

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>tfw no neo-nazi loli gf
why even live

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"You're going to save the white race, aren't you user? give me white babies, now."

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If that were the case, you wouldn't be attracted to lolis either since they are depictions of pre-pubescent children.

It's ok user, you are not a monster, no matter what anyone says. As long as you don't touch real children.

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>i want to be the little girl