If you had the chance to kill off all or at least half of countries population which would it be?

If you had the chance to kill off all or at least half of countries population which would it be?
I personally choose China since they have the most population and are the largest contribution to polution.

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the libs in america

they aren't fully human anyhow.


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That's fair

aka libs

So Israel?

Russia is more humane than China. Look at the shit what these bug people do to eachother and animals. I respect Russia since it has zero immigrant policy and Putin has banned any Rothschild from stepping on the soil of theyr land. They might be commies but atleast they know whats up.

by the way, india is way worse when it comes to pollution and also very over populated

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the UK, those fuckers are damned annoying

fun fact (((we))) hate russia because putin has spent the last 2 decades decentralizing the (((banking))) system inherited from the USSR. interesting, huh.

the entirety of the middle east and Israel so we won't have to worry about bombers trying to appease their Pig-fucking god also

Russia is more humane than China. Atleast they dont furfarm animals and treat eachother like bugs. Zero tolerance for immigrants and Putin has banned any Rothschild from stepping on the soil of Russia.

Fuck my connection is broken...

China's a good shout. Would also suggest India for similar reasons, along with the whole shit river thing.

Whenever people bring up China's pollution rate,
it always reminds about almost everything is made in China. I don't really have an opinion on that shit, though.

I'd choose the half of the population of Mexico that is involved with drugs and cartels. Give Mexico a chance to clean its self up, and maybe the border wouldn't be such a big deal.

So we all should kill the curryfags too?

Nigeria because they proliferate like rabbits right now

Interesting, thanks user

They're already doing a great job of killing themselves off with vodka and crocodil

when ever some one brings this up it reminds me how it's funny then that libtards stonewall trump on bringing companies back to america, thus releasing some of your supposed strain, on china. but hey, what good would THAT do, right? then retards like you couldn't use it as damage control like china hasn't purposely been taking all of our businesses

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africa so white people could migrate there and turn the continent into a massive industrial succesfull complex and pollute the shit out of it

OP is right, China it is. All the 'l's that they don't use in the word 'pollution', they just let out in the air. Have you not seen all the 'l's flying around in the atmosphere? They are chinese pollutions.

why are you a genocidal maniac? dont matter governments and coorperations round the world are ensuring most everyone has autism or cancer.
>atleast my phone fast doe

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not percapita you retarded amerifat

China as well, good choice, OP.

stupid nigger the US is worse

>imagine thinking that the right doesn't hate Russia.
Fucking Jew.

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Learn to spell you retard

Every collective nation that makes up the continent of Africa.

Nothing of value would be lost, and we'd get Rhodesia and Boer South Africa back.