Tell me something about you, Sup Forums

Tell me something about you, Sup Forums

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I'm a walking metronome. I can pick out BPM and timing signatures to almost anything I hear.

Was this a learned skill, or a natural talent

Kinda natural, i could always keep time singing and shit as a kid, but as i got into music production i learnt to be able to disect tracks into bars and bpm, it's kinda weird.

What kind of music?

I play guitar/piano/drums(very poorly)/and sing, as well as FL studio, but I'm utter shit with timing

I have the ability to masterbate to anything

Go away you fucking pedophile

I like playing as a medic/healer/support in games.

I just brought home a cheesesteak with extra garlic and peppers and onion and some chili cheese fries and am planning on watching Slaughtered Vomit Dolls while I jerk off with a bra i stolen from my ex girlfriend and drink vodka

Electronic, 4/4 stuff, but i have branched out into weird timing.

I'm quite certain I'm bisexual.
CL personals live on here, as well as prostitution being more or less legal.
There's been a lot more cocksucking in my life lately.
With any luck I'll be on the receiving end of a double BJ.
I hadn't had a blowjob in YEARS.
You should try it

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i shit blood
a LOT of blood
and i don't care

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I'm gay

Good lad!

I only shit blood once. I think it was just the best salad, though. 5/10 wouldn't recommend but not the worst thing in the world.

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Do you act on it?

I get paid a decent amount money but I'm addicted to paying for premiums and cam hoes.

My daughter is not mine and the product of incest.

Dude, you gotta stop.

Dude... look in my eyes.

Tits are ephemeral.

The glory of Rome is forever.

I can't help it.

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I seek male to male attention on Kik and I wear thongs and bikini panties for enjoyment and send videos and watch their videos as they stroke off to my bubble butt. It gets me off and it’s nice to chat and envision taking them anally

>be me
>+300 hours as a medic on TF2 before my tower died for good three years ago.
>two years later
>friend invites me to his house to play overwatch
>literally my first time getting my hands on the game
>pick tracer
>realize she doesn't deal near enough damage to pick up kills. Either that or my aim is just that bad
>settle for being an annoying, floating cloud of fart in my enemies' faces, chipping away at their health
>never using more than one dash to engage to make sure I can disengage easily
>find myself rarely ever using my rewind
>out of nowhere my friend goes "Holy shit, why are you so good at dodging?"
>reflexively move towards health without realizing my HP was full

The Medic's principle. To make sure you don't get killed by random shit flying your way, you stay out of said random shit's way.

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I just had some tinned French Onion soup, and it was delicious. Half price at the supermarket too. Should have got two tins

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