Guy I played with a few times on psn believes I'm dating him, he already found my full name, and the street I live on...

Guy I played with a few times on psn believes I'm dating him, he already found my full name, and the street I live on, how do I make him stop. I'll drop some of my latest convo, I'll put more if wanted

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Block him, and stop giving out personal info!

I hope he murders you.

I didn't give it, he got my name of searching through facebook and my street address by tricking one of my friends

I'd rather die getting eaten by spider, then give him a moment of pleasure.

I wouldn't dream of giving out a friend's address without explicitly getting the ok to do so. If you're concerned because he's unstable, you need a self defence item and maybe let police know your being stalked

it's restraining order time, after you tell him in writing to fuck off.

He said stuff that would elude to finding me but I'm not certain he will do it so I'm not sure if it's okay to go to the police without proof he will

Jesus you both sound like retards.

I can't tell which one is the guy who thinks he's dating you.

Tell him you will call the cops

>he already found my full name, and the street I live on
git gud scrub

Honestly OP, you are a huge retard, I can see why he semi-doxxed you.
Kill yourself and do all of us a favor.

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dm him to fuck off, if he doesn't block him, if he makes a new account, threaten to tell the cops

This. Works every time. Just say if you ever message me again I'm callin the cops. That'll scare him off good. Of course it might enrage him and he could show up at your house with a weapon, but try it anyway.

As long as you don't call emergency services, I don't see why they wouldn't listen to you. Better safe than sorry, and all that jazz

I get stuff like this, I never even had proper conversations other than occasional chit chat while playing games.
Also I'm in the UK, the police are terrible over here

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Unless he lives like 5 minutes away, then absolutely call emergency services

Fuck off with this garbage. You should both Romeo and Juliet yourselves.

So this is the power of discord....

I'll do this if he tries to message me again, if he persists I'll tell the police

>the police are terrible over here
Tell them you're Muslim, and they'll execute that faggot in the street

Just call the police. The sooner you do it the better. What he's doing is fucked up and he's probably going to hurt your family.

Depends where in UK, some places have decent popo


settle down young lady, I've got it from here.

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Your loicense expired 5 years ago, guv

Yeah, wtf. Why do you talk like that? Are you like 12? If so, that's fine and forgiven. But if you over the age of 12, could you like.. fucking not? Jesus holy christ what the fuck.

I love watching two losers who abuse drugs argue about their romantic lives. Neither one can remember exactly what one or the other did / said and when they try to have a conversation it's just incoherent rambling because they're high and their brains don't function properly anymore. OP is just showing the dumb shit this guy has sent but not the dumb shit she's sent.

What's your psn

Why do Americans say stuff like this? I honestly don't know what it even means.

You guys are so deep in being brainwashed by your news that it's like you're talking another language.

The images were from a single conversation, the separate image was a example of what he does, I'm not picking the worse things he said in my experience talking to him

sorry, 'avin a 'ard time hearin ya there guv'na. could ye try speaking English?

Here y'all go niglets


zoomers need to die
faggots all of you

You're either one of those cunts who gets off on this dude sperging out or you really fucking suck at communication. You seem to be too much of a pussy to tell him to fuck off if he bothers you.

I've told him in the past to go away, I normally talk formal but I wan't to see if he would leave me alone if I replied how I did.

which fag are you

You kinda gotta be an asshole with these types of people. He's very obviously delusional.

Tell him to stop contacting you, and delete and block him

Dubs of truth, but I would add some sore of, “your ugly af and your dick is small” sort of deal

he's got the tism he wont know til you make sure he understands you don't like him.


This Angers The PennWe

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You are going to have to blow him OP. No escape. Best you can hope for is a 69 so you get your rocks off as well.

>How could this have happened????

So op instead of letting him think that he broke up with you so you can get it all over with you say u have a busy work schedule as if you wanted to talk to him in the first place, ur actually dumb as fuck communicating

Same thing. Don't know which one is stalker.

Quit being a tease.